Quotation1 Hohohoho. But that explosion! Isn't racing beautiful -- and dangerous? Quotation2
— Dodon Pa, Team Sonic Racing One-shot

Dodon Pa[2] (ドドンパ Dodonpa?) is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is an anthropomorphic alien Tanuki, the President of Donpa Motors, and the wealthy king of a planet called Donpa Kingdom. A universal racing industry benefactor, he uses his cooperation and resources to develop new technologies for the purpose of universal peace. In order to complete his latest project, he invited Sonic and his friends to compete in a Grand Prix unlike any other.

He drives around in a red, black and white hover craft that oddly enough resembles the Egg Mobile.[3]

Concept and creation

Dodon Pa was designed by Sonic Team artist Yuji Uekawa. In an interview, head of Sonic Team Takashi Iizuka said that much of Dodon Pa's creation was built around future-proofing and maintaining a persistent universe in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Accordingly, Sonic Team decided that if there were going to be more Sonic-themed racing games in the future, they needed to create a character that would facilitate all these races happenings, and allow the races to be a part of the world and storytelling. As such, Dodon Pa was created upon Iizuka's request. In addition, Sonic Team wanted to keep Dodon Pa in the Sonic universe as someone who would be there any time they needed there to be a racing event. As put by Iizuka, "He’s going to be the character we can use as the Master of Ceremonies."[1]


Dodon Pa is described as a "funny-looking" and "chubby".[3] An anthropomorphic Tanuki with orange fur, he has a fairly large and round torso, slightly short arms, and sharp fingers. He also has a wide head with no visible neck, and a long tail with brown stripes. He also has a black patch of fur across his face, a white muzzle, a small black nose, and a long and rugged white mustache. He also has large eyes with surprisingly small blue irises and pupils.

For attire, Dodon Pa wears a crown with a large round velvet cap. This crown also has a golden lower head rim, a golden point on the top, and an emblem on the front that resembles a black wheel with a pair of white wings and a purple hub cap. He also wears orange coveralls with golden cuffs on the sleeves, a red scarf around his neck, and a brown belt around his waist with a golden buckle that resembles the front of a car. Lastly, he wears a short leopard skin cape with a fuzzy white hemline, a tall collar, and golden fasteners on the front.



The wealthy king of Donpa Kingdom and President of Donpa Motors, Dodon Pa devoted himself to the racing industry for the development of new technologies and universal peace for many, many years.[4]

Team Sonic Racing

In Team Sonic Racing, Dodon Pa and his cooperation were on the verge of a breakthrough with the development of a top secret project of theirs: the Ultimate Energy Engine.[4][5] A machine powered by the inherent strength of teamwork that could revolutionizes transportation, fuel new industries and reduce pollution, Dodon Pa hoped to use this engine to usher in a new era of prosperity and cooperation throughout the universe.[4][6] For it to be finished though, they needed information on large amounts of accumulated Ultimate Team Energy.[7][8] Wanting to produce the best Ultimate Energy Engine possible, Dodon Pa decided to host a brutal Grand Prix where teamwork was a key element and have the best racers from across space and time compete in it, believing these racers could showcase better teamwork and produce more Ultimate Team Energy that what his facilities and staff could.[5]

In order to recruit racers for his Grand Prix, Dodon Pa used his vast resources and super-science to sent vaguely worded invitations to the Ultimate Test of Racing Skill out to the best racers he could find on Sonic's world, in the future, and in another dimension.[9][10][11] The reason he kept his invitations and motives vague was to preserve the secrecy of the Ultimate Team Engine.[5]

When Team Sonic and Team Dark had a race, Dodon Pa watched the action unfold as Sonic and Shadow went head-to-head. He also gave Tails a few hints regarding the team cars' capabilities through the in-car video links when the fox tried to figure the cars out. When Dr. Eggman then showed up during the race, claiming to be a special guest racer, Dodon Pa casually allowed Eggman, whom he found amusing, to participate. When Eggman then began asking for help, Dodon Pa filled him in on the Wisp power-ups that he could utilize. When all the racers then ganged up on Eggman, Dodon Pa was so invested in the beating Eggman received that he did not pay attention to whether Sonic or Shadow crossed the finish line first. Still, Dodon Pa was satisfied with how beautiful and dangerous the race was. As Eggman then moped over his loss, Dodon Pa told him that he looked forward to the doctor's participation with a team (since he found his passion against overwhelming odds inspiring) before watching a rematch between Sonic and Shadow.[2]


Described as eccentric and mysterious,[2] Dodon Pa is an enigmatic figure whose intentions for hosting the Grand Prix is to create the fastest, most powerful engine in the universe called the "Ultimate Energy Energy". At first glance, he looks like nothing more than a gentle, chatty person. However, it has been hinted that this is only a façade hiding his true personality.[3]


The look in Dodon Pa's eyes as he thinks about the dangerous part of racing, from the Team Sonic Racing One-shot comic.

Dodon Pa takes a great interest in the races he hosts, and appears more interested in the races themselves than their outcome. In fact, he does not show much interest in how his races end, and instead focuses on the more thrilling moments during the races, such as the great fight between Dr. Eggman and the other racers. He describes racing as something both beautiful and dangerous, and seems to be especially interested in the latter aspect, hinting a perhaps sadistic desire for anarchy and violence (something which there are plenty of in his Grand Prix).[2]

Being the sponsor of his Grand Prix, Dodon Pa wants his races to go according to his rules. However, he seems to ignore fair-play when something unexpectedly entertaining happens in his races, like when he casually let it slide when Dr. Eggman showed up unannounced to compete on his own in his team-orientated Grand Prix and began cheating shamelessly. While Dodon Pa also appears helpful by providing his racers with advice on how to win, he does not care about whether those he help are good or evil, which makes his personal preferences hard to pin down.[2]

Dodon Pa also possesses a distinct laugh: "Hohohoho".[2]

Powers and abilities

Dondo Pa evidently has some piloting skills, as he is able to pilot his own hover craft without aid.


Dr. Eggman

Dodon Pa first met Dr. Eggman when the doctor showed up unannounced to his Grand Prix and began to compete under the pretense that he had been invited as a special guest racer. Despite knowing this was a lie, Dodon Pa allowed Eggman to compete, finding Eggman's efforts to join the Grand Prix amusing.[2]

Even though Eggman is evil, Dodon Pa does not mind helping Eggman in his efforts to win the races in his Grand Prix. In addition, he finds Eggman's passion against overwhelming odds amusing.[2]

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog, whom Dodon Pa refers to as "blue hedgehog", is one of the participants in his Grand Prix. In regards to Sonic, Dodon Pa has deemed him a pretty good racer and finds his rivalry with Shadow amusing.[2]

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog, whom Dodon Pa refers to as "black hedgehog", is another participant in Dodon Pa's Grand Prix. Like Sonic, Dodon Pa thinks Shadow is a formidable racer and finds his rivalry with Sonic amusing.[2]


"My expensive race, my rules! Hohohoho!"
—Dodon Pa taking through the video monitors, Team Sonic Racing One-shot


  • Dodon Pa shares his name with the roller coaster Do-Dodonpa (formerly Dodonpa (ドドンパ?)), which boasts the fastest acceleration in the world.


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