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This character exists primarily within the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Miserable hedgehog... Okay, so I had a small setback. The battle has just begun!

— Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad"

Doctor Ivo Robotnik[3][2] is the main antagonist of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is a human scientist and the arch-nemesis of Sonic the Hedgehog.

An evil dictator, Dr. Robotnik uses his incredible intelligence for attempts to conquer Mobius and end his conflict with Sonic. While all his plans always end in failure thanks to the continued efforts of Sonic and his allies, Robotnik is always able to slip away from certain doom or imprisonment and is thus able to return at a later point to plot another evil scheme, making him a constant threat to Mobius and a thorn in Sonic's side.


Dr. Ivo Robotnik, from "Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad".

Dr. Robotnik is a comically obese human with a ragged orange mustache, a conical head, a drooping pink nose, black eyes with red irises and black pupils, a round body and wiry legs. He wears a red, black and yellow bodysuit, gray tights and a pair of gray gloves with metal gauntlets. Very rarely, Robotnik also wears a yellow cape to go along with his regular attire.

As a teenager, Robotnik's appearance was largely the same, with the exception of having facial pimples and a small bowl haircut with dark orange hair.

Robotnik's other outfits include a bathrobe with a fez,[22] a military dictator's uniform with a corset to thin his appearance,[23] a submarine commander's uniform,[15] and various historical uniforms as a result of traveling through time.


TV series


Dr. Ivo Robotnik was born as a member of a long line of Robotniks.[14] When he was an infant, Robotnik lived in a house in Chaos City with his mother, Momma Robotnik. Back then, his favorite toy and best friend was his teddy bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy, and he would still love that bear to this day. However, when his family moved, the Fuzzy Wuzzy was left in Chaos City, much for Robotnik's frustration.[5] As a child, he also captured his nanny and became dictator of the nursery.[17] When he was young, he also had a cockroach pet named Mr. Bobo, one of the very few beings the doctor actually liked, though they parted ways for unknown reasons. Since then, Robotnik would miss his pet a lot, and cry every time he thought about him.[24]

Dr. Robotnik exiling his cousin, Dr. Warpnik, to the Warp of Confusion, from "Trail of the Missing Tails".

Growing up, Robotnik was depicted as a fairly typical bully, and was plotting world domination as early as High School. During this time, he was in love with his classmate, Lucinda. However, this feeling was not mutual. Instead, she was more attracted to a boy named Lucas. Because of this, Robotnik tried repeatedly to catch Lucas, although this made Lucinda lose all interest in the doctor. At some point, however, he successfully kidnapped Lucas and trapped him on his property for about thirty years.[25] Though he was expelled from that High School for unspecified reasons (though it is implied terrorizing his classmates, especially Lucas, contributed to this), Robotnik did attend higher learning at a academy for villains, and graduated with a diploma as a certified evil genius alongside fellow evil mastermind Captain John Paul Memo.[15] Five years before the present events, Robotnik also lost patience with the loony behavior of his cousin, the deranged Dr. Warpnik, and exiled him to the Warp of Confusion.[26]

Perhaps some of Dr. Robotnik's earliest schemes involved building a giant robot and destroying a building with a laser cannon, plans that apparently proved to be successful.[5] However, his other schemes would be thwarted by a teenage hedgehog named Sonic. Apparently, Robotnik won several trophies and awards for his villainy. Also, despite interference from Sonic, Robotnik supposedly managed to conquer parts of Mobius over time.[10]

Dr. Robotnik telling his robots about the reward for catching Sonic, from "Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad".

At one point, Robotnik called many of his old bounty hunter Badniks and offered them a billion Mobiums if they managed to catch Sonic. Despite the robots' best efforts of catching Sonic, they were all destroyed by the hedgehog. Frustrated with this, Dr. Robotnik decided to use his Robo-Matic Machine to create the Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad and thwart his enemy once and for all. The first member of the S.S.S.S.S.S. Robotnik created was Scratch, a rooster-like Badnik, and when he attempted to clone the robot, he produced Grounder. Robotnik sent these new robots to catch Sonic and Tails. When they succeeded in catching Tails (while Sonic gave himself up for his friend's safety), they called the doctor and told him about the events. In response, Robotnik told them that he would go to the robots' location. However, Sonic and Tails managed to escape, and tricked Dr. Robotnik into smashing his own Egg-O-Matic to his own robots.[27]

Season one

At some point, Robotnik sent Scratch and Grounder to trap Sonic and Tails.[27] He later detected Sonic's presence in Marble Zone, an underground Zone full of gold and other minerals, and sent Scratch and Grounder to go after Sonic. After they failed, Robotnik decided to send the robots to steal the loot that was in the mine, which was owned by Spelunk. While the robots were sending the gold to the doctor's Egg-O-Matic through a conveyor belt though, Robotnik fell asleep. However, Spelunk soon poured some gunpowder onto the conveyor belt and lit it, sending the evil doctor, along with his minions, blasting off.[28]

Robotnik showing his robots his new creation, from "Lovesick Sonic".

Some time after these events, Robotnik planned to tunnel through to Mobius's main water reservoir, flood an entire village nearby, and create what he would call "Lake Robotnik". To do this, he built the Egg-O-Matic Tunnelizer and Town Terrorizer. However, aware that Sonic would interfere with his plans, he created Breezie, a robot who could be used to fool and distract the hedgehog. When Breezie revealed herself to Sonic and teamed up with Scratch and Grounder to kill Sonic, Robotnik started to tunnel towards the water reservoir. However, Breezie soon changed her mind and saved Sonic instead, before telling him her true nature and what Robotnik was planning. As a result, Robotnik was stopped by Sonic.[23]

