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Drood Henge

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"Drood Henge" is the twenty-fourth episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It first aired on 19 November 1994.



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During a rainy night in Robotropolis, Uncle Chuck is waiting for Sally and Dulcy to arrive. Up in the skies, Dulcy tries to land in the heavy rain with Sally on her back. However, she slips upon landing and crashes into a pile of scrap metal. By the time Dulcy opens her eyes from the crash, it has stopped raining. Dulcy then asks Sally if she is okay, but Sally remarks that she could be better. Immediately after, a worried Chuck runs up to Sally and Dulcy to see if they are alright. After seeing that they are okay, Chuck gives Sally a floppy disk that she inserts into Nicole. Nicole proceeds to display a talking holographic image of Snively conversing with Dr. Robotnik over the telecom. While the heroes are able to hear Snively, they cannot hear Robotnik, and Chuck reveals that he was only able to record one side of the conversation. Eventually, Snively informs Robotnik that they have found one of Drood Henge's scrolls, and that they will continue the search for the rest. Ending the message, Sally senses familiarity with the name "Drood Henge", prompting Chuck to explain to Sally that Drood Henge is a secret of the royal family. Sally, however, does not know anything about Drood Henge. Chuck proceeds to explain that Sally was not privy to that information because she was only five years old when Robotnik came to power. He also explains that Drood Henge is associated with the legend of the legendary Deep Power Stones - stones capable of incredible power or incredible destruction. Sally asks Nicole about Drood Henge, but Nicole is unwilling to give her access to that data. Chuck explains that Sally's father implemented many programs and files into Nicole, including files that are time-locked until she comes of age. Knowing that she will first come of age in two years, Sally resolves to find this Drood Henge, with Chuck remarking that they must keep Robotnik from getting the Deep Power Stones.

Meanwhile, inside his headquarters, Robotnik is working translating the ancient language contained in an old book. During this, Snively contacts Robotnik and informs him that he has found the first scroll. Praising Snively, Robotnik orders him to find the rest while he finishes translating the ancient script. Robotnik then proceeds to input the book's language into his computer. Elsewhere, in the Great Unknown, Sonic and Tails are relaxing in a hot spring. Seeing that Tails is enjoying himself, Sonic tells Tails that this will be their secret place. However, he also tells Tails to be careful. As a demonstration, Sonic throws a rock into an active lava geyser that instantly dissolves the rock, causing the geyser to emit greenish smoke. Soon after, however, Sonic and Tails see one of Robotnik's frigates fly over them, and decide to check out where it is heading. Running after the frigate, Sonic and Tails eventually arrive at Drood Henge, where Robotnik's forces are carrying out excavation efforts. Sonic and Tails watch them from afar from a hiding spot, but a Surveillance Orb eventually comes flying. Coming up with an idea, Tails jumps down from his and Sonic's hiding place and grabs a branch. Pulling the branch back while the Surveillance Orb comes closer, Tails eventually releases the branch, making it hit the Surveillance Orb, seemingly destroying it. Sonic congratulates Tails, but tells him to inform him of his plans in the future since teamwork is an important part of being a member of the Freedom Fighters. The two proceed to check on the Surveillance Orb, and discover that it is still working, although it can no longer fly. Remembering what Sally has taught him, Tails tears the red cable out of the Surveillance Orb and shuts it down. However, Snively have discovered that one of the Surveillance Orbs is no longer transmitting and sends a Swat-Bot patrol to investigate.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails notice that the Swat-Bots have dug up something. Deciding to take a closer look, Sonic tells Tails to stay hidden while he gets closer to the excavation. While Tails wants to come with Sonic, Sonic reminds him that he should obey the orders of a Freedom Fighter, thus convincing Tails to listen to him. Running closer to the excavation site, Sonic notices the Swat-Bots carrying out a chest. Meanwhile, Tails is observing Sonic through his binoculars, only to discover that Swat-Bots have begun to sneak up on Sonic from behind. Making up his mind, Tails flies towards Sonic and warns him of the Swat-Bot. However, Tails is kidnapped by a flying Swat-Bot in the process. Discovering the Swat-Bots around him, Sonic sees Tails being taken away. As Tails is being taken towards the command station, the fox cub sees a Swat-Bot carrying around a chest with the symbol resembling the sun on it. Meanwhile, Sonic is running through the excavation site, only to find his road blocked by Swat-Bots. When Sonic tries to escape however, more Swat-Bots come in from the other side. The Swat-Bots tell him to surrender, but Sonic insists on never giving up and runs in-between the Swat-Bots and up a hill. Meanwhile, Tails is brought before Snively, only for Snively to insist that he is busy with more important matters. Tails then threatens Snively with the promise that Sonic is going to get him, but Snively has the fox cub silenced. Outside, Sonic is escaping from the Swat-Bots, who have begun firing lasers at him. Managing to jump off a hill top and land on a branch, Sonic uses the branch as a spring pole to launch himself over the Swat-Bots. As he gets closer to Snively's command station, Sonic activates his sneakers' anti-gravity propulsion, allowing him to slowly lower himself onto the ground. Snively, on the other hand, is using his cameras to search for Sonic until he hears Sonic running on the roof. Soon after, Sonic makes his presence known to Snively while he stands clued to the roof. Snively proceeds to order the Swat-Bots to capture Sonic, but after Sonic jumps off the ceiling, he grabs Snively and uses him as a human shield, prompting Snively to order the Swat-Bots to cease fire. Then, upon Sonic's command, Snively is forced to make the Swat-Bots release Tails and return to their working stations. As a joke, Sonic then almost makes Snively yell out a compliment about Sonic.

