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Dreamcast Collection is a game compilation for the Xbox 360, PC and Steam. It features four of the best-selling Dreamcast games created and released by Sega. Dreamcast Collection also features enhanced HD graphics for all versions, and each game is slightly retouched. Achievements and online leaderboards are available on the Xbox 360 and Steam releases for each game. In 2016, the Steam release of the game was updated and two games were added to the collection, NiGHTS into Dreams, Sonic Adventure 2, and Jet Set Radio.


Dreamcast Collection is a combination of four original Sega-hit titles released for the Dreamcast. The original versions are remastered and feature HD graphics and up-to-date console/PC features, including achievements, trophies, and trading cards.

The game was later re-released for PC consoles, featuring three additional hit-title games, including Jet Set Radio, Sonic Adventure 2, and NiGHTS into Dreams..., all three remastered just like the original four.

List of games

Original collection

Added to Steam 2016 version


Although each of the games separately were mostly met with mixed-to-positive reviews, the console versions of Dreamcast Collection were met with mostly mixed and negative reviews, with an average of 53% for the Xbox 360 version[1]. On Metacritic, the Xbox 360 version of Sonic Adventure holds a score of 48%[2], SEGA Bass Fishing for the Xbox 360 holds a 54%[3], Space Channel 5: Part 2 holds a 78%[4], and Crazy Taxi holds a 59%[5].

The PC version is yet to have an official score, but contains one positive and one mixed review from critics.[6] The PC versions and Xbox 360 versions of Jet Set Radio, Sonic Adventure 2, and NiGHTS into Dreams... were all met with positive reviews.


  • Although Dreamcast Collection is unavailable on the PlayStation 3, all of the games in the compilation are available but it requires a separate purchase on each of the games via the PlayStation Store.
  • NiGHTS into Dreams... is the only game in the collection that wasn't released on the Dreamcast.


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