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This character exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Eggman, and I have some exciting news for you. Exciting for me, that is, and catastrophic for you. I have decided to take over your world and make it part of the new Eggman Empire. Resistance is futile. You will submit to my rule or be swept away like dust bunnies. Oh ho ho ho ho ho!

— Dr. Eggman, "Missile Wrist Rampage"

Robotnik[11] (ロボトニック[11] Robotonikku?), better known by his nickname Doctor Eggman[11] (ドクター・エッグマン[11] Dokutā Egguman?), is the main antagonist of the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. He is a mad scientist whose ambition is universal domination and the establishment of his Eggman Empire. He is aided in his schemes by two sidekick robots, Decoe and Bocoe, his messenger Bokkun, and his arsenal of ruthless robots and high-tech terrornauts.[12] Despite his efforts, though, Eggman's plans are always put to a stop by his arch-nemesis, Sonic and his friends.


Dr. Eggman is depicted as a human with a rotund and burly appearance, his torso and head coming together in an egg-like shape. He possesses no visible neck, a bald head, a bright red nose, and a very bushy mahogany moustache. He also