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Dome-pocalypse, also known as the Village Fortifying Electromagnetic Protective Hemisphere, is an object that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a device invented by Tails as a defense for Hedgehog Village.



Dome-pocalypse is a small yellow box with a black bottom and top, along with handles on the side. On top is a smaller yellow box with an openable lid and an orange button on two of the opposing sides.

Features and abilities

Shield view

The Dome-pocalypse's shield.

When activated, Dome-pocalypse projects a blue hemisphere-shaped force-field at the size of Hedgehog Village. This force-field is durable enough to withstand the pressure from the Egg Tank's drill, and any energy beams fired at it simply bounce off. However, the force-field does not extend underground, meaning one can simply tunnel under it.[1]


TV series

Season two


The Egg Tank pushing against the device's force-field.

Dome-pocalypse was invented by Tails to protect the Unnamed Village from Dr. Eggman forever. While it neutralized Eggman's air attacks (earning Tails lots of praise), Eggman would tunnel under its force-field and then cause untold damage by bouncing his Egg Tank's blasts off the force-field's inside. Grabbing Dome-pocalypse, Knuckles pushed the force-field against the Egg Tank until Eggman was defeated and Tails, now scorned, could turn off the device.[1]


  • Dome-pocalypse is apparently very dense since Knuckles had trouble lifting it despite his super strength.[1]


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