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Sonic Boom
Double Doomsday (transcript)

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This is transcript for the Sonic Boom episode "Double Doomsday".

[Scene: Meh Burger, day.]

[Sonic and Amy are waiting in line at the cashier's counter.]
Sonic: Man, I am starving! Next exit: Munchytown. Population: us.
[Just as Sonic walks up to the cashier, Dr. Eggman cuts right in front of him immediately]
Dr. Eggman: Hey, no cutsies! I was here first!
Sonic: No way, Egghead! We've been waiting!
Dave the Intern: Um, I believe the barrel-chested gentleman with the luxuriant mustache was first.
Sonic: What? Are you serious?!
Amy: Sonic, let's not make a scene.
Dr. Eggman: That's how we do it! Score one for Eggman. [Starts dancing as techno music plays. Sonic and Amy watch, unimpressed]. Just gotta flash the 'stache.

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day.]

[Eggman is eating a burger. There are fries and a drink on his table.]
Dr. Eggman: Mmm, now that's good! How's yours over there? Oh, right. Yours isn't ready yet. Should have been faster, Sonic! [Laughs evilly]
[Dave carries a tray to Sonic and Amy's table.]
Dave: Okay, here we are. Two double Meh Burgers with extra pickles.
Sonic: I said no pickles.
Dr. Eggman: [Laughing] Oh, this is just the best day ever!
[Eggman is eating burger and then interrupted by Dave.]
Dave: [Clears throat] I'm Dave, big fan of yours, sir. I've study all of your attacks, the Bee Bot gambit, the lair gambit, the gambit gambit.
Dr. Eggman: Aw yes, that one was doubly risky. I like the cut of your jib. How'd you like to be my unpaid intern?
Dave: It'd be an honour to work for you without pay.
Dr. Eggman: Did I mention I like you jib-cut-wise?

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, day.]

Dave: Wow! I'm really here! Where do I start?
Dr. Eggman: Even though you're only an intern, there's an important job that I can't trust Orbot and Cubot to do.
[Eggman bring the mop to Dave.]
Dr. Eggman: Mop the bathroom.
Dave: Mop the bathroom!? Wow! Back at Meh Burger I'd have to be a manager to do that.
[Dave runs off]
Dr. Eggman: You two could learn a thing or two from this kid.
[Dave is throwing out the trash, Orbot and Cubot are spying on Dave.]
Orbot: This new intern worries my circuit, I fear that his enthusiasm for the most menial tasks causes us to appear inferior by comparison.
Cubot: Yeah, he's making us look bad too. He does more sucking up than my cousin, Suzanne, and she's a vacuum.
[Dave is secretly listening to Orbot and Cubot's complaints.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair.]

Orbot: Cubot! Cubot! Cubot, where have you gone?
[Orbot goes through a door to a that leads to a dark, empty room.]
Orbot: Cubot are you there?
[Orbot turns on his built-in flashlights. Oil drips on him]
Orbot: My word...
[Camera shows a trapdoor, oil dripping on the outside with a rope attached. Orbot pulls on the rope and the trapdoor opens as pieces fall out. Orbot screams. Camera shows Cubot in pieces. Orbot screams again.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, day.]

Dr. Eggman: I could build a robot to do this but there's just something about unpaid labor that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
[Dave comes upon Eggman's old Doomsday Device.]
Dave: What's this?
Dr. Eggman: Oh, just my old Doomsday Device.
Dave: It's magnificent! I bet it could destroy a hundred worlds!
Dr. Eggman: Well, maybe not a hundred, but if I connected that power supply... a one definitely.
[Orbot comes in carrying Cubot's pieces.]
Orbot: Dr. Eggman, sir, it's Cubot, he's been disassembled!
Dr. Eggman: I don't have time for you two, can't you see I'm enjoying quality time with my protege? So, where were we? Ah yes, you were praising me. You were leaving.
[Camera shows Orbot depressed as he leaves.]

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

Tails: Here it is, the Reverse Polarizer, it takes any force and reverses it.
[Tails flushes the toilet, uses the Reverse Polarizer. The water comes back up, falling back down and into the toilet.]
Sonic: [Carrying a plunger] Guess we won't be needing this anymore [Throws the plunger behind his back]
[A knock is heard off-screen. Camera turns to show Orbot, the plunger stuck to his head. Sonic and Tails rush to the door.]
Orbot: Hello. Odd request. Could I trouble you to reassemble my dismantled cohort? [Gestures to Cubot, who is on the floor dismantled.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, day.]

