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"Don't Make Me Angry"[1] is the one hundredth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 22 September 2017 in France and on 21 October 2017 in the United States.


As a result of an experiment gone wrong, Eggman turns into an adorable little creature every time he gets angry.[2]








The episode begins with Dr. Eggman reviewing video clips of Team Sonic displaying their skills. From this, Eggman concludes that if he wants to beat Sonic, he needs physical skills of his own. Since he is no bio-technician, Eggman goes to the library to study mutations. There, Beth the Shrew lends Eggman her library card when his turned out to have been revoked.

While reading, Eggman finds a comic book left behind by Sonic that tells about how the weak Bruce Bandicoot turned into the Unenviable Clunk after being exposed to "purple rays". Eggman decides to build a purple ray device which will mutate him to have powers. However, his experiment goes wrong, and instead of becoming more powerful, Eggman now turns into a cute little purple creature when he gets angry. After morphing for the first time, Eggman starts running around Hedgehog Village for everyone to see, but Orbot and Cubot manage to catch him. The next morning, Eggman wakes up, and Orbot explains his condition. Learning from his books that the effects of purple rays wear off after forty-eight consecutive hours without a transformation, Eggman realizes that all he has to do is stay calm for the next two days to be cured of his condition and believes it will not be hard.

Making a trip to the Village Center to do some shopping, Eggman encounters Team Sonic, who asks him about his connection to the purple creature that they saw Orbot and Cubot chasing. Wanting to keep his condition a secret, Eggman denies having anything to do with it. Agreeing with him (since Eggman is no bio-technician), Team Sonic begins laughing at his shortcomings. This gets Eggman angry, prompting him to morph in public, and the gang realize Eggman is the purple creature. When Eggman comes to after reverting back to normal, Team Sonic and villagers begin to mock him. Sonic in particular provokes Eggman into morphing again. As Eggman runs off with his lackeys, everyone laughs at Eggman - everyone except Beth and Amy.

Eggman decides he needs to learn how to manage his anger, and ends up going to an anger management class, which is ironically taught by Amy. Eggman makes a funny jab about how ironic it is for an emotional time bomb like Amy to be teaching an anger management class, and Amy snaps back at him. As the class proceeds, Amy even brings in Og to teach the class meditation. Amy and Og's teaching eventually work, and Eggman is now relaxed. Later, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Sticks try messing with Eggman, in hopes of seeing him morph, yet Eggman remains calm.

Back in his lair, Eggman continues to remain calm. When his anger counter says that he only has fifteen minutes left before he is cured however, Beth appears at Eggman's lair. Wanting to cheer Eggman up after all the teasing he had endured, Beth offers Eggman some cookies she had made herself before letting herself into the lair. Although the cookies are bad, Eggman is moved by Beth's kindness. However, Beth ends up falling into Eggman's trash compactor after messing with the HQ room's control panel.

Eggman tries to save Beth, but him and his robots are not small enough to follow Beth through the garbage chute. Eggman has no choice, but to get angry, in hopes of saving Beth. Eggman tries having Orbot insult him, but he cannot tick him off. He then goes to Meh Burger so the bad service can upset him, but Dave gets his order right for once. He then approaches Sonic, yet Sonic apologizes for how he behaved the other day. Eggman tells Sonic about how Beth is in danger, and needs to get angry to save her. Ironically, Eggman gets angry over not getting angry, and morphs. Sonic then grabs Eggman, and quickly takes him back to the lair to save Beth. Eggman saves Beth, and the episode ends showing Eggman meditating in order to stay calm. However, Cubot accidentally spills some soup on Eggman, and it causes Eggman to morph again. It also causes Eggman’s anger timer to reset once more.



  • In this episode, Gunther has the same character design he had during season one of the Sonic Boom television series.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Ne m'énervez pas ! Do not make me angry !
Italian Se mi arrabbio sono guai If I get angry it's trouble
Polish Nie denerwuj mnie Do not make me angry
Spanish (Latin America) No me hagan enfadar Don't make me angry
Ukrainian Не зли мене Do not make me angry
Russian Не зли меня Do not make me angry



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