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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Double Trouble is the final boss of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. It was a massive robot constructed by D-Fekt from the fire and ice elements on Ragna Rock to battle Team Sonic.


Double Trouble is a giant made of lava and ice that somehow do not cancel each other out. Its figure resembles a four-legged, two-headed dragon with no wings. It has stubby legs with claws, a round torso, a long tail with D-Fekt on its tip, and round heads with serrated mouths, long necks, and horns. Its left head is made of ice with a large middle eye and two dots beside it, and curved horns, while its right head is made of lava with two normal-sized eyes and two dots between them, and more swirly horns. Being held together by D-Fekt's powers, its joints are not physically connected.



Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

Double Trouble was created by D-Fekt to destroy Team Sonic after they intruded on Ragna Rock. Despite putting up a good fight, Double Trouble was defeated by Sonic and Sticks. Additionally, the robot's creation and powers utterly destroyed Eggman's Ragnium mine.

Powers and abilities

Double Trouble is perhaps D-Fekt's most powerful construction to date, its presence alone unleashing a rain of fiery destruction upon Ragna Rock. It has a powerful fire breath and ice breath for its respective heads which give it the ability to merge fire and ice together to create meteor showers made of such elements. These meteors are highly explosive, the strongest of which can release shockwaves of fire and ice when detonating. Its heads also have lethal bites.


Since D-Fekt is the one holding Double Trouble together, harming him causes Double Trouble's structure to destabilize.


Double Trouble is the fourth and final boss of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice and can be fought with Sonic and Sticks after clearing Warriors Wasteland on Ragna Rock. The boss battle takes place in a closed-off arena.

Boss guide

At the start of the battle, the player takes control of Sticks. For the first phase, Double Trouble will manifest meteors in random spots on the top of the screen and drop them on the arena. These meteors fall either at slow or fast rates. To avoid them, simply get to a spot that they are not gonna hit. Sometimes, slow-falling meteors will form a row covering the arena. To avoid them, hit the red meteor marked with a boomerang icon with the Guided Boomerang to make the entire row detonate. If the player keeps avoiding the attacks, Double Trouble will eventually cloak its tail in a water/ice block and sweep it across the arena. As the tail approaches, hit it with the Homing Attack while using the elemental mode meant to change the state of matter of the water/ice block on the tail. This will damage Double Trouble. Afterwards, it repeats its previous patterns.

After three hits, the player takes control of Sonic for the second phase. Like before, Double Trouble attacks with fast-falling meteors. For this phase however, Double Trouble will occasionally drop a large ice/lava ball which releases shockwaves upon impact. Simply dodge this attack's impact and jump over its shockwaves. It will also try targeting Sonic before moving in to bite him. To dodge this attack, the player must move away when Double Trouble comes in for the bite. After dodging enough times, Double Trouble will use its tail attack so the player can damage it, and then repeat its previous patterns. After three more hits, this boss will be defeated.


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
"Double Trouble" Richard Jacques 2:08


  • Double Trouble's boss battle is the only one in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice where the player does not start out with Sonic at the beginning. Instead, the player starts out with Sticks.
  • Sonic and Sticks' victory animation at the end of the boss battle is the same that Sonic and Amy perform after Unga Bunga.

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