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Dr K's tower

Dr. Kintobor's tower.

Dr. Kintobor's tower is a large building in the middle of the Grand Forest in Moebius.


Created by Doctor Ivo Kintobor, he used his tower as a veterinarian clinic to heal and protect various Mobians who had been attacked by the Anti Freedom Fighters. To protect his clinic, he employed a dome force field to keep the Anti Freedom Fighters out. Additionally, Anti Robotnik also employed SweepBots to clean up litter left behind by the Anti Freedom Fighters outside the tower. (StH: #11, SSS: #10)

The tower later acted as a safe haven for all those who feared King Scourge's wrath after his takeover of Moebius, though his rule was brought to an end by Sonic the Hedgehog. (StH: #193, #196)

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