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"Don't Judge Me" is the seventeenth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 11 February 2015 in France and on 14 March 2015 in the United States.


After claiming to be injured during a battle with Sonic, Eggman takes Sonic to court to receive justice.








In the middle of the night, Dr. Eggman attacks the Unnamed Village and its residents in his Moth Bot when Sonic arrives with his Swat-a-pult and pursues Moth Bot while Knuckles baits the robot into following him by holding up a giant glowing light bulb. Surveying the chase from above in Tails' Plane, Tails and Sticks drop moth balls on Moth Bot to stagger it, allowing Sonic to bring it down with his weapon. In the wreckage, Eggman claims his neck is broken and has Orbot and Cubot fly him away.

The next day, Sonic and Tails are having lunch in the Village Center when the two are approached by a Process Server, who reveals Eggman is suing Sonic for needlessly injuring him. Sonic is unconcerned, but soon learns the seriousness of the situation when Soar the Eagle interviews him on the coming "trial of the century," which will ruin the loser's life. At the courthouse, Sonic finds Eggman in a wheelchair with T.W. Barker as his lawyer and the local villagers as both the audience and the jury. Serving as Sonic's lawyer is Knuckles, which Sonic had allowed since he still thinks this trial is a joke. The Beaver Policeman then introduces the judge, Burnbot (under the alias of "Judge Bot"), who subtlety hints his loyalty to Eggman despite his impartialness.

Opening the case is Barker who reveals his intent to prove that Sonic injured Eggman permanently in maliciousness. Sticks is first called up as a witness where she accidentally blurts out her prejudice against Eggman and his creations, as Barker states that Eggman was merely taking an evening drive in his Moth Bot when Sonic attacked him. Orbot is called up next, where he proclaims that Eggman is good-hearted and shows a (fake) film of Eggman playing compassionately with Orbot and Cubot as evidence, which moves the jury.

Tails takes his turn, whom Sonic considers to be the most reliable witness. With Barker interrogating him, Tails lists the things he admires about Sonic, which Barker turns around to make Sonic seem like an outlaw bent on destroying anyone who disagrees with him, namely Eggman. Despite losing his case, Sonic is confident that people will believe in his innocence (unaware that Comedy Chimp has made jokes on his show about him that enforces Barker's claim).

For the next part of the trial, Knuckles calls himself up to the defense. In a humorous display of Knuckles interrogating himself, Knuckles explains that Sonic is incapable of injuring Eggman, but on the grounds that he is too incompetent. Provoked by this, Sonic makes an outburst defending himself, but only ends up incriminating himself further. With Knuckles resting his case, the jury leaves to deliberate while the rest hold a dance party. When the jury returns however, the jurors (Fastidious Beaver in particular) delay their verdict. Impatient, Burnbot deems Sonic guilty, but before making it official, Amy, who has just come back from a week-long beekeeping seminar, bursts into the room and pounds the floor with her hammer in objection, shaking the whole building. Burnbot and Barker stumble, causing Eggman to turn his head around in confusion and revealing that he is not injured. With his plan now foiled, Eggman calls his robots to battle, which engages Team Sonic. As Soar is doing a news report on the trial outside the courthouse, Sonic and Eggman in his Eggmobile burst out from inside and do battle. Unfazed, Soar cuts over to Comedy Chimp's New Year's Eve event, which is rather dull.


  • During the groovy hippie themed dance party, the jury is still seen in the room instead of deliberating.
  • During the "New Years Eve Rockin' Bananaganza" scene at the end of the episode, Wolf Sidekick is shown being as tall as Comedy Chimp. In "Late Night Wars" however, Wolf is a head shorter than Comedy Chimp.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Brazilian Portuguese Não Me Julgue Do not judge me
Chinese 休想审判我 Stop Trying to Judge Me
Finnish Tuomionpäivä Judgement's Day
French Ne me jugez pas Don't Judge Me
German Sprecht kein Urteil über mich Speak no verdict about me
Hungarian Ne ítéljetek el Don't judge me
Italian Nessuno mi può giudicare No one can judge me
Japanese 判決はどっち Which One Gets the Sentence
Korean 소닉, 재판정에 서다! Sonic at the Law Court
Polish Spotkamy się w sądzie We'll meet in the court
Romanian Să nu mă judeci Do not judge me
Russian Не судите меня Don't judge me
Spanish (Latin America) No me Juzgues Don't Judge Me
Turkish Beni Yargılama Don't Judge Me
Ukrainian Не засуджуй мене Do not condemn me



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