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Downtown Ebony Hare was a rabbit mobster and former associate of Renfield T. Rodent. He appeared in the series Knuckles the Echidna (issues #13-#15, "The Chaotix Caper").


Downtown Ebony Hare is a black hare with blue eyes. He is a hardcore, straight-up, Mafia-style criminal. He rarely fights himself and always operates through his henchmen. Ebony Hare is followed by a muscle-bound, slick dressed bulldog named Blackjack, and has an attractive female fox named Foxxy always at his side.


Ebony Hare's scientists developed a drug made from "Lemon Sundrop Dandelions". The drug was highly addictive in small doses, but in higher doses it could cause sickness or even death. The largest supply was sold to Renfield T. Rodent, who used it as a sauce on the food in his Happy Land Amusement Park. Following the death of certain park patrons (including Mello, a friend of Charmy Bee), Ebony Hare discovered Renfield's scheme and decided to muscle in, claiming to be concerned that Renfield was "killing the market".

When Chaotix arrived at the amusement park to investigate Mello's death, they all tasted the sauce and were hospitalized, except for Julie-Su. She later tried to enter Ebony Hare's gang but failed and was almost killed by being thrown off a building by Blackjack. (KtE: #13, #14)

Ebony Hare was about to close up shop for fear of the Chaotix's visit bringing the police. However the Chaotix had tracked him down anyway along with the assistance of Remington and dingo cab driver, Harry. The Chaotix and Remington arrested Blackjack and Foxxy while Ebony Hare was detained by Espio the Chameleon when he tried to kill Julie-Su with a revolver. Downtown Ebony Hare was afterwards seen being hauled away by Remington's Echidna police force in a wagon. (KtE: #15)

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