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This group exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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The Downunda Freedom Fighters[1] is a group that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. They are a group of Freedom Fighters from the continent of Downunda that banded together to resist Dr. Ivo Robotnik's invasion of Mobius. They have on some occasions fought alongside the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Upon Robotnik's death, Dr. Eggman's rise to power and declaration of war between the Kingdom of Knothole and Eggman Empire, the Downunda Freedom Fighters are currently fighting alongside the Kingdom to defeat Eggman.



The Downunda Freedom Fighters became an organization in the latter years of Dr. Ivo Robotnik's reign over Mobius, meeting in their teenage years instead of in childhood like the Knothole Freedom Fighters. The organization began when Walt Wallabee, having set out on a "hopabout" to find his destiny, ran into a meditating Guru Emu, who joined Walt in the belief that Walt was a sign from the universe of what he was supposed to do. After several days traveling together and becoming friends, they came across a watering hole where they met Duck "Bill" Platypus, who soon enlisted the two in his mission to scout out possible illegal activities in the area. Soon enough they discovered that the rumors Bill had heard were referring to Crocbot, who had recently arrived in the area and had captured many of Downunda's inhabitants for experimentation. Freeing most of the prisoners, the trio were then joined by Wombat Stu, who himself had been investigating Crocbot's activities. The mercenary Barby Koala joined the group when they arrived at the location of one of Crocbot's bases to fight for the good of Downunda. Together, the group destroyed Crocbot's facility and sent him running, only for him to return later to continue their long antagonism.[2]

Southern Crossover

Tails discovered the Downunda Freedom Fighters after going head to head with Crocbot's Wing Dingo squadron. Taking him to Athair to be nursed back to health, the Downunda FF's show that they are just as caring as they are together as a team. When Tails' wounds were healed by the Ancient Walkers, he joined the Downunda Freedom Fighter's in their attack on Crocbot's base and his C.D. ROM Ram. With his help, the blimp carrying troops, weapons and supplies from Dr. Robotnik was destroyed. Following this, Crocbot attempted to escape in his Mega-Mecha Tank, but a well placed Bomberang from Tails and Guru sent the vehicle crashing into the Great Crater where he was believed to have been destroyed.[1][3]

Down and out in Downunda!

Crocbot managed to survive the explosion, instead having his lower half merged with his Mega-Mecha Tank. Following this he managed to capture and imprison some of the Downunda Freedom Fighters in the crater detention camp after scrapping together a number of Combots from the remains of Robotnik's blimp. Some time later, when Dr. Robotnik was having resources shipped by Crocbot from Downunda to power his Ultimate Annihilator, the Downunda Freedom Fighter's - who were were rescued by Bunnie Rabbot and Antoine D'Coolette - attacked Crocbot's base and army of Combots. Despite Crocbot managing to ship the supplies to Robotnik, the Downunda Freedom Fighters managed to destroy his entire army of Combots and presumed to have destroyed Crocbot.[4][5][6][7]

Outback Gut Check

Crocbot managed to survive however, as a post-hypnotic mind control diode placed on Duck "Bill" Platypus had him collect the intact parts of Crocbot and place him in hiding. From there, Crocbot controlled Duck "Bill" into leading the wild Platypus tribes in Downunda against his teammates, including taking Wombat Stu and Guru Emu as hostages after going to meet with him to negotiate. Even under mind control, Bill proved to not have the best in leadership, and when Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails arrived in Downunda during their chase of Ixis Naugus, Crocbot was discovered and his plot was foiled.[8]

Myth Taken Identity

Following Wombat Stu's recruitment to the Royal Secret Service, the other Downunda Freedom Fighters held tryouts in hopes of finding a new member, but no one could pass their criteria for the job. They were then alerted to the presence of Bunyip, an Aboriginal creature of myth that Crocbot had referred to prior to his deactivation. Investigating, they found the Bunyip living in a stagnant lake created by a dam Crocbot had built as one of his early installations. After a short battle and being captured, the Downunda Freedom Fighters were able to communicate with the Bunyip and learn the reason for his rampages. By destroying the dam, they freed him to continue his peaceful way of life. As a result of their success, they decided against recruiting a new member.[2][9][10]

Sonic Adventure 2.5: Ωmega

Wombat Stu rejoined the Downunda Freedom Fighters following the decommissioning of the Secret Service, and the group was among those who received a telepathic transmission from the Xorda aliens warning them of Mobius' imminent doom. Not about to give up without a fight, the Downunda Freedom Fighters joined the Knothole Freedom Fighters, Wolf Pack, and various other Freedom Fighter groups and other organizations in launching an attack on the Xorda Quantum Dial. They succeeded in destroying the weapon, but at the apparent cost of Sonic the Hedgehog's life.[11][12]

Fighting the Eggman Empire

Following the Xorda conflict, the Downunda Freedom Fighters continued their fight against the Eggman Empire. During this time, Bill turned on the group and swore allegiance to Dr. Eggman as his new Downunda Grandmaster when he made another big push into the continent. Following this, an army of platypuses rallied around Bill once more and all received cybernetic enhancements and upgraded Wing Dingoes for air support, forming the first chapter of the Dark Egg Legion. At some point, the Downunda Freedom Fighters were secretly aided by the rogue robot E-102 Gamma, who destroyed a Wing Dingo while Walt was fighting it.[13][14]

Echoes of the Past

They reappeared when they saved the Chaotix and Dr. Finitevus from a group of Wing Dingoes with their newest member, Thrash the Tasmanian Devil, after Angel Island became anchored to the Great Crater. After getting acquainted with the Chaotix, they filled them in about Bill's betrayal and leadership of the Downunda Dark Egg Legion and made Knuckles aware of Finitevus's alliance with the platypuses. They agreed to help the Chaotix by taking the doctor with them to permanently make sure he did not come back but were all subdued and captured by Finitevus and the legion before they could finish him off. After learning of Finitevus' reasons for allying with the Legion, the group were released by none other than Bill, who revealed that he had played the part of leader of the Legion in order to appease his people and slow Eggman's advance. The group later helped the Chaotix get their home back, scattering the Legion and destroying the chains they used to capture the island. Thrash then left the group to resume his own private quest, leaving the other Freedom Fighters to continue protecting Downunda.[14][15]


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