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Doctor Plague from Sonic the Comic #97. Art by Richard Elson and colouring by John Burns.

Doctor Plague is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a purple-skinned and red-haired super-villain from New Tek City in the Special Zone. He is apparently a skilled microbiologist, able to create incredibly potent viruses, but he is also completely deranged. He wears a bio-hazard suit with a glass bowl helmet, and hires numerous goons to do his bidding. He appears to have holes in his teeth.


During an attack on New Tek City, in which Doctor Plague's goons were defeated by Chaotix, Plague refused to run away. He threatened to smash a vial containing a virus powerful enough to wipe out all life in the city. He tried to follow through on this threat when antagonized by Sonic, hurling the vial at the ground and screaming that he would be remembered as the one who destroyed New Tek City. Sonic was able to catch the vial in midair.

Plague then threw another eight vials into the air, but Sonic was able to catch those as well. Plague was then arrested by officers of the Tek City Police Department.[1]


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