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The Dove[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It is a small, flying animal that delivers messages between the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Sir Charles Hedgehog.


The Dove is almost chimera-like in that it seems to combine the characteristics of a number of recognizable species. It has the head, body and legs of a bird, the tail of a lizard, and dragonfly wings. Its beak is dark orange with a black band, its legs are brown, its tail and the feathers on its body are pale green and blue-green, and its wings are grayish white. For attire, the Dove wears a yellow flight helmet with blue goggles.


TV series

Season two

The Dove was once sent out by Sally to deliver a message to Sir Charles because Sally needed Charles's help with finding Sonic, who had not come back from Robotropolis. Arriving in Robotropolis soon after, the Dove gave Charles the message.[2] Charles later had the Dove deliver a message to Sally that said that Dulcy could be in danger. Afterward, Dove returned to Robotropolis, where it received another message from Charles that said that Dr. Robotnik was planning to attack Dragon's Nest. Returning to Knothole Village, the Dove delivered this message to Sonic and Sally.[3] Later, Dove flew to Knothole and gave Sonic, Sally and Bunnie a message from Charles that said that Sonic had to come to his hideout.[4] The Dove later came to Sally with a message from Charles that revealed when and where they could attack the Fuel Tanker convoy delivering fuel to the Doomsday Machine.[1]


The Dove does not seem to be as intelligent as the anthropomorphic animals that inhabit Mobius, and does not speak or express emotions. However, it does respond to pigeon-like cooing, which are the Knothole Freedom Fighters' primary way of calling it to them.

Powers and abilities

Dove can fly thanks to his wings. It also appear to possess some form of camouflaging abilities, as plumage turns several shades of gray blends in with the environment when it is in Robotropolis.


The Dove carries a special container which it uses to carry its messages in.[2]





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