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Dragons are creatures that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a species of legendary creatures found both on Earth and in the world of Camelot.



A dragon, from Sonic Adventure 2.

Dragons are generally presented as non-anthropomorphic reptilian creatures. They also generally possess a pair of wings (as the Earth Dragon lacks them). Dragons also have horns on their heads in varying locations, with said horns varying in size and design. Dragons on earth are quite diminutive, while those in the world of Camelot are giant behemoths.

Characteristics and culture

Dragons in the world of Camelot generally appear to live in isolation, as they are not often seen with others of their kind. They also seem to prefer to live in caverns, as both the Earth Dragon and numerous thunder dragons have also been seen living in such environments. The dragons on earth act quite different, behaving almost like household pets.

Powers and abilities

Dragons often possess special abilities, such as being able to breath fire and create lightning, and are also capable of flight thanks to their wings. Those in the world of Camelot are also very resilient creatures, being able to take multiple battle wounds from the Knights of the Round Table and Sonic himself without much visible damage.

Game appearances

Sonic Adventure 2

Main article: Dragon

In Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, a small breed of dragon Animals from earth appeared. These creatures can be used to raise a Chao's stats.

Sonic and the Black Knight

In Sonic and the Black Knight, giant dragons from the world of Camelot appeared. In this reality, dragons hold a great deal of significance, being the key symbol of King Arthur.[1]

Two individual dragons, the Mist Dragon and the Earth Dragon, are fought as two separate bosses. Another breed called thunder dragons were used by Sonic and his allies through Dragon's Lair

In other media

Books and comics

Archie Comics

Main article: Dragon (Archie)

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Dragons retain most of their real-life features, despite being anthropomorphized, though not to the extent of other Mobians, evidenced by their general anatomy (lack of bipedal and humanoid features). In this media, they too are a by-product of the Gene Bombs used on the world by the Xorda. While they lived alongside other Mobians in recent history, they soon went into hiding upon Robotnik's takeover of the majority of the world, wherein he roboticized a massive number of dragons, forcing the remaining ones to go into hiding. However, after Dulcy saved the hiding dragons from Eggman, communications with the outside world were eventually re-established.

Dulcy the Dragon, from Sonic the Hedgehog #281.

In the post-Super Genesis Wave timeline, Dragons appear to more akin to the rest of the anthropomorphic creatures than before, as members like Dulcy have a far more similar and humanoid appearance, and even wear clothes, unlike before. They are still capable of flight via their wings and posses special breaths, such as breathing fire and ice.

Sonic the Comic

In Sonic the Comic, Dragons are a species that are mentioned, with only one of its members being seen. They hibernate for multiple milleniums at a time underground, and thus, also live extremely long lives. Like most incarnations, they are able to breath fire and can use their wings to fly.


Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series)

In the Sonic the Hedgehog animated television series, dragons have a near identical anatomy, history, and powers to the dragons of the Archie Comics. In the present, only a few dragons remain, including Dulcy.


  • In addition to the seven pre-existing species, the dragon species was meant to be an option for the Avatar in Sonic Forces.[2]

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