Around the same time, Sally is flying above the Great Forest on Dulcy's back, looking for Sonic and Tails. However, she is unable to find them anywhere. Sally in particular is stumped, as Sonic always conducts his training missions for Tails in the Great Forest. She decides, however, to keep looking. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails have brought Snively to the power station. Sonic asks Snively of how to shut the power station down, but Snively insists that it is too complicated to explain. Despite this, Tails decides to shut the power station down himself, having been taught to do so by Sally. While Snively does not believe that Tails can pull this feat off, Tails manages to turn the entire power station off after working on an outdoor console. Sonic and Tails then leave the excavation site with Snively. Outside the site, Sonic wishes Snively a nice day and tells him to tell Robotnik about everything they did. Sonic and Tails then proceed to run away, leaving Snively to get knocked down and into the dirt by the wind from Sonic's takeoff. Realizing that Robotnik is not going to like this, a dirty Snively complains about his life.

Back in Robotropolis, Snively contacts Dr. Robotnik, just as he has finished translating the ancient language. Upon seeing Snively all dirty and torn up however, Robotnik demands an explanation. A nervous Snively tells Robotnik that Sonic arrived last night and shut down the power station, which he has just managed to get back online. As expected, Robotnik gets very angry, but Snively calms him down when he says that he has found the second scroll. After transmitting the translation key, Robotnik decides to go to the excavation site to supervise the work himself. He also orders Snively to have everything ready. Meanwhile, back above the Great Forest, Dulcy is still flying around with Sally on her back. Dulcy, however, is beginning to doze off. Just then, however, Sally notices Sonic and Tails heading towards Knothole Village, prompting her to wake up Dulcy. Excited at the prospect of going back home, Dulcy begins to head down. Meanwhile, Robotnik is flying towards Drood Henge in his hovercraft. Upon landing, he is met by Snively, who informs him that he has used the translation key to locate the chamber. When Robotnik passes by without even thanking him however, Snively starts sneering at the doctor silently. Having overheard Snively, however, Robotnik turns around, prompting Snively to pretend that he said something else. Meanwhile, back in Knothole, Dulcy tries to land, only to crash land instead. Sonic and Sally then meet up with each other. Sally proceeds to tell Sonic that she has bad news, prompting Sonic to remark that his news are even worse.

