The Drone (ラジコンカー Rajikonkā?, lit. "Radio Control Car"), also referred to as the RC Car,[1] is an object that appears in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. It is a Pickup item that can deploy homing drones at other racers.


The Drone's icon resembles a blue, gray and red remote control with a red button and antenna. The RC drone that it creates takes the form of a remote controlled version of the user's car in its current state with a stick of dynamite strapped to it.[1]


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Sonic launching a Drone.

In gameplay, using the Drone deploys a miniature drone from the front of the user's car which will track down opposing racers (the intended target is marked with a red reticle). Upon reaching its target, the Drone will explode, damaging the racer and slowing them down. In case the player is chased by a Drone, a warning alert and bubble depicting the Drone will appear behind the player.

The Drone is one of the slowest Pickup items in the game, as it can be dodged by certain moves and Pickup items. It can also change to another target randomly and can be neutralized by other Pickup items, such as the Twister, or other environmental objects, making it less effective for counterattacks.

The Drone is one of the few Pickup items which can be fired backward. This is done by holding the left stick down and pressing the Weapon button (but it will not lock-on when fired this way and will only travel in a straight line). The Drone can be obtained from Pickup items, Super Pickup items and Bonus Chances. To use it in gameplay, press the Weapon button. Note that the Drone cannot damage its own user; making contact with its user will cause the Drone to be canceled out.


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