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Sonic Boom
Dr. Eggman's Tomato Sauce (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic Boom episode, "Dr. Eggman's Tomato Sauce".

[Scene: Seaside Island, day.]

[Tails is outside, making some adjustments to his plane, as Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, and Sticks walk up to him.]
Sonic: Tails, we're heading to Meh Burger. Wanna come along?
Tails: I'm installing an awesome speaker system in my baby. Check it out!
[Tails pushes a button on his control device, and the plane starts playing a rock tune and shaking. He turns it off after a few seconds.]
Amy: You spend way too much time with that plane.
Knuckles: [teasingly] It's like he loves it. Do you love your plane, Tails? Do you looove it?
Tails: [not amused] I do.
Knuckles: Oh, that took the wind right out of my cells.
Tails: Well, if you guys will excuse me, it's time for her propeller-to-tail fuselage massage.
Sticks: Okay, now that's just nuts. We're gettin' you out of here.

[Scene Change: Hedgehog Village, day.]

[Team Sonic is walking through the village, with Tails holding a toolbox.]
Tails: Thanks for talking me into coming along. It was good for me to get away from the workshop... so I could buy more stuff for my plane!
[Tails walks on while the others stop. They all groan.]
Dr. Eggman: [offscreen] Free samples!
[The camera cuts to Dr. Eggman, who is standing at a stall with people walking towards it. He is also wearing a chef's hat, and an apron with a picture of him on it.]
Dr. Eggman: Get your free samples here!
[Eggman has a large pot with his symbol on it on one side of the stall, and cans stacked up on the other side. Using a wooden spoon, he pours something red into a bowl he's holding.]
Dr. Eggman: Step right up and try the zestiest, lip-smacking-est flavor extravaganza ever to hit your taste buds: Eggman's Tomato Sauce! Made with real tomatoes.
Sonic: Uh-oh, this isn't good.
[Sonic speeds over and knocks the bowls of the sauce out of the villagers' hands, to their surprise and irritation.]
Sonic: You'll thank me later. I know you're up to something, Egghead; I just don't know what it is yet.
[Amy, Sticks, Tails, and Knuckles arrive as well.]
Amy: You're trying to poison these villagers!
[The villagers gasp.]
Dr. Eggman: Poison? There's no poison here, just my patented blend of herbs and spices! Here, I'll try some myself. [Eggman reaches for the spoon in the pot and takes out a spoonful of sauce. He slurps it, and nothing happens.] See, harmless and delicious. You try.
[Eggman aims the spoon's scoop toward Sonic, who is pondering what to do.]
Sonic: Eh, yeah I think I'll pass.
Dr. Eggman: Well, looks like I've finally found Sonic the Hedgehog's weakness. He's scared of tomato sauce!
[The crowd bursts into laughter, except for Team Sonic. Sonic, not amused, snatches a can with its lid open, and slurps the tomato sauce from it.]
Sonic: Oh no, my worst fears have come true.
Tails: What's wrong?
Sonic: [His mood changes and joyful music plays in the background.] It's delicious! It's like my taste buds are swimming in a sea of mouthwatering, tomatoey goodness!
[Knuckles drinks it from a bowl too.]
Knuckles: Ooh, zesty!
Dr. Eggman: The spices are all organic and lair-grown.
Tails: [Concerned] I'd better buy a few cans and run some tests, just to be safe.

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

[Sonic is pedaling on a machine that is wired to a scanning device, and Tails is watching it carefully.]
Sonic: It's been hours since I ate the sauce and I'm feeling totally fine. Find anything on your end?
Tails: I've tested for acidity, radioactivity, arsenic, old lace, and mind-control serum; it comes up clean every time.
Knuckles: What about brainitis? Did you check for that?
Tails: For the last time, Knuckles, there's no such thing as "brainitis".
Knuckles: Then how do you explain?!
Amy: I hate to say it, but, um... maybe Eggman really has changed?

[Scene Change: Hedgehog Village, day.]