Back in Sally's hut after explaining everything, Sally tells Sonic that Nicole has the information that they need, but will not give them up until she turns eighteen. In response, Sonic takes Nicole and asks her why Robotnik is looking for the Deep Power Stones. Nicole replies that he presumably seeks them to power the Doomsday Project, which would end all life on Mobius. Sonic then notes that if life on Mobius comes to an end, Sally will never reach the required age. After calculating the options, Nicole finally comes to the conclusion that further delay is pointless and allows them access to information on the Deep Power Stones, prompting Sally to praise Sonic. Nicole proceeds to display a hologram of the Deep Power Stones and a voice recording from Sally's father that explains how the Deep Power Stones work. The King explains that when the Deep Power Stones are connected with each other, they are a source of limitless energy, but when they are joined together the other way around, they become a terrible source of destruction in less than thirty seconds. The King also explains that the Deep Power Stones are hidden in Drood Henge and that the royal library contains a secret book that reveals the location of three scrolls, which detail the location of the Deep Power Stones in a language that Nicole knows how to translate. Upon seeing the holographic image of one of the scrolls and the chest containing it, Tails says that he has seen one of those chests at Robotnik's excavation site. Surprised to hear this, Sally learns from Sonic that he took Tails to the site of Robotnik's excavation. Although she is not pleased with Sonic having brought Tails into danger, she does not want to hear the details. Instead, she asks Nicole for the translation of the scroll Tails saw. Nicole immediately after reveals that the scroll tells the location of the first Deep Power Stone. This alarms Sally, because this means that Robotnik already has the first Deep Power Stone. Once he finds the second one, he will have enough power for the Doomsday Project. Sonic then explains to a confused Tails, that if Robotnik gets both Deep Power Stones, they are all history.

Back at Drood Henge, Robotnik's Worker-Bots have excavated the chest containing the first Deep Power Stone. After having the Worker-Bots open the chest, thus unveiling the Deep Power Stone, Robotnik orders them to move away. He then flies himself down to the chest using his jet boots and takes the Deep Power Stone for himself. Meanwhile, back in Knothole, Sonic, Sally and Dulcy are preparing to take off. Suddenly though, Tails comes over and brings Sonic a box from Rotor, which he puts in Sonic's backpack. Tails then starts to climb up on Dulcy, but Sally tells him that he is too young to come along on this mission, seeing as he is just ten years old. Sonic, however, tells Sally that he told Tails that he can come along. He then tells Sally that Tails has already passed three Freedom Fighter tests. In addition, he mentions that he was doing solo missions when he was ten years old as well, although Sally reminds him that he did so without permission. Eventually though, Sally agrees (although reluctantly) to let Tails come along once Sonic promises to be responsible for Tails' wellbeing. Seeing how much Tails has grown up, Dulcy begins to cry. Sonic and Tails then proceed to Drood Henge, leaving Sally and Ducly behind, the latter of whom will not take off because she is so full of emotions over Tails' growing maturity that she is sobbing uncontrollably.

