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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Ugh. Another night, another mess to clean up.

— Don the Rooster, Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2020

Don the Rooster is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. He is an anthropomorphic rooster and the custodian of K-TBR 199.2 station in Sunset City.


Don is a tall purple, black and cyan feathered rooster. He has pink eyes and a yellow beak. He sports a Mohawk and has a medium sized purple tail that droops downward. For attire, Don wears a silver chain necklace, a brown utility belt, yellow gloves, white long socks, and yellow and black boots with gray soles and white laces.


Darkest Hour

One morning at the K-TBR 199.2 radio station, while Nite was beginning his show, Don complained about having to clean up for another night. Nite told him that he was providing a vital service by keeping the station clean. When he asked where Sunset City would be without his "dulcet" tones riding the airwaves, Don replied that he thinks that they would be better off. Nite soon received his first call from a woman named Gala, who was being chased after by people who appeared to be sick and metallic; before Nite could get more information, the woman was abruptly cut off. With the rooster alerted by this, Don and Nite listened to several more similar phone calls into the night. Don decided that they should take his truck to escape the city; however, Nite wanted to stay for the people. Don snapped, stating that he was not waiting around to get killed by monsters because of his great sense of pride and told him to stay if he wanted, adding that he guaranteed that the people will not help him. Outside, as Don tried to start his car, he still expressed annoyance over Nite's decision. After turning on the engine, the rooster began to drive away and listened to Nite's discussion on the radio. The owl asked if him reading the Restoration's emergency instructions would really help the citizens of Sunset City, to which the representative stated that it was the only chance they had. Understanding the issue, Nite stated that even if one person was spared, it was worth it to him. Don heard this and looked on.[1]

Deciding that he had to stay, Don retrieved some supplies from back out and returned to the station, pleasing Nite. He told the owl to concentrate on talking while he made sure nothing got into the station. However, Nite found himself distracted by the loud banging from Don hammering in the boards. Nite asked Don to keep it down as he was trying to save lives, only for the rooster to reply that he was trying to save him and hammers did not come with a mute button.[1]

Trial by Fire

After the Zombot apocalypse was over, Don would watch the entrance to the K-TBR 199.2 radio station, where Nite and Charmy were ending a broadcast. He soon after let Vector and Espio inside the radio station so they could pick up Charmy.[2]


Don is quite a gruff individual, not finding much joy in his job or anything else. He does not like time wasting and has a no-nonsense attitude. Don can be seen as both a pessimist and a realist.[1]


Nite the Owl

Don is an acquaintance of Nite at K-TBR 199.2 and tolerates him while he does his job. Though Don is quite pessimistic and not the biggest fan of the owl's show, Nite still manages to joke around with him. Don's patience has been tried before with Nite and has yelled at him for it. Nonetheless, deep down, Don considers Nite a friend. He is similarly willing to make sacrifices for Nite and joke around in a good atmosphere.[1]



  • Don's name is a reference as to how real life roosters are portrayed to crow at the break of dawn.



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