Quotation1 Drift inside zones to earn time. Pass every checkpoint to win! Quotation2
— In-game description, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Drift Challenge is one of the events featured in the World Tour of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.



The selection screen of a drift challenge as seen in Sunshine Coast.

Drift Challenge is an event that the player participates in alone. No racing opponents appear in this event. In Drift Challenge, the player's goal is to pass through all the check points along the race track which take the form of blue gates. At the start of the event, the player is always granted a Boost item to kick-start or use it later in the event.


Knuckles in a Drift Zone at Downtown Drift.

During this event, a time counter appears on the top of the screen's HUD that counts down during the whole event. If this time counter goes down to zero, the event will end and the player will lose. To earn extra time to complete the event, the player must drif along the designated red Drift Zones on the road. When a player drifts along these red Drift Zones, they turn green. Also, for each moment spent drifting on these Drift Zones, the player receives an additional amount of time to spend, which will be added to the time counter after the completion of the drift. Passing through the check point gates does not provide any bonuses, but it is required to complete the event.

The player can choose the level of difficulty (C for Easy, B for Medium, A for Hard, and S for Expert). The higher the level, the more stars the player will receive for their victory (from 1 for Easy to 4 for Expert).

The player must drift through eight Drift Zones, regardless of the difficulty level. However, as the difficulty increases, the Drift Zones become narrower, making it difficult to drift in and net time back to the time counter. In addition, the time limit the player starts with also decreases.


Sunshine Coast

Map icon Track Name
Sunshinemission3 Graffiti City Downtown Drift

Scorching Skies

Map icon Track Name
Scorch4 Sunshine Tour Sunshine Slide

Moonlight Park

Map icon Track Name
Moon3 Chilly Castle Billy Backslide
Moon7 Graveyard Gig Curien Curves

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