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Doctor Fukurokov (Dr.フクロコフ Dokutā Fukurokofu?) is an antagonist in Tails Adventure. He is a main scientist working for the Battle Kukku Empire and an evil doctor of the Battle Kukku Imperial Academy (バトルクック帝国アカデミー Batoru Kukku Teikoku Akademī?).[2]


Dr. Fukurokov is quite short, only barely taller than Tails. He has a very thick beard. He wears a red overall with blue open-toed sandals. He wears blue glasses with spiral designs on the lenses.



At some point in the past, Dr. Fukurokov became a doctor at the Battle Kukku Imperial Academy.[2]

Tails Adventure

In Tails Adventure, Dr. Fukurokov aided the Battle Kukku Empire in invading Cocoa Island in search for the Chaos Emeralds. He found opposition in Miles "Tails" Prower aboard the Battle Fortress. Though he let his machinery handle the fox, he was defeated by Tails' Remote Robot.


Dr. Fukurokov is an elderly owl with an odd, waddling manner of moving around. He is somewhat full of himself, making his tendency to overlook little details his greatest weakness.


Dr. Fukurokov is the first boss of the Battle Fortress, encountered in the core of the flying fortress.

Boss guide

The Remote Robot dropping a rock on Dr. Fukurokov.

As Fukurokov does not actually fight, he cannot be attacked head-on. He instead lets his defensive machinery take care of Tails, for as soon as he approaches, the fox gets thrown into a trap chamber filled with spikes, lasers, conveyor belts, and a lone safe platform. Tails has to blast a way out of the chamber just large enough to sneak the Remote Robot through, in order for it to fly up crawlspaces and ventilation chutes. Then the robot can make its way back to Fukurokov and knock over a conveniently placed rock on a platform to bean the elderly owl right on the head.

In other media

Archie Comics

Dr. Fukurokov, from Sonic Universe #19.

Dr. Fukurokov has made an appearance in Archie's Sonic Universe comics as a higher member of the Battle Bird Armada. He's the leading scientist, technician and also chief engineer of Battle Fortress. While working on the armada for many years, Wave the Swallow is known to have been his assistant for awhile until her escaping and joining to the Babylon Rogues. Unlike his game counterpart, Fukurokov wears a black hat similar to Battle Lord's and has grey open-toed sandals rather than blue ones. Due his name being hard to pronounce, he easily gets furious at others who cannot say it right. The redesign of the character was done by Jon Gray.


  • "Fukurou" is a Japanese word, meaning "owl".
  • Many fans actually have trouble pronouncing Fukurokov's name. This was also poked fun at in the Archie Comics.


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