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Doomsday Pod

A Doomsday Pod

The Doomsday Pod is an object that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It was a powerful machine created by Dr. Robotnik's as his main force to wipe out all life on Mobius for his Doomsday Project.


The Doomsday Pods are large, but powerful UFO-based machines. They are armed with a number of powerful weapons, such as laser cannons, laser turrets, and toxic chemical dispersers, all of which are lethal to organics and could destroyed anything in their paths.[1][2]

Each Doomsday Pod was nearly indestructible. It is able to endure explosions and laser cannon fire at point blank range and rockslides without any scratches, and even when hammered into a rock wall, it only received superficial dents.[1] It took no less than a special lightning field or the metal-eating chemical that Rotor created to destroy them.[1][2]


A "test pod" for the Doomsday Pod was deployed to wipe out the Wolf Pack. Though difficult to defeat, it was brought down by the combined efforts of the Wolf Pack with help from Sonic the Hedgehog, Princess Sally and Antoine Depardieu of the Knothole Freedom Fighters.[1] When the Doomsday Project began, thousands of Doomsday Pods were launched all across Mobius from a large tower through subterranean tunnels, programmed to destroy all life on the planet. However, the unified forces of the Freedom Fighters were able to stop them at their source.[2]


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