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Drood Henge[1] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It is an ancient site where the Deep Power Stones were located.


Drood Henge 111

A power generator in Drood Henge.

Drood Henge is a small valley in a barren area of the wilderness of the Great Unknown where few plants grow. There are also faces carved into the nearby rock pillars.

During their search for the Deep Power Stones, Dr. Robotnik's forces set up an excavation site at Drood Henge. As such, they would set up tents in different places, build observation towers, and construct a large, fenced power generator for the machines around the site. Near Drood Henge are also wastelands filled with craters that contain hot springs or dangerous, small volcanoes. Three Drood Henge Scrolls are buried around the site of Drood Henge, which show where the two Deep Power Stones, which also lie in Drood Henge, are buried.[1]


TV series

Season two

Drood Henge 165

Worker Bots unearthing the first Deep Power Stone in Drood Henge.

In 3235, Snively oversaw the work of Dr. Robotnik's forces at Drood Henge, where they searched for the Deep Power Stones. Along the way, they managed to find two Drood Henge Scrolls that showed the location of the first Deep Power Stone. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails were resting in the hot springs near Drood Henge until they noticed Robotnik s transporters fly over them and decided to investigate them. The heroes subsequently snuck into Drood Henge, but Tails ended up being caught and brought to Snively. Fortunately, Sonic managed to escape the Swat-Bots pursuing him and catch Snively, whom he forced to order the release of Tails and the cancelation of the Swat-Bots' attack on them. He then had Snively lead him and Tails to the main power generator. There, Tails turned off the generator, and he and Sonic proceeded to run back to Knothole Village. However, Snively managed to restore the generator, which he informed Robotnik of. Later, Dr. Robotnik personally came to Drood Henge to collect the first Deep Power Stones his Worker Bots had excavated. Shortly thereafter, however, the Knothole Freedom Fighters arrived, who distracted Robotnik and his forces, eventually luring them beyond Drood Henge. When Robotnik was led to believe that Sonic and his friends had the second Deep Power Stone with them, he followed them to the hot springs near Drood Henge. There, Sonic destroyed a fake Deep Power Stone in front of Robotnik, who believed it to be the genuine article. After Robotnik later left Drood Henge, the heroes brought out the last Drood Henge scroll and the found the real second Deep Power Stone with it.[1]



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