Later, Robotnik created the Subatomic Slow-go Beam Weapon. With it, he planned to zap Sonic while he was distracted in order to temporarily slow him down and trap him, thereby allowing him to conquer Mobius without interference. To do this, he attacked the home of the Sloth Family and used them as bait to catch the hedgehog. He then gave the weapon to Scratch and Grounder and told them to catch Sonic with it, although not before they accidentally zapped the doctor with it. After the robots managed to trap Sonic and put him in slow motion with the weapon, they told Robotnik about the good news, with the latter saying that he should come to their location. However, when the doctor arrived, Tails and Rocket the Sloth had already saved Sonic. Tails then zapped his Egg-O-Matic with a reversed Subatomic Slow-go Beam Weapon, thus putting it into fast motion. Incapable of controlling his own vehicle, Robotnik crashed into a mountain.[29]

Later, Robotnik built the Casino Night Zone, a large casino where, with the help of a shark called Smiley, a group of Gambler Sheep would be forced to lose and become his slaves. Although Sonic interfered with his plans and bankrupted the casino, the doctor managed to catch Tails, and forced Sonic to lose a race to ensure his friend's safety. However, the hedgehog managed to rescue both Tails and the sheep, making Robotnik cry.[30]

Some time after these events, Dr. Robotnik built the Rot-Your-Life-Away Dungeons, a large prison complex built to trap mobians. He also built a large, maximum security wing specifically for Sonic. When Robotnik realized that Sketch Lampoon made fun of him in his latest Crack Ups issue, he kidnapped the cartoonist and put him in his prison, where he forced him to write a Crack Ups issue idolizing the doctor. He also caught Sonic and left him in the wing near the dungeon. However, due to Scratch and Grounder's stupidity, the hedgehog managed to escape, freeing Lampoon in the process. After the fortress was destroyed by Sonic, Robotnik yelled out his hatred for Sonic.[4]

Dr. Robotnik fighting his cousin Dr. Warpnik, from "Trail of the Missing Tails".

After these events, Robotnik sent Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts to catch Sonic, though they failed. Later, Sonic went to Dr. Robotnik's fortress hoping to find Tails, although the doctor insisted that he did not kidnap the fox. In hopes of catching Sonic however, he and his minions followed the hedgehog. Robotnik later realized that Tails had actually been kidnapped by Dr. Warpnik. Eventually, Robotnik and his minions arrived in the Warp of Confusion. Seeing that Warpnik was trying to use a cannon to turn fish into monsters that could destroy Sonic, Robotnik stopped and fought him while Sonic and Tails escaped the Warp of Confusion. While the doctors fought, they accidentally zapped Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts with the cannon, turning them into gigantic monsters. With their new powers, the doctor's minions tried to "teach [Robotnik] a lesson", but ended up destroying the cannon instead. While Robotnik and Warpnik ended up having a fish fight, the robots watched them.[26]

After Prince Charnock and Splorg went to a vacation to Mobius, Dr. Robotnik learned that, on the aliens' planet, the new prince would be elected very soon, and that the two aliens' vehicle had been destroyed. If the two did not manage to go back to their home planet in time, Charnock's two year old brother would be elected as the new prince, and he would destroy Mobius. This was why Robotnik repeatedly tried to stop Sonic, Tails and the aliens, although his attempts failed and Charnock and Splorg fixed their vehicle, making them return to their home planet.[8]

Dr. Robotnik being threatened by his mother, from "Momma Robotnik's Birthday".

Soon after those events, Robotnik was visited by his crazy mother, Momma Robotnik, who escaped from the Mobius Home for Really Bizarre Mothers because it was her birthday, much for his confusion and surprise. The doctor was forced by his mother to destroy the Mobius National Park, although the project could not be done due to Sonic's interferences. Later, he sent Scratch and Grounder to destroy a city, though they were stopped by Sonic. Angry that her son could not do anything right, Momma Robotnik decided to make a birthday gift for herself: she was going to kidnap Tails and use him as bait to catch the hedgehog. Robotnik also decided to help her. However, after Momma Robotnik revealed Fuzzy Wuzzy, Dr. Robotnik started to stop her plans, going as far to even beg Sonic to stop his mother's plans. Momma Robotnik was soon after found by the Mobius Home for Really Bizarre Mothers and taken to the asylum, although not before she scolded her son with her umbrella.[5]

After these events, Robotnik was enraged because Coconuts had secretly used and destroyed his Egg-O-Matic while trying to catch Sonic on his own. Later, he used a mind-control device to use a strong ape called Big Daddy for an attempt to destroy Sonic. However, thanks to Big Daddy's son, Boom-Boom, the mind control device was destroyed. Robotnik was later used as a toy by Boom-Boom.[31]

Dr. Robotnik trying to write a new song dedicated to himself, from "Sonic's Song".

Later, Robotnik learned that Catty Carlisle had composed a new song dedicated to Sonic. Annoyed that the new song was being played everywhere, including in his own fortress, Robotnik decided to kidnap Catty, and built the Music Destroyer to get rid of all kinds of music on Mobius, excluding the doctor's. He also managed to catch Sonic and Tails while they tried to free Carlisle. Meanwhile, he wanted to create a song dedicated to himself that would become Mobius' anthem. However, Sonic and Tails managed to trick Scratch and Grounder into freeing them. They later freed Catty, while Sonic would also play very loud music in front of the Music Destroyer, destroying the Badnik. Catty Carlisle later started to sing her new song again, enraging Dr. Robotnik who was incapable of doing anything about it.[13]

After these events, Robotnik was visited by Wes Weasely, a salesman who offered him a large series of products produced by the Handy Dandy Super Villain Appliance Distributors Limited Company (or H.D.S.V.A.D.L.) that could help him defeat Sonic. However, these products would instead be destroyed by the hedgehog. Sonic later disguised himself as a H.D.S.V.A.D.L. employee and managed to trick Robotnik, along with his minions, into switching their body parts with each other.[32]