[Dave is vacuuming the lair, Eggman walks in.]
Dr. Eggman: Great Job, next thing I need you to do is clean up the robo-litter box.
[Camera shows three Fly Bots flying above a litter box full of bolts.]
'Dave: Uh, actually Dr. Eggman [Clears his throat] Now, that you consider me your protege. I was kind of hoping to get a little more evil experience like, concut a scheme together maybe I could pitch some ideas?
Dr. Eggman: Listen, Dave, you’re a terrible kid and thats great, but you have to start at the bottom of the evil ladder and work your way up.
Dave: [Dissapointed] But I've spent a year and a half in the fast-food industry.
Dr. Eggman: Let's give it a few more weeks, eh?
Dave: A few more weeks? [Outraged] A few more weeks?! I can't sit around indefinitely! What do you think I am?! A Meh Burger?!
[Dave runs off, Eggman right behind him. Dave goes into Eggman's Lab and closes the door.]
Dr. Eggman: You come out this instant!
Dave: [Through the door] No! I'll show you! I'm gonna be an evil genius, no matter what you say!
[Hammer and a drill noise can be heard.]
Dr. Eggman: David, what is going on in there?
Dave: [Lying] Nothing!
Dr. Eggman: You stop that right now, young man. That is my Doomsday Device.
Dave: Then maybe you shouldn’t have locked the power supply in here then, and maybe I shouldn’t put the power supply in my pants!
Dr. Eggman: You're not wearing any pants!
Dave: Then what are these pockets?
[Drilling sounds can be heard, along with screech from a cat, a scream, a cow, and electric shocks.]
Dr. Eggman: That better not be what I think it is.
Dave: Depends on whether you think it's a Doomsday Device that I just activated!
Dr. Eggman: Actually, I thought it was my panini press. But this is worse! [Walks away]

[Scene Change: Tails’ Workshop, day.]

[Tails finishes fixing Cubot. He turns Cubot on.]
Cubot: Watch what you're grabbing there, bozo.
Orbot: Huzzah! He’s fixed! Cubot, tell us what happened to you.
Cubot: It's Dave! He dismantled me! And I liked being mantled.

[Scene Change: Dr.Eggman’s Lair]

Dr. Eggman: Activate my Doomsday Device, huh? Well, I’ll show you!
[Eggman takes out a sandwich from his panini press and takes a bite of it before looking at his Doomsday Device and turning it on.]

[Scene Change: Tails’ Workshop, day.]

[Tails’ laptop beeps repeatedly. Tails walks to the laptop and opens it. There is a map of Eggman’s Lair with two red dots on the screen.]
Tails: Whoa, I’m reading two weird energy signatures from Eggman’s Lair.
Sonic: What are they?
Tails: Judging from how powerful and unstable they are, I’d say they could only be some kind of Doomsday Device. Two of them.

[Scene Change: Eggman’s Lair, day.]

Dr. Eggman: [Yelling to Dave] I’ll have you know that I just activated my Doomsday Device and its gonna destroy the world even bigger than that one!
[Sonic goes through the wall into Eggman's lair,]
Sonic: Game over, Eggman! Shut off the Doomsday Devices!
Dr. Eggman: [Laughs nervously] Shut off? Who put an off switch on the Doomsday device?
Sonic: Hmm... [Scratches his head] You make a valid point. [Presses a button on his Communicator and speaks on it] Bad news. There's no off switch.

[Scene Change: Sky, Day]

Tails: Well, yeah. Who puts an off switch on the Doomsday Device?
[Camera shows a double screen]
Sonic: So what now?
Tails: This is a long shot, but it's our only chance. If we increase the energy output of both devices, and get them vibrating at opposite frequencies, then there's a small chance they'll cancel each other out.
Sonic: Yeah just for a second pretend I'm not a science guy.
Tails: Get Eggman to increase his device's power. I'll do the same with Dave.
[Tails flies his plane to a window on the side of Eggman's Lair. Dave opens the window.]
Dave: I'm sorry we're closed. Oh wait. This isn't the drive-through. [Angrily] What do you want?!
[Tails jumps out and walks onto the plane's wing and stands on the window's ledge.]
Tails: I'm here to help.
Dave: [Angrily] I don't need your help!
Tails: I guess not. If you're OK with Eggman destroying the world bigger than you.
Dave: No way! Drive up to the next window and come in.