[Sonic is running along, feeling just fine, but he notices something and screeches to a halt in surprise. There is a poster with a picture of Eggman grinning, and four tomatoes with smiling faces surrounding him. It's an advertisement for Eggman's tomato sauce.]
Stratford: [offscreen] Hey! Hey mister, you're my hero! [He comes up running towards Sonic.] Can I get an autograph?
Sonic: Sure, kid, anything for--
[Stratford runs past him and up to Eggman instead.]
Dr. Eggman: Sure, kid, anything for a fan.
[Sonic growls in irritation.]
Stratford: When I grow up, I wanna be just like you!
[Stratford gives Eggman a pen, and Eggman signs a can of sauce.]
Dr. Eggman: Woah-ho, don't set the bar too high; not everybody is cut out for the big time. [Gives Stratford the can] Just look at that Sonic the Hedgehog guy; whatever happened to him? Is he still a thing?
Sonic: [Angry and jealous] Hey Tails, get this--
[Suddenly, his Communicator sparks and stops working.]
Sonic: Oh come on, seriously? Nothing's going right today.

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

[Sonic walks in, and he stops behind Knuckles, who is wearing a pair of headphones.]
Sonic: What's going on? I need Tails to fix my Communicator.
Knuckles: Hey, get in line, dude; first he's gotta fix my headphones.
Amy: And my Ancient Artifact Analyzer.
Sticks: And my magic light tube. [holds up her "magic light tube", and it's shown to be just a flashlight.]
Tails: [Walks up, holding a drill] Sorry, guys; I'm having problems of my own. My plane's been acting funny lately. I've been working on her all night. [Puts down the drill and opens a toolbox]
Amy: Maybe you just need a break. [Picks up a can of sauce] Let's eat lunch, and then you can get back to the repairs.
Sonic: [Takes the can] Ugh, can we go to Meh Burger instead? I'm sick of that stuff. [Places the can down on the worktable]
Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks: Meh.
[The camera moves up to angle above the can, and then part of it opens up. Four legs and two pincers come out, and then it crawls over to a tool on the table, and it begins doing something, with sparks flying. The camera moves up to the window, and the can's shadow is shown crawling around again, suspiciously.]

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day.]

[Team Sonic is eating at Meh Burger.]
Sonic: Mmm! How do they do it?
Dave: The secret ingredient is Meh-onnaise [TV Turns on.] What the....?
Comedy Chimp: Welcome back to a very special edition of the Comedy Chimp Show, live from Dr. Eggman's evil lair.
Dr. Eggman: Thanks for having me, CC.
Sonic: Oh, you've gotta be kidding!
Comedy Chimp: So Dr. Eggman, you were a successful... super-villain. Why the switch to celebrity chef?
Dr. Eggman: Well, Comedy Chimp, honestly I needed a change. Besting Sonic week in and week out had become tedious. It was time for a real challenge.
Sonic: Okay, that's enough [Tries to turn off the TV.]
Eggman: And what's the deal with his haircut? I feel like I'm getting attacked by a blue pineapple!
Knuckles: Burn! [laughs] You know. 'Cause your head has those pointy things on it.

[Scene change: Eggman's Lair]

Comedy Chimp: Now I'm told you have a special announcement for our viewers at home.
Eggman: That's right, CC. You see, In just a few short weeks, I've gotten cans of Eggman's tomato sauce into every home and business in town. But Sonic and his friends assumed I poisoned the tomato sauce. Can you believe that?
Comedy Chimp: That's just... bananas!
Eggman: I know right? My sauce was never tainted. It was the cans they should've been looking out for.
Comedy Chimp: Yeah... Wait, what?
Eggman: Well you people had your backs turned, my cans have taken control of all your electrical devices! [laughs]

[Multiple scene changes, showing villagers being attacked by their appliances. Ends with Meh Burger.]

Dave: [Covering his face] Watch it! I bruise like a delicate peach.
Sticks: [Lands on Meh Burger's counter] Yaa!

[Scene change: Eggman's Lair, day.]

Dr. Eggman: [Chuckles]
[Comedy Chimp tries to run away, only to be stopped by a wall of cans.]

[Scene change: Village Center, day.]

[Team Sonic stands ready to fight the appliances.]
Sticks: They all laughed when I said our appliances would turn against us! But who's laughing now?
Sonic: You?
Sticks: Why would I be laughing? This isn't funny. You got a sick sense of humor!
Knuckles: Let's do this.
[Team Sonic destroys cans and appliances.]
Sticks: Take this, you robo-trash!
Tails: No! It can't be!
[Tails's Plane flies at them.]
Tails: Run!
Sonic: Tails, we gotta destroy that plane!
Tails: No, we can't! Let me talk to her! I know I can reach her! [Jumps onto a rock and waves his arms] Plane! It's me, Tails! Remember all the good times we've had together?
[Montage plays, showing Tails with his plane.]
Sonic: [Emotionally touched] What?
Tails: You guys go on and stop Eggman without me! I'm gonna stay back and save my plane!
Sonic: Good luck.