While sneaking around in Robotnik's fortress, Sonic and Tails found Lucas in Robotnik's dungeon. They took him with them, which angered the doctor. When Scratch and Grounder asked Robotnik who Lucas was, he told them his version of his fight with Lucas over Lucinda in High School (which was a complete lie). After his story, Dr. Robotnik forced his robots to go to the Mobius Jungle, where Lucinda was working as a teacher. However, it turns out that the Lucinda that was there was Sonic in a disguise, who tricked Robotnik into marrying him while the true Lucinda married Lucas.[25]

Dr. Robotnik later found himself in his Emporium of Devastation, Destruction and Demolition. There, he awaited a lot of explosives from the Robotnik Express, a train that was being driven by Scratch and Grounder to the factory. However, because the train's brakes were locked due to Sonic, Tails, and Da Bears' interferences, the Robotnik Express crashed into the emporium, making its explosives explode while sending Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder blasting off.[33]

Later, Dr. Robotnik kidnapped Prof. Von Schlemmer, and forced him to tell him how to create his Gizmo Gas machine. While Scratch and Grounder finished putting the Gizmo Gas machine together, it failed when they tested the machine. Robotnik, now furious, tortured Von Schlemmer to make him tell them they had to do to get his contraption to work (by tickling his feet with a feather), and Von Schlemmer eventually revealed what to do. Robotnik then sent Von Schlemmer to the deepest, darkest hole in the Jungle of Doom. Later, Robotnik tested the machine, although it was destroyed and released some Gizmo Gas into the air, which made its way towards Wienerville where Sonic and Tails were. There, the gas was breathed by Tails, making him huge and forcing him to accidentally destroy part of the town. Taking advantage of this, Dr. Robotnik went to the city and told its inhabitants that Tails did it on purpose and that Sonic was the mastermind behind the destruction. They did not believe Robotnik, until he gave them all a bunch of free gifts. The citizens then turned on Sonic and Tails. However, when Robotnik was about to destroy Tails, Sonic saved and cured Tails, thus proving his innocence while Robotnik accidentally froze himself with his weapon.[34]

Dr. Robotnik giving himself a promotion, from "Tails' New Home".

In an attempt to capture Tails without Sonic realizing it, Dr. Robotnik decided to use Sonic's current search for caretakers for Tails against him. To this end, he had two of his Badniks disguise themselves as foxes and claim themselves to be Tails' biological parents. After Sonic left Tails in their care, Robotnik would watch these events with a hidden camera and give himself a promotion for pulling off his scheme. Robotnik later visited Tails in his new home and tied him up with the help of his Badniks. However, Sonic soon arrived after seeing through Robotnik's scheme. Afterward, Robotnik and his Badniks got crushed by their own traps thanks to Sonic.[12]

Dr. Robotnik manipulating Captain Rescue, from "Over the Hill Hero".

Dr. Robotnik later created the Egg-O-Matic Force Field, with which he planned to encapsulate Mobius in and spread his control all over the planet and kick Sonic right off Mobius. However, it needed an incredible source of power to work, which could only be provided by a solar satellite orbiting Mobius. To get to this satellite, Robotnik planned to reach it from Hill Top Village. He subsequently sent Scratch and Grounder out on two separate attempts to destroy Hill Top Village, though they were stopped both times by Sonic, Tails, and Captain Rescue. Robotnik later tricked Rescue into working for him, and managed to catch Sonic and trap him in the Egg-O-Matic Force Field. With Sonic trapped, Robotnik started destroying Hill Top Village. However, Sonic eventually escaped Robotnik's force-field and put an end to the doctor's plans.[35]

Some time afterward, Dr. Robotnik found Scratch and Grounder watching Edgar Eagle and forced them to kiss his feet. Afterward, he planned to destroy Farmer Peck's farm and turn it into the largest robot factory on Mobius. However, when his robots were about to start destroying the farm, his fortress was invaded by Sonic, an amnesiac Scratch, and Henrietta Peck, who stole the robots' remote control and used it to make the robots destroy Robotnik's fortress.[36]

Later, Dr. Robotnik created robots to play cards with. Much for his frustration however, the robots always won (even though they were programmed to lose). Afterward, Scratch and Grounder told him that that today was "Sonic Appreciation Day" in McGuffin, and that Sonic and Tails were there. As such, Robotnik sent Scratch and Grounder out to destroy the city using the Robo-Roller. However, their mission ended in a failure. Sonic later sent the doctor a t-shirt of himself, saying that he was now a member of the Sonic Fan Club, which made him burst into anger.[37]

Robotnik later sent Scratch and Grounder out to catch Sonic, although they failed because of an alien named Goopster. As such, the doctor sent them to kidnap the alien, in which they succeeded in. He tried to use Goopster's powers to get rid of Sonic and conquer Mobius, but his plans were foiled by Sonic.[24]

Some time later, Robotnik tried to build Club Robotnik, a hotel that he could use to turn tourists into slaves. However, to finish the project, he needed to destroy and flood Scrap Valley, a wasteland where his scrapped Badniks lived. Though he managed to clear the wasteland using his Blimpnik, Robotnik was tricked by Sonic into popping the Blimpnik using the Hedgehog Harpoon. When After later finishing building Club Robotnik however, Robotnik's true intentions were revealed to the public by Sonic and the old Badniks during Robotnik' speech. The hotel was soon after destroyed and its remains were used to re-build Scrap Valley.[17]

Robotnik later created a fake Sonic named Pseudo Sonic that could pose as Sonic and ruin Sonic's reputation. Robotnik also kidnapped a rat named Lawrence and his parents. Robotnik then threatened Lawrence into piloting his Pseudo Sonic, or he would end his parents. Much to Robotnik's amusement, his plan would go well and Sonic's reputation was soon in tatters. However, Robotnik later got attacked by Tails using the Pseudo Sonic while Tails defeated his minions and freed Lawrence's parents. Afterward, Robotnik found himself in the Mobius General Hospital, much to his anger.[38]