[Runs off]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, Day]

[A timer is counting down. Eggman is watching while wearing a party hat and holding a party blower in his mouth.]
Sonic: Eggman!
[Eggman gets a fright and blows his party blower. Sonic runs in with Orbot and Cubot.]
Sonic: [Worried] Dave supercharged this machine with thousand volt batteries!
Dr. Eggman: [Drops his party blower] High voltage batteries, huh? [Clenching his fist] I'll show him!
[He takes his party hat off and presses a button which opens a door.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, Day]

[A Montage plays. The first scene shows Tails and Dave working on their device. Dave is seen screwing something in. The next scene shows Sonic pedalling, powering up an electrical fan to keep Eggman cool. The next scene shows Tails connecting an electrical clip to the device. He gives a thumbs up to Dave, who tries out two clips. He connects then to the tail of a lizard. Tails facepalms. The objects generate electricity. Dave punches the air. Meanwhile, Sonic is running across a rubber mat but stops, turns around and puts his hand on a generator that sticks his hair up. The Montage ends.]
Dr. Eggman: Ooh look at the time. Anyone else hungry?
Sonic: No. Don't stop working. I'll make you lunch. [Dashes off and brings a sandwich to Eggman.]
Dr. Eggman: What is this? Haven't you ever made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before? You've got to put the peanut butter on both pieces of bread. Otherwise the jelly makes it soggy.
Sonic: Right. Sure. Of course.
[Sonic dashes off again and brings another sandwich.]
Dr. Eggman: And you'll remember to cut it into triangles, right?
Sonic: One sec.
[Sonic dashes off again and brings the same sandwich cut into two triangles.]
Dr. Eggman: [Softly] The crusts? Do I even have to say it?
[Sonic groans]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, Day]

[Dave and Tails are standing with the Doomsday Device working.]
Tails: [On earpiece] Alright. Dave's device is good to go. How's everything over there?

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, Day]

Sonic: [Annoyed] Uh... It's coming along...
[The camera cuts to Eggman having his sandwich.]
Dr. Eggman: Oh... yeah. That's the stuff. [He sucks his fingers and jumps off his seat. He walks to his Doomsday device and notices the battery is running low. He punches his fist down on it. Suddenly, the battery raises to full charge, and the device spins slowly.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, Day]

Tails: Hope this works.
[The timer on his device counts to zero. The camera shows a double screen and a beeping sound is heard. The two devices spin rapidly and release an orb that rises up to the sky and breaks a hole through the ceilings. The orbs emit waves that erase a kite and three Fly Bots. Eggman and Sonic look up through the holes to the sky and notice the two waves converge into one before disappearing into an aura.]
Dave: What the what?
Tails: Hey. Sweet! We did it!
[The aura turns into a black hole.]
Dr. Eggman: Ah... That's more like it.
[A noise from the black hole is heard. Sonic and Tails immediately run outside the lair and look up to the black hole in the sky. They are getting blown towards it.]
Tails: There must've been some small power discrepancy.
[The camera cuts to Sonic holding a battery. He chucks it away.]
Sonic: Let's not point fingers. The important thing how are we going to reverse it.
Tails: [Excitedly] That's it! My Reverse Polarizer!
[He picks up the Reverse Polarizer and presses a button.]
Tails: If you can get close enough, you can reverse the gravitational pull and force it to close in on itself.
Sonic: [Slowly] But...
Tails: But if you're too slow... You'll be pulled into the black hole forever and all existence will be erased.
Sonic: Too slow? Ha! [Snatches the Reverse Polarizer] You forgot who you're talking to.
[Sonic runs up to the top of the lair and looks up to the Black Hole. He jumps on the debris getting sucked up by the hole and gets lured in. He activates the switch in the Reverse Polarizer but suddenly it slips out of his hands. A couple of debris hits his face while he falls. The device reacts to the black hole and explodes emitting a bright light, making Tails flinch. Tails recovers but suddenly sees Sonic falling through the lair's platform. He looks down at Sonic, who is seen with his eyes shut. He wiggles his face and opens his eyes.]
Tails: [Sarcastically] You think a plunger would've worked just as well?
[Sonic blinks and shows a tired look.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, Day]

[Eggman is seen pulling Dave's ear.]
Dr. Eggman: You little twerp. [Dave holds his ear] Your interning days are through. [Slowly and Loudly] You're fired!
Dave: [Sarcastically] Well you are going to give me a positive evaluation, right?
Dr. Eggman: [Slowly and Loudly] GET OUUUUT!
[Dave runs out of the lair in fear. Eggman turns to Orbot and Cubot.]
Dr. Eggman: And you two! [Orbot and Cubot stand up] I have an assignment for you.
Cubot: We're [Orbot and Cubot give a high five] back baby!
Dr. Eggman: [Holds a mop and bucket] Mop the bathroom.
[Orbot and Cubot drop themselves.]

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, Day.]

Dave: They'll pay for this... they're all gonna pay! Wuhahahahaha! [The camera zooms out and shows he's talking to Lady Goat] Do you want fries with that?

[Screen fades to black.]