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The Duchess of Soleanna[1] is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She was one of the former sovereigns of Soleanna, and the mother of Princess Elise.



Not much is known about the Duchness of Solenna. At some point, she married the Duke of Soleanna and had a daughter with him whom they named Elise the Third. At least ten years prior to present day however, she died under unspecified circumstances.


The Duchess of Soleanna's death was a tragic event for her family. For Elise, the loss of her mother left the young princess with much grief which would weigh heavily on her heart for over a decade.[1] The duke himself, while not showing it, was also deeply affected by the duchess' passing. Supposedly, in an attempt for him and Elise to be reunited with her, the duke launched the Solaris Project, an experiment that would allow them to control time with the kingdom's patron Solaris so they could alter history and prevent her death.[2] However, the experiment failed with catastrophic results which split Solaris into Iblis and Mephiles the Dark.


According to Elise, the Duchess of Soleanna was a compassionate and kind ruler, holding a great deal of love for her country and its people.[3] She was also apparently a beloved mother and wife as both Elise and the duke were deeply saddened by her death and wanted to be with her again.


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