Some time later, Dr. Robotnik was waiting for his computer to download a genius program into a Genius Chip that would make him ten times smarter when installed into a specialized hat Robotnik could wear. However, he wanted more, and thus started downloading a program into the Genius Chip that would make him a thousand times smarter. However, the download was interrupted and erased by Hacker, much to Robotnik's frustration. As revenge, he sent Scratch and Grounder to destroy Hacker's house. After they succeeded, Grounder got the Genius Chip installed into his head by mistake, which made him much smarter than Robotnik himself. Later, the genius Grounder took over Robotnik's fortress, while Scratch and Robotnik became his slaves. However, with Sonic, Tails, Hacker, and Scratch's help, Robotnik managed to get the Genius Chip out of Grounder's head. When he inserted the chip into his specialized hat however, it turned out that he had gotten his hands on a Stupid Chip instead. Now stupid, Robotnik activated a trap, sending him, Scratch, and Grounder blasting off.[39]

Later, Dr. Robotnik built the Super Supreme Stopper Zapper to petrify Sonic. He subsequently sent Scratch and Grounder out with his weapon and told them to use it to catch Sonic. Though they managed to petrify Sonic, Tails kept Sonic far from them. Eventually, Robonik arrived at Scratch and Grounder's location, where the trio were trapped in quick-drying cement while Tails returned Sonic to normal.[40]

After this, Robotnik built the Ultra Freeze-O-Matic, a weapon of which he planned to freeze the people of Mobius with so he could put Servitude Patches on them and make them his slaves. He also built Servitude Chips. To test his Servitude Chips, he put them in Scratch and Grounder's brains, which turned them into obedient henchbots, much to Robotnik's joy. He then decided to carry out his plans in an igloo on Mount Splatterhorn. Much for his frustration however, he would notice that Sonic and Tails were on Mount Splatterhorn with him. As such, he sent Scratch and Grounder out to stop them. However, when their Servitude Chips begun to malfunction, they started to serve Sonic. Noticing this, Robotnik used his Servitude Chip Remote Regenerator to deactivate the Servitude Chips and bring Scratch and Grounder back to normal. Later, Scratch and Grounder brought Tails to Robotnik, who put a Servitude Patch on Tails to make him his slave and lure Sonic into a trap. In the end however, Robotnik was tricked by Sonic, who foiled Robotnik's plan and sent Robotnik flying into Lake Splatterhorn, which he was then trapped in by Sonic with the Freeze-O-Matic.[41]

Later, Robotnik tried to invade the underwater city of Labyrinth in order to get the Power Pearls, which he could use to conquer Mobius. However, his attempts were thwarted by Sonic, Tails and Surff, and Robotnik ended up in the middle of the ocean along with Scratch and Grounder.[42]

Dr. Robotnik later learned from Coconuts that Professor Von Schlemmer had created the Dream-A-Ma-Jig, a machine that could turn dreams real. However, he got angry when he learned that Coconuts did not steal the machine. As such, he sent Scratch and Grounder out to steal the machine. After acquiring the Dream-A-Ma-Jig, Robotnik brought the Boogey Man, a monster that could scare everybody on Mobius, into the real world from his dreams. However, the Boogey Man was defeated by the Junk Food Boogey Guy, another monster created from Tails' nightmares, and was sent back into Robotnik's head.[43]

Dr. Robotnik, now a baby, planning to catch Sonic in the Day-Care Center, from "Musta Been a Beautiful Baby".

Later, Dr. Robotnik built the Automatic-Static-Schmatic Beam and sent Scratch and Grounder to catch Sonic with it. However, they failed. Initially angry over this, Robotnik got the idea of ageing Sonic, which would make him easier to catch. Robotnik thus created the Decrepitizer, a weapon that could age people, and sent Scratch and Grounder out to the Instant Food Factory, where Sonic and Tails were at that moment, in order to turn Sonic older. When he later went to the Instant Food Factory to see what Scratch and Grounder were doing however, he realized that they had turned Sonic and Tails into babies instead. Afterward, Robotnik was accidentally turned into a baby himself, although he retained his villainous tendencies and wished to destroy Sonic and conquer Mobius. Sonic, Tails and Robotnik were soon after found by Miss Saccharine, who took them all to her Day-Care Center. There, baby Robotnik tried to catch Sonic three times through the use of traps, though he himself became the victim of all of them. Later, Robotnik was found by Scratch and Grounder, who used the Decrepitizer to return him to his original age. Now an adult, Robotnik tried to trick Miss Saccharine into giving him Sonic and Tails so he could make them older and catch them. However, Robotnik's plan backfired when Sonic and Tails were returned to their original ages and escaped while the doctor was turned into an old man by his own invention.[10]

Robotnik later created the Super Sonic-Sucking Vacuum Ray to catch Sonic once and for all. However, Scratch and Grounder accidentally destroyed the device. Frustrated by their constant failures, Robotnik made an artificial son to have someone he could trust to carry out his rotten way, whom he named "Robotnik Jr." After creating him, Robotnik decided to introduce his new son to his future schemes while trying to ruin a meadow. While watching from onboard the Egg-O-Matic R.V. however, Robotnik saw Sonic stop his scheme to ruin the meadow. Not giving up however, Robotnik decided to trap Sonic in a labyrinth. However, Robotnik's plan did not go so well. Despite this, Robotnik Jr. managed to catch throw Sonic in a pit he had made in case the labyrinth did not work. Proud of his son, Robotnik decided to go fishing with Robotnik Jr. However, while the doctor was not there, Scratch and Grounder tried to trap Robotnik Jr. in cement, only for Sonic to save Robotnik Jr. Upon hearing from Robotnik Jr. that Sonic had saved him however, Robotnik thought his son ad gone crazy. Dr. Robotnik later tried to roast Sonic alive using the Extendo-Tower Solar-Focusing Lens Ray. However, his attempt was foiled by Robotnik Jr., who had now gone over to Sonic's side, much to Robotnik's anger.[14]

