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The Drill Mole is an unnamed enemy that appear in Tails Adventure. They are mole-based robots used by the Battle Kukku Empire.


Drill Moles are small robotic enemies with even smaller limbs. They have large drills on top of their heads.


The Drill Moles can be found in Volcanic Tunnel, Cavern Island and Polly Mountain 2. They have a rather simple attack pattern: slowly rise from the underground and go back. Their drill part can be seen on the ground, allowing players to predict their exit point. They can only damage the player by ambushing Tails from below without timing.

The Drill Mole can be destroyed simply by tossing any type of bomb towards it once it rises up from the ground. Like every other enemy in the game, these enemies may drop a Ring once they are destroyed.

Powers and abilities

The Drill Moles possess drills that let them burrow through the ground and can be used to attack foes.