Meanwhile, Robotnik's Command Ship has landed at Drood Henge. Robotnik then orders his ship to deploy the Surveillance Orbs onboard. Onboard his ship, Robotnik knows Sonic is out there and claims that he can "feel" his presence. Meanwhile, Tails is hiding behind a rock with the sun-marked chest that contains the scroll, waiting for the Surveillance Orb to come closer. Once the Surveillance Orb is close enough, Tails comes out of hiding and catches the attention of the Surveillance Orb. Seeing Tails on the monitor, Robotnik orders all his units to surround sector five and wait for Tails to lead them to Sonic. Upon seeing Tails run, Dulcy gives Sally a signal with a piece of mirror. Returning Dulcy's signal from the top of a rock pillar, Sally climbs down the pillar and gives Nicole to Sonic. Sonic then runs up to Tails, who gives him the scroll. The heroes then begin saying out loud that Sally has found the Deep Power Stone, surprising Robotnik. Meanwhile, Nicole calculates the direction for Sonic to go, before telling Sonic to take four steps forward. After taking the appropriate steps, Sonic uses his Super Spin to burrow underground. In response, Robotnik orders his units to wait. Soon after, Sonic emerges from the ground with the Deep Power Stone, and Tails says that he will let Sally know about this. Robotnik, in turn, orders all his units to get the Deep Power Stone from Sonic. At the same time, Sonic awaits the arrival of Robotnik's forces, but starts to get impatient. Finally, when two flying Swat-Bots arrive and begin shooting at him, Sonic starts to run away, with the Swat-Bots following him. Immediately after, Sally and Tails emerge from an underground hiding place before running off to find Dulcy. Meanwhile, Sonic runs up an escarpment, only to meet Swat-Bots who have awaited his arrival. Faking surrender, Sonic raises his arms up, only to pull out a Power Ring. With the Power Ring boosting his speed, Sonic runs away from the robots. In response, a furious Robotnik orders his Command Ship to be launched and for Sonic's movements to be traced through the use of heat sensors. Meanwhile, Sonic awaits the Swat-Bots that have lost him. Once Robotnik's Tech-Bot has locked onto Sonic however, Robotnik orders his Stealthbots to be launched before commanding all his robots to prepare at the designated coordinates. Soon after, while waiting for Robotnik's forces Sonic spots the Stealthbots, which, unfortunately, fly past him. After a while however, Sonic hears the flying Swat-bots approach and begins to run towards a geyser, with the Swat-bots, Stealthbots and Robotnik's Command Ship following him.

After arriving at the geyser, Sonic is surrounded by flying Swat-bots and Robotnik's Command Ship. Sonic then begins complaining about being surrounded again before humorously announcing the arrival of Robotnik, who exits his Command Ship. Robotnik proceeds to inform Sonic that he has him surrounded before telling him to hand over the Deep Power Stone. Sonic, however, replies that if he cannot have the Deep Power Stone, then nobody can have it. Then, to the dismay of Dr. Robotnik, Sonic throws the stone into a lava geyser, destroying it. Although Robotnik is disappointed that he has lost the Deep Power Stone, he is still happy that he has caught Sonic. In response, Sonic calls in Dulcy, who is carrying Sally and Tails on her back. Using her "crack the whip" maneuver, Dulcy flies in and takes Sonic away from his machines. Robotnik then says goodbye to the heroes with a frustrated cry of anger.

Soon after, the Knothole Freedom Fighters return to Drood Henge, where Sonic digs up the chest with the last scroll using his Super Spin. He then hands the scroll over to Sally, who has Nicole translate its contents. A moment later, Nicole reveals that the Deep Power Stone is located just beneath them. Sonic thus goes to work digging with his Super Spin. Shortly thereafter, Sonic emerges with the Deep Power Stone, which he gives to Sally. Sally contemplates on destroying the Deep Power Stone because of its power, but Sonic insists that having such power can come in handy. Agreeing with Sonic, Sally puts the Deep Power Stone in Sonic's backpack. Sally then praises Sonic for coming up with the plan to fool Robotnik into thinking that he had destroyed the Deep Power Stone by throwing a fake stone into the lava geyser. Sonic then begins teasing Sally before revealing that the one who came up with that plan was Tails. Sally then congratulates Tails, while Dulcy cries tears of pride. The heroes then cheer for Tails, whom they make their newest Freedom Fighter in recognition of his actions.


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Czech Tajemství DroodHange The secret of DroodHange
French Pierre de vie Stone of Life
German Die Steine der Macht The stones of power
Korean 드루이드 헨지 DroodHenge
Latin American Los manuscritos de Drood Henge The Drood Henge manuscripts
Russian Энергетические камни The energetic stones