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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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Drago Wolf was a former member of the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters. He was the wild card of the group; often disobeying orders and doing things his way.


Tired from constant work and desiring an easy life, Drago turned traitor and joined Robotnik. Through abuse, Drago convinced his former girlfriend Hershey to go into Robotropolis wearing a Sonic suit claiming that he had "valuable information" on how to stop Robotnik's nephew, Snively, once and for all. Unbeknownst to Hershey, the suit contained an optical device that caused her to believe that anyone she saw was Snively. Because of this, Hershey nearly killed Sally, believing all the while that she was killing Snively.

When Hershey realized that she was the cause of Sally's near-death experience, the relationship was quickly ended. Drago attempted to escape but was soon captured and sent to the Devil's Gulag with several other prisoners. After the mass jailbreak from the Devil's Gulag, Drago teamed up with Sleuth Doggy Dogg and the Fearsome Foursome, along with Snively, Warlord Kodos, and Uma Arachnis. This larger group abducted the scientist Nate Morgan, only to lose him to Sonic and King Acorn's Secret Service. Drago and his brute allies were recaptured, but escaped and laid low for a while, until they joined forces with Robotnik Mk II. This caused them to be roboticized shortly thereafter they were caught in an exploding building.

Drago has white fur and had blue eyes, wore a blue shirt with ripped sleeves, blue pants and blue boots. Apparently, he and his allies managed to escape destruction and were later de-robotized by the Bem. Robotnik Mk II located robots that looked similar to the Robian versions of Drago and company, but they may only have been duplicated. Nevertheless, the duplicates had recordings of Drago and company allying themselves with the entity known as Anonymous.

It was revealed that these were only duplicates when the real Drago and his allies-renamed the Destructix-returned and attempted to steal Mammoth Mogul's Chaos Emerald from Merlin Prower, only to be defeated by the combined Freedom Fighters and Chaotix. They were imprisoned yet again, only to be liberated by Mogul after he escaped from his Emerald. The Destructix and their master then battled Ixis Naugus, the Arachne Clan, and the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix, briefly teaming up with Naugus' forces until Dr. Eggman arrived and captured the villains using the weapons of his Egg Fleet. Dr. Finitevus later released the Destructix to serve as his own minions on Angel Island, where they were briefly joined by Scourge the Hedgehog and Fiona Fox. When Super Sonic and Enerjak faced off above Angel Island, Drago and the other Destructix left using a Warp Ring. They soon returned working as mercenaries for Mammoth Mogul, who used them to discredit Sonic and the Freedom Fighters by orchestrating a scene in the center of his new casino.

A while afterward, Drago left the Destructix to work for the Eggman Empire once again, but this time as one of the two joint Grandmasters of a Dark Egg Legion chapter operating in the Mystic Ruins, an ancient settlement from the Knuckles Clan. His companion Grandmaster was disgraced former Felidae champion Razorklaw, fitting given that the ruins the two claimed as their base was right between each one's former people. When Princess Sally came investigating their domain, the two Grandmasters pursued her, and she was finally forced to surrender after finding herself outnumbered. Believing her at his mercy, Drago proceeded to gloat, unaware that Sally was tricking him into spilling out information for her. After telling her Razorklaw's origin, he attempted to break her spirit with the suggestion of framing her for his theft of the Ancient Onyx-an artifact sacred to new Wolf Pack Nation and Felidae alike-and thus instigating a war, or killing her and involving New Mobotropolis in the conflict as well. Razorklaw was anxious to kill Sally immediately, but he stopped him, due to the fact he wanted to torment her before eliminating her. However, he changed his mind after Sonic arrived with the Wolf Pack and an armed group of Felidae in tow. Before he or Razorklaw could harm Sally, Big the Cat invaded their control room, and sent Drago flying through a wall with a single punch. Stunned, Drago was aided by several Legionnaires-including Wolves who had been missing when the nation formed-only to receive a retreat order from Razorklaw. Struggling to maintain a professional grip on the situation, Drago ordered his men to evacuate to the secret bunker, leaving the attackers with their victory.

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