[Scene change: Eggman's Lair, day.]

[Comedy Chimp is tied up in his chair.]
Dr. Eggman: So the doctor tells me it wasn't an infection at all! I just sat on a raisin!
Comedy Chimp: [Laughs forcefully] Good one! [Whispers to passing sauce can] If you get me out of here, I'll set you up with a nice box of rigatoni.
[Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, and Sticks arrive.]
Dr. Eggman: Th-this is a closed set, you know! [To Comedy Chimp] Really, sorry for the lack of professionalism around here.
Sonic: Show's over, Egg-face!
Dr. Eggman: So, you think the show's over, huh? Well I beg to differ! [Pulls out his remote control device and presses a button. Several cans advance from both sides, and construct a makeshift robot out of various appliances and Badnik parts.]
Sonic: Oh, now I get it.

[Scene change: Seaside Island, day.]

[Tails is shown running towards his plane.]
Tails: [To his plane.] I'm right here, come and get me!
[The plane swoops down towards Tails, apparently hitting him. When it returns to the sky it is revealed the Tails grabbed onto it's right wing and is currently hanging on tightly. The plane tries to shake him off with some barrel rolls, but Tails manages to land on top of the plane, right next to the cockpit. ]

[Scene change: Eggman's Lair, day.]

[The Scrapheap Bot hurls on of the lights for Comedy Chimp's show at Sonic and Knuckles, who barely manage to dodge it. The robot then picks up a couch from the show, and launches two cans at them. Knuckles grabs one, jumps over the couch which the robot threw, opens the can, and drinks all the tomato sauce it contains.]
Sticks: Can you please not do that?
Knuckles: You should try it. Lair-grown spices really make a difference!
[Amy is shown charging towards the Scrapheap Bot, holding her hammer. She swings it at the robot's foot, damaging it. Sonic then attacks the robot's right arm, knocking it off.]
Sonic: [To Eggman] Not bad for a blue pineapple.

[Scene change: Seaside Island, day.]

[Tails is seen in the cockpit of his plane, (Which is still flying.) trying to connect two wires. The plane starts heading towards a cliff face.]
Tails: What are you doing?! Pull up! PULL UP! [Tails finally manages to connect the two wires.] Got it! [Tails looks forwards, and realizes the plane is still heading for the cliff face. He steers it upwards, and manages to clear the cliff.] Woo-hoo, we did it! Great to have you back, old friend! Now let's go cancel Eggman's show!

[Scene change: Eggman's Lair, day.]

[The Scrapheap Bot gets hurled into some crates of Eggman's tomato sauce. It gets up and advances towards Knuckles and Sticks, who are fighting some of the can-robots.]
Sticks: Knuckles, give me a boost!
[Knuckles picks up Sticks, and tosses her at the Scrapheap Bot. She grabs onto the robot's head, and tears it off, knocking her and the robot over. Sonic holds out his hand to Sticks she grabs it and pulls herself back up. The robot however, just automatically re-assembles itself.]
Sonic: Oh for the love of...
Dr. Eggman: [Flies up in his Eggmobile.] Face it you blue-haired block head, I've got this one in the bag! Victory for Eggman! [Holds up his remote control triumphantly. Tails arrives in his plane, and flies towards Eggman.]
Tails: Did somebody call for backup? [Tails presses a button on his utility belt, and activates the Enerbeam. He then uses it to grab Eggman's remote.]
Dr. Eggman: [Angry] Hey, give that back! [Tails presses a button on the remote, and the Scrapheap Bot falls apart and shuts down. All the appliances that attacked the villagers are also shown shutting down.] You may have won this round, but no matter. I've got a warehouse full of thousands more of these evil robotic cans of sauce! [One of Comedy Chimp's camera's is pointed at Eggman, and records the whole speech. Eggman grunts.]

[Scene change: Inside Eggman's Lair.]

[Eggman is sitting on a couch in his lair, surrounded by his tomato sauce cans.]
Dr. Eggman: Hm. Probably shouldn't have said that all on TV.