Dorigame (ドリガメ Dorigame?) is an enemy that appears exclusively in the Tails' Skypatrol video game, available for the Sega Game Gear.


Based on turtles, Dorigames are tiny turtles with gray scales and a green shell. They also have a yellow underbelly.


Dorigames will walk along the ground and throw projectiles at the player. Each Dorigame defeated gives one thousand points to the player, while the projectiles they throw are worth two hundred points each.


  • Dorigames bear a strong resemblance to the smaller Turtloid units, but they serve Witchcart, behave very differently and do not contain Animals.
  • Despite the reputation Tails' Skypatrol has received, Sonic Tweet had made cards with character sprites from Tails' Skypatrol. Dorigame was on one of the cards.


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