Some time later, Robotnik sent Scratch and Grounder to steal some goods from a village. However, he was frustrated because of the fact that all they brought was stuff that he considered to be useless. Afterward, Sonic, disguised as a hillbilly and carrying a bindle with gold, offered to buy Robotnik's goods in exchange of the gold. The doctor accepted immediatly as Sonic gave him the gold and left with the goods. However, Robotnik later discovered that the gold Sonic gave him was actually yellow-painted chili beans. Blaming Coconuts of this, he demoted the robot to mop-up duty and threw him to the depthes of the fortress. Wanting to avenge Sonic, Robotnik created the Egg-O-Artillery Attack Tank to attack the Old Goats Couple. The doctor also filled the tank with booby-traps to make sure that Sonic does not destroy it. Despite this however, Sonic still managed to save the couple. Knowing that he will be unable to slow Sonic down to defeat him for good, Robotnik crafted the Speedemint Gum, a one-of-a-kind chewing gum that granted whoever used it an incredible speed that matched Sonic's. He then gave it to Grounder, who started to go at incredible speeds to a forest. However, Grounder lost the Speedemint Gum, much to Robotnik's anger. Later, Robotnik forced his robots to look everywhere until they manage to find the Speedemint Gum. It soon turned out that Tails had accidentally stepped on the Speedemint Gum, granting him super speed. Time later, Scratch and Grounder managed to retrieve the Speedemint Gum, for Robotnik's happiness. However, as he was about to grab the gum, a turtle ate it and left, much for the doctor's frustration.[18]

Later, Robotnik captured MacHopper, an old friend of Sonic and Tails, and brainwashed him to turn him into his minion. However, he soon after found that MacHopper disappeared, and decided to post "Wanted" posters around Mobius so that someone could find the kangaroo. Even though he only put three posters within thirteen seconds, he fell over and groaned heavily, as he was suffering a heart attack. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails managed to bring MacHopper back to his senses, though the effect wore off. Later, MacHopper took Sonic and Tails to Robotnik's fortress, surprising him. Robotnik then kept Sonic and Tails as his prisoners with MacHopper keeping an eye on them, planning to freeze them with his Insto-Freeze Cannon. However, MacHopper was brought back to his senses again, and "warned" Robotnik about Sonic's friends coming to save the hedgehog, and suggested to create a magnetic force field as soon as possible. Then, MacHopper, Sonic and Tails created the magnetic force field. However, after activating the device, all objects made of metal in the fortress, including the buckle on Robotnik's belt, were attracted by it. It soon turned out that the device was made to clean out all of Robotnik's programming on MacHopper's head, freeing him from the doctor's control. The three heroes then left as Robotnik cursed them from behind.[1]

Sometime after this event, Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder went to one of the Mobius Microwave Towers to install a transmitter on it. The doctor then explained that the transmitter was able to control all the Mobius Microwave Towers on the planet, thereby being able to manipulate every machine on it. However, Sonic appeared on the scene and stopped him, though he did not destroy the transmitter. Then, Momma Robotnik, who was driving a flying milk delivering truck, took Robotnik and his minions back to his fortress. There, Robotnik was about to be kicked off his own fortress by his mother, though he explained the transmitter's purpose and functions. However, he was kicked off anyway as Momma Robotnik took control of his fortress and his minions. Nevertheless, he vowed revenge on his mother. He later realized that his mother had adopted Sonic and Tails and made Sonic her slave. A few days later, Robotnik was walking around his fortress and found Coconuts, who left Momma Robotnik because he was sick of her. The next day, Coconuts and Robotnik called Miss Sniffed to inspect the fortress, and as she was doing so, Robotnik revealed himself as Momma Robotnik's son. As, according to the law, Momma Robotnik could not adopt a child after disowning another, she was taken back to the Mobius Home for Really Bizarre Mothers as Sonic and Tails left and Robotnik recovered his fortress.[44]

Later, Robotnik discovered an incredible amount of destructicite crystals in the Mobius asteroid belt, and built a rocket so Scratch and Grounder could retrieve two tons of it, planning to use it to power an army of giant robots and conquer Mobius. Robotnik took Scratch and Grounder to his hidden space station and sent them on their mission, unaware that Tails had overheard him telling Scratch and Grounder his plan and stowed away on the rocket with Sonic. Robotnik later detected that the rocket was drifting into deep space and that Scratch and Grounder were in an abandoned space station. When Scratch and Grounder contacted him, he furiously demanded an explanation. Scratch and Grounder explained that they Sonic had tagged along and they planned to capture him and return to Mobius using the only escape pod in the space station. Hearing this, Robotnik thought of another plan: he took control of Grounder and made him blast the escape pod, Scratch, and himself to pieces, happy that Sonic would be stranded at the space station and not caring that Scratch and Grounder would not make it back. Despite his treachery, Robotnik was greatly dismayed to later see that Sonic and Tails had repaired the escape pod using parts of Scratch and Grounder, and propelled it to Mobius with the sneezes of a sick and starving Space Monster Sonic encountered on the space station tied to the back of the pod. Sonic then explains he got the monster to help him by promising him the biggest meal in the galaxy: Dr. Robotnik. Robotnik then ran away in terror as the monster chased after him.[45]

Sonic Christmas Blast



At some point in the past, Dr. Robotnik roboticized Has Bean, a joyful bean that once inhabited Beanville.[46]

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

In the 16-bit version and 8-bit version of Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Dr. Robotnik created the Mean Bean-Steaming Machine, a machine that could turn the beans that inhabited Beanville into robot slaves that would help him rid Mobius of music and fun. He also put some of his henchbots to protect the machine. However, the player faced all Robotnik's guards to save the folk of Beanville. When Robotnik saw that his henchbots had been defeated, he decided to defeat the player himself. However, he was defeated, and forced to flee away while the beans he had kidnapped were freed.


Dr. Robotnik is a sinister, egotistical, and sadistic man, who enjoys the pain and suffering of other people. As an example, he is perfectly willing to get rid of villages, trains and even entire countries in order to carry out his plans.[23][37][47][48] Raised to always lie, Robotnik likes to trick and betray other people in order to get what he wants.[3][48] He also does not mind the idea of Mobius being destroyed if this also involves taking Sonic to his doom, and if both happen, he will not think twice about finding other planets to conquer.[8]

Dr. Robotnik forcing the cartoonist Sketch Lampoon to write a Crack Ups issue idolizing him, from "Sonic Breakout".

Dr. Robotnik is a very rude person, showing a notable lack of sense of honor and empathy. He often forces other people to do whatever he wants, usually by turning them into his slaves and/or forcing them to hand over their possessions over to him, no matter the situation. An incredibly short-tempered person, he also hates being disrespected, and the consequences for the people who insult him involve imprisonment,[25][4][13] slavery,[30] etc. He would even go as far as to take a young boy to a robotic factory to make him his slave.[7] In addition, he abuses those who are against him both emotionally and physically. Robotnik is also well known for being very vengeful; he kidnapped Lucas and left him trapped in his fortress for thirty years just because he won over the doctor's love interest, Lucinda, in High School.[25] However, he is usually nice and polite to well-known villains that inhabit other galaxies; a notable example is Katella, an intergalactic huntress that did not receive any kind of hostility from Robotnik when she visited Mobius.[22] He likewise respects his mother, Momma Robotnik, the only person he actually fears. He also prefers to forget about past incidents and instead focus in the present, often joining other people that betrayed him in the past.[16]

Robotnik is shown to be openly obsessed with eggs, which is the only thing he usually eats. He also incorporates egg-themes into many of his inventions. Even his bedroom is egg-themed with his bed being half a broken egg with a yolk-colored cover. It is also said that he has been eating eggs for breakfast every day for the past ten years.[11] Nevertheless, Robotnik has admitted that he also likes strawberry pie.[1]

Despite his normally evil persona and intellegence, Robotnik can be very immature, throwing temper tantrums when Sonic manages to wreck into his plans, often screaming "I hate that hedgehog!" when he is defeated. This can also result in him even crying and doing some childish stuff, which usually just ends in Sonic insulting him from afar.[4][14]

While not openly violent and ruthless, Robotnik is still a highly brutal and amoral villain with an insatiable lust for power, dominance, and, since meeting Lucas, revenge. While still harboring a more humane side and displaying comical undertones, Robotnik's ruthless and violent nature can still be seen throughout his constant plots. His uncompromising persistence shared with his appetite for authority and control fuel the conflicts across Mobius and guarantee that Sonic will always be needed to stop him.

Powers and abilities

Robotnik's most well known ability is his genius intelligence, which he has used to created countless robots and weapons. His most remarkable creations include the Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad robots, the Mean Bean-Steaming Machine, and his own Egg-O-Matic. He also seems to be very good at playing the organ.[13] Aside from his intelligence, Robotnik is shown to be a very strong man, being able to break a table without actually trying.[3]

Robotnik is shown to be a very durable person, having survived explosions and falls from the sky with nothing but simple scratches and wounds.


Super Robotnik

Main article: Super Robotnik

Super Robotnik, from "Super Robotnik".

Through the use of a combination of chemicals, Dr. Robotnik can transform into Super Robotnik. In this state, Robotnik receives enhanced strength, flight and a vast set of superpowers. However, in spite of his seemingly invincible stature, he still had a vulnerable spot: his buttocks.[49]

Supreme High Robotnik

Main article: Supreme High Robotnik

The Supreme High Robotnik, from "Prehistoric Sonic".

With the four Chaos Emeralds, Robotnik can transform into the Supreme High Robotnik. While in this state, he becomes a huge, muscular being. He is also given invisibility, immortality, invincibility, the ability of giving life to inanimate objects, and a vast set of superpowers. However, despite his god-like abilities, he can lose his powers if he loses the Chaos Emeralds that are around his neck.[50]


Sonic the Hedgehog

Ha ha! I think I'll put you out of your misery and into the yuck!

— Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "Super Robotnik"

While Dr. Ivo Robotnik has met (or created) several people that would become his rivals or enemies, his arch nemesis in none other than Sonic the Hedgehog. Because they are polar opposites and Sonic stops the doctor every time he has a plan to conquer Mobius, they both share a mutual hatred for each other. Robotnik in particular shows his hatred towards Sonic very often; when he is defeated by Sonic, he is known for shouting "I hate that hedgehog!" in a comical way. However, when needed, Robotnik will pray for Sonic's help, sometimes promising that he will become a good person in the future, just to get Sonic to fix his problems.[5]

Because of Sonic's tendency to escape from the doctor's traps and Robotnik's refusal to give up, the two remain forever locked in a conflict with each other where it is nearly impossible for both individuals to defeat the other once and for all, making their battle a never ending one.

Miles "Tails" Prower

If you weren't doomed already, you'd be doomed!

— Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "High Stakes Sonic"

Miles "Tails" Prower is other of Robotnik's enemies. The doctor kidnaps the young fox very often to use him as bait to catch Sonic too. While he does not hate Tails as much as he does with Sonic, Robotnik has shown some hatred towards the fox cub.

Scratch and Grounder

Sometimes I think I would have been better off if I had a vacuum cleaner and a toaster for assistants!

— Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "The Mobius 5000"

Scratch and Grounder are Dr. Robotnik's main lackeys, and members of his Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad. While the robots are very loyal to Robotnik and respect him, the doctor seems to like to abuse them both verbally and physically after they are defeated. However, when a major threat appears (often Momma Robotnik), Robotnik will always ask for their help and promise them some promotion, although he always does this to make them help him and, after the incident, he will revert to his usual behavior. Robotnik more than once ponders why he continues to repair Scratch and Grounder following their numerous destructions while failing to capture Sonic, ultimately declaring he is simply too "sentimental for [his] own good".


It's over, monkey-butt! I'm sorry I ever made you! Good-bye!

— Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "Big Daddy"

Coconuts is another one of Robotnik's earliest Badniks, although he is not considered a member of the Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad. At some point prior to Scratch and Grounder's creation, Coconuts failed to capture Sonic, resulting in Robotnik demoting him to sanitation duties. Ever loyal and desperate to be promoted again, Coconuts often pursues Sonic by his own choice rather than being ordered by Robotnik, although these efforts typically fare no better than Scratch and Grounder's and result in further demotions by the doctor. Despite Coconuts being marginally more intellegent than Scratch and Grounder, Robotnik nonetheless considers Coconuts deeply incompetent and incapable, and more often than not forces him into demeaning jobs simply out of spite despite the robot's zeal and loyalty.

Momma Robotnik

I'll show you, Momma! You can't throw me out of my own house!

— Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "Momma Robotnik Returns"

Momma Robotnik is known for being Robotnik's mother, and the only person he respects, though simply out of fear. Occasionally, Momma Robotnik would escape from the Mobius Home for Really Bizarre Mothers and visit Robotnik, much to his terror. While Robotnik respects his mother when she is near him, he actually seems to hate her, due to her tyrannical and outright hateful behavior towards him.[16] Despite his efforts to appease her whenever she re-enters his life, Robotnik is always deeply relieved whenever the orderlies from the Home appear to drag her back to it.

Mr. Bobo

Mr. Bobo was more than a pet, he was a villain's best friend! Brave, trustworthy, loyal, always willing to share his lunch! Oh, I miss that little cockroach!

— Dr. Robotnik talking about Mr. Bobo, "So Long Sucker"

Mr. Bobo was once Dr. Robotnik's pet. He was one of the very few people the doctor actually liked and with whom he formed a bond. However, they parted ways for unknown reasons. Robotnik misses Mr. Bobo a lot, and keeps a photo of him in his fortress.[24]

Captain John Paul Memo

I'll blow Captain Memo and his octopus ship right out of the sea!

— Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "The Little Merhog"

In the past, Dr. Robotnik went to school with Captain John Paul Memo, though this does not mean that they trust each other. Back then, they always fought each other to see who was the most evil of the two (though Robotnik would always call himself the best villain). As adults, Robotnik decided to fight Memo when he realized that the latter was trying to destroy Mertopia, though he decided to make deals with him to stop Sonic when he realized that Sonic was actually the one who started the battle.[15]

Dr. Quark

This planet isn't big enough for you and me!

— Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "Robotnik's Rival"

Robotnik versus Quark, from "Robotnik's Rival".

Dr. Brandon Quark, like Robotnik, is an evil scientist who planned to dominate Mobius. Eventually, they met in person and fought to see who deserved to conquer the planet. Robotnik also insulted Quark and called him "Dr. Quack" (since he had duck feet due to a previous laboratory accident). However, due to the appearances of Sonic and Tails, they put their differences aside and formed a truce. Despite this, due to the heroes, Robotnik and Quark were tricked into thinking that they were insulting each other and became enemies again.[51]

Wes Weasely

I remember you! You ruined my life once, Weasely! It won't happen again!

— Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "The Magic Hassle"

Wes Weasely showing Dr. Robotnik one of his products, from "Birth of a Salesman".

Dr. Robotnik holds a neutral relationship with the salesman Wes Weasely. At first, he accepted to buy his products, but, as they did not work against Sonic, he lost trust in the weasel.[32] However, his janitor robot Coconuts would secretly buy Wes' products once.[52] Later, Robotnik decided to make Weasely lure Sonic and his friends to a Hero of the Year ceremony, though he later betrayed him. which ended in Wes helping Sonic and defeating the doctor.[3] Despite the fact that the weasel said that he had enough of helping villains, he still supported Robotnik when the latter started a campaign to become president of Mobius, though the doctor's defeat ultimately ended with Wes supporting Henry Walrus.[16]

As Weasely feels no remorse into helping heroes or villains, he can be either Robotnik's ally or enemy. As such, Robotnik can betray Wes (or vice versa), only for both to be allies the next time they meet.





You dopey Duncebots! Can't you do anything right? Now I'll have to do my own dirty work and blend those beans.

— Dr. Robotnik, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (16-bit)

Dr. Robotnik is the thirteenth and final boss in the 16-bit version and 8-bit version of Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.

Boss guide

Like with the other bosses, the battle against Dr. Robotnik takes place in two "dungeons" on each side, the left one being from the player and the right one from the doctor.[53] To defeat Robotnik, the player has to fill his dungeon to the point where he is unable to drop any more beans. This can be done by dropping Refugee Beans into his dungeon, though Robotnik himself can fill his own dungeon by accident.

During the battle, Robotnik will be extremely aggressive, and the beans will drop at an incredibly fast rate, forcing the player to watch out for upcoming beans to be able to perform combos. In addition, the doctor's AI is able to place beans very accurately, rarely doing any errors, though his AI is pretty weak at doing combos.

The player loses when their dungeon is full of beans. After that, they are sent to a Continue screen and given the option to play again. If they win, however, the game will lead to the credits screen.



Game Passwords
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (16-bit) YellowBean16-bit.gifHasBean16-bit.gifBlueBean16-bit.gifBlueBean16-bit.gif PurpleBean16-bit.gifYellowBean16-bit.gifHasBean16-bit.gifBeanRefugee.gif HasBean16-bit.gifBeanRefugee.gifPurpleBean16-bit.gifHasBean16-bit.gif Red Bean16-bit.gifRed Bean16-bit.gifBeanRefugee.gifYellowBean16-bit.gif
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (8-bit) Yellow-Bean-8-bit.pngRed-Bean-8-bit.pngGreen-Bean-8-bit.pngBlue-Bean-8-bit.png


Dr. Robotnik has had a number of romantic interests throughout the series, though the only woman he has ever truly loved was a red head woman named Lucinda. Unfortunately for the evil doctor, the feeling was not mutual and she married her true love, Lucas. After that, other women have shown interest in Robotnik such as the beautiful Katella, the hideous Snow Height, and the crafty Sonic in disguise, but Robotnik never seems interested in having a relationship with any of them.

Over the course of the show, Robotnik had two robot wives. His first robot wife, Omeletta, was built out of the Doctor's frustration at Scratch and Grounder's poor homemaking skills and a longing for companionship, although he regarded her more as a maid than a partner. Omeletta initially had little will of her own besides serving Robotnik, but after exposure to water caused her to short-circuit, she gained both independence and a spiteful attitude towards her husband, and was not seen again afterwards other than Robotnik mentioning she "didn't work out" in passing. His second robot wife, simply called "RoboWife", was created by Wes Weasley in an effort to make Robotnik appear to be more of a family man in order to aid his election campaign for President of Mobius. This relationship was merely for show, with Robotnik appearing openly annoyed by Robowife's cheeryness. Their fake relationship ultimately fell apart when Sonic set Robotnik up to appear unfaithful in order to sabotage his election campaign, with RoboWife quickly changing her romantic focus to Henry Walrus.

Love interest Episode(s) Image
Lucinda "Best Hedgehog" Robotnik and Lucinda.jpg
Sonic (dressed as Lucinda) "Best Hedgehog" Robotnik and sonic 1.jpg
Omletta "Sonic the Matchmaker" Omletta blowing robotnik.jpg
Katella "Zoobotnik" Awkward 2.jpg
RoboWife "Sonic is Running" Robotnik with robo wife.jpg
Sonic (while he's in another costume named Jodie) "Sonic is Running" Robotnik with sonic 2.jpg
Snow Height "Sonically Ever After" Robotnik with snow height.jpg
Sonic (dressed as Rapunzel) "Sonically Ever After" Robotnik with sonic 3.jpg


"I hate that hedgehog!"
—Dr. Ivo Robotnik
"I've called you all together because you're the worst assortment of lowlife mercenaries I've ever made! You're mean! You're malicious! You're my kind of rotten!"
—Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad"
"He's out there still! Mocking me with his scurrilous speed! Standing between me and my dream of total domination of Mobius!"
—Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "Subterranean Sonic"
"Ah, destruction and devastation! What an exquisite fringe benefit!"
—Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "Subterranean Sonic"
"Ha ha! It's working! My sneaky, devious, underhanded scheme is working!"
—Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "Lovesick Sonic"
"This is one time I'm going to do some rottenness, and that hedgehog won't stop me!"
—Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "Lovesick Sonic"
"Of course there's a Robotnik Day! I just declared it one minute ago, in honor of myself!"
—Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "High Stakes Sonic"
"Honestly? Of course not! I never do anything honestly!"
—Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "High Stakes Sonic"
"How dare anyone on Mobius laugh at the great Dr. Robotnik?! No one makes fun of me, no one!"
—Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "Sonic Breakout"
"Welcome to your final resting spot, hedgehog!"
—Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "Sonic Breakout"
"Help me! Help! Help me! I've fallen, and I can't get..."
—Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "Sonic Breakout"
"I'll have to give myself a PROMOTION!"
—Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "Tails' New Home"
"I don't get in trouble! I make trouble!"
—Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "Tails' New Home"
"Who did this?! Who dared to enter my cyberspace and steal my program?!"
—Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "Grounder the Genius"
"How dare anyone interrupt me when I'm being vicious?!"
—Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "Untouchable Sonic"
"I just stole candy from four thousand and eight-hundred and twenty-two babies! What a perfect way to whet my appetite for evil!"
—Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "Super Robotnik"
"I know I lied. I know it's despicable and cruel. But despicableness and cruelty are my favorite hobbies."
—Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "Hero of the Year"
"My full name is Dr. Ivo Robotnik! Not that anyone's ever asked!"
—Dr. Ivo Robotnik, "Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted"
"Witness my evil dream to get rid of Mobius of music and fun forever. My latest invention, the Mean Bean-Steaming Machine, will not only dispose of those fun-loving jolly beans of Beanville, but turn them into robot slaves to serve my evil purposes. Robots. Bring me those beans."
—Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
"You dopey Duncebots! Can't you do anything right? Now I'll have to do my own dirty work and blend those beans."
—Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (16-bit)


  • This design of Dr. Ivo Robotnik appeared in many counterparts other than Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, including Sonic the Comic and the Troll Associates books. It was also modified to another counterpart of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series, which also was used in other media.
  • In "Sonic Gets Thrashed", Robotnik is shown to be afraid of the snakes from Chef Wolfgang Puke's cake,[17] yet in "Sonic is Running", he has a pet spitting cobra named Spalding.[16]
  • In Japanese material, Robotnik is referred to as "Doctor Eggman" (ドクター・エッグマン Dokutā Egguman?), possibly because of the name "Robotnik" rarely being in use there.
  • Despite his high intelligence, Dr. Robotnik has many spelling errors, as he once misspelled the English word kidnapped as "cidnapped".[12]
  • Robotnik's name, Ivo, has been pronounced in different ways throughout the show. Once, he pronounced his name as "ee-vo" (probably because of the phonetic similarity it has with the word evil),[2] whereas, on another ocassion, Scratch pronounced his name as "eye-vo".[3]
  • The name Dr. Ivo Robotnik may be a reference to his appearance, as Ivo written backwards is ovi, which means egg in Latin, a reference to Robotnik's fondness for eggs.
    • "Robotnik" is an actual word, meaning worker in Polish and slave in Slovak. This could explain Dr. Robotnik's preference for having enslaved people and robots as his minions.
    • The name "Ivo" itself is also in fact a given name in real life that is European in origin.
  • In the 16-bit version of Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Dr. Robotnik's pupils are seen to be white, while on the box art they are colored red as they are supposed to be.
  • In Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Dr. Robotnik has the same AI as Satan from Puyo Puyo, the game on which Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine is based.
  • In the Hispanic American version of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Dr. Robotnik is named "Doctor Mostachón" (Spanish for "Doctor Big Moustache"). The name would be taken over to his Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) counterpart.


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