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Quotation1 Sonic will never again be a pain of my egg! Quotation2
— Doctor Robotnik, Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie

Doctor Robotnik (ドクター・エッグマン Dokutā Egguman?, lit. "Doctor Eggman") is the main antagonist in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie. He is a human scientist who lives in the Land of Darkness on Planet Freedom, and is the arch enemy of Sonic the Hedgehog. Obsessed with world domination, Robotnik's ambition is to destroy the Land of the Sky and establish himself as the undisputed ruler of the entire planet, with the President's daughter, Sara, as his queen. From the capital of his empire, Robotropolis, Robotnik has launched many evil schemes to conquer the world, but has been repeatedly stopped by Sonic and his allies.

In Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie, Robotnik launched his most devious scheme to date where he fooled Sonic to come to Robotropolis and used the hedgehog to bring his greatest invention to date, Hyper Metal Sonic, to life. With the perfect weapon at hand, Robotnik launched an attack against Sonic and the Land of the Sky in a decisive attempt to conquer the planet.



Doctor Robotnik with his creation Hyper Metal Sonic.

Dr. Robotnik is almost identical to his game counterpart before Sonic Adventure, as he has a round head with a huge mustache, a large body, thick arms and long legs. He has Pince-nez glasses with blue tinted lenses. He wears a red jacket with golden wrist buttons on each and he has a small yellow cape with a triangular collar that stretches down to the edge of his pants in the front. He is also seen to have black, form-fitting one-piece boots with two buttons in front.

Robotnik is also seen to have his wedding outfit in any case. It is bright cyan colored wedding apparel with a large purple bow tie, yellow buttons on the wrists and one on the jacket, a white shirt and a black cape which goes behind his back, similar to his traditional yellow cape.

There are only a few differences compared to his game counterpart, as Robotnik's eyes are visible all the time. His eyes are shown to be white with black pupils, and the two buttons on his black one-piece boots are shown to be yellow instead of white.


At the beginning of the movie, Robotnik is seen building his latest creation, Hyper Metal Sonic, deep inside of Robotropolis, planning to kill Sonic the Hedgehog, take control of Planet Freedom, and destroy the Land of the Sky during the same process. However, the one thing he needs to complete Metal's AI is to infuse it with Sonic's life data so it can fully function.

Remember Tails, take good photos of him

Sonic and Tails encounters Robotnik at president's office.

Next, Robotnik is seen at the president's office, where Sonic and Tails arrive, while revealing himself to them, telling him and his servants that he has kidnapped Sara and President. Robotnik then commands Sonic to listen him carefully as he actually asks for a favor. He tells that while living peacefully at Robotropolis in the Land of Darkness, he and his servants were banished by Metal Robotnik and his own army of robots. Metal Robotnik also sabotaged the robot generator in the Robotropolis, which is now out of control and according to his calculations, will explode at sunrise tomorrow, which affects Planet Freedom as well. He asks Sonic to shut down the generator as soon as possible. As insecure as Sonic thinks about Robotnik, he accepts his favor. Robotnik also gives a navigator to Tails, which leads duo with the fastest route to Robotropolis while he stays in the president's office for that time.

Later that time, he's seen playing an unnamed fighting game with Sara who always loses but never gives up against Robotnik. She then decides that she wants to go riding, which Robotnik disagreed to. At the same time, large battle armor crashes into the office and opens its hatch, revealing the control room inside of it. Sara rushes inside while Robotnik tries to stop here, but both of them get stuck inside of the armor, which then blasts off from office. Later in the movie, it is revealed that the battle armor is Metal Robotnik, which has been controlled by Robotnik himself while trying stop Sonic and Tails near Robotropolis. It gets destroyed by the teamwork of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, who also joins the group. Metal Robotnik later arrives from warp zone deep inside Robotropolis where Sonic has stopped the robot generator while getting his life data and giving it to the now functioning Hyper Metal Sonic. Robotnik reveals himself from the remnants of Metal Robotnik. Sonic tries to burst through to the doctor, but Hyper Metal Sonic comes between of them. Robotnik then reveals the robot generator only took Sonic's life data for his creation as a goal to destroy the real Sonic and the Land of the Sky completely. Robotnik then gave permission for Metal Sonic to destroy Sonic and thus the duel begins.

Robotnik is then seen in his Egg Mobile with Sara while watching and encouraging Metal Sonic in the air. After Metal Sonic eventually manages to beat down Sonic, Robotnik's enthusiasm rose even higher and he transported himself and Sara to the Land of the Sky, where they are watched the damage of islands and cities caused by Metal Sonic. He then gives to an irritated Sara a white dress as he, in his own wedding outfit, starts telling Sara to get married after the destruction of the Land of the Sky (which gives an irritating image to Sara of herself having children with Robotnik), which she disagrees to and starts beating him up on the mobile. Later, Robotnik discovers that Metal Sonic's found the way to destroy the Land of the Sky at the North Pole and transports him and Sara there.

Just shoot them Robotnik, don't waste it!

Robotnik with Sonic and Tails after destroying the navigator on Tails' wrist.

After getting there, Metal Sonic crashes into the bottom of the mobile while Sonic lands painfully to the mobile's windshield. Robotnik wonders about his odd attitude and tries to capture him, only to miss. He then sees Sara falling down from the mobile and she gets caught by Knuckles. Next, Tails shoots at Robotnik's mobile with the Tornado and flies away. However, Robotnik has had enough and starts firing at Tails with rabbit and turtle missiles. While the rabbit missile hits the Tornado, Robotnik sees the turtle missile / Badnik as a design failure because of its slow moving. He then tries to kidnap Sara again which only fails because of a moving snowball (caused by Tails) and faints to the icy ground. Later, as Sonic and Tails tries to rescue the President and Old Man Owl from their ship, Robotnik manages to destroy the navigator on Tails' wrist, who tried to adjust Metal Sonic's data again. Robotnik then commands Metal Sonic to attack the real Sonic. However, Metal Sonic gets destroyed, the President and Old Man Owl got saved and Robotnik's plan was ruined.

Near end of the movie, Robotnik arrives, again with his mobile, in front of group (now with his own outfit again) while saying that he has a copy of Sonic's life data on a disc. He then threatens to create another Metal Sonic another time. However, the turtle Badnik (who comically returns while he is bragging) grabs the disc in its mouth and explodes with it in front of Robotnik's face. As Sonic starts chasing Knuckles for getting knocked on the head, the rest of the group follows them behind on the mobile while Robotnik is driving it.


Robotnik is an egotistical, childish, and selfish man, who is seeking to destroy the Land of the Sky and does everything to get rid of Sonic and his friends. He's usually left behind while his creations are doing his dirty jobs, but even he himself is able to arrive to the event when it is important in terms of his goal. He gets excited when his plans are starting to go very well. However, he gets mad at everyone who tries to get in his way and he gets disappointed when he sees the design failures on his creations.

Powers and abilities

While usually lacking any kind of special abilities, Doctor Robotnik is a flexible genius who is able to create many mechanical creations. He is also a capable pilot in his own machines; able to control and manipulate his creations in difficult battles, such as Metal Robotnik and the Egg Mobile. Near end of the movie, Robotnik seems to also be able to handle laser guns while displaying excellent marksmanship, such as when he shot the navigator on Tails' wrist.



Dr. Robotnik is madly in love with the President's daughter, Sara, and wishes to make her his queen consort after destroying the Land of the Sky. As such, he shows a great deal of affection for her, but she refuses almost every advance. One display of his affection for Sara is that he gifts her with a very beautiful wedding dress. When Robotnik is with Sara, he has a more comical side. However, he usually disagrees with what Sara wants, while also trying to appease her with his own ideas.

In other media

Archie Comics


Dr. Robotnik in the Archie Comics.

This version of Doctor Robotnik also appeared in Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comics issue 101. Here, Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails did battle with him and his Metal Robotnik robot briefly after their Mobius was altered to resemble his dimension by the efforts of Chaos Knuckles. The restoration of reality ended this incident and possibly erased it from the minds of those on Mobius.

In the Archie Comics, Robotnik is still seen intending to marry Sara, who is identified as a princess (rather than the daughter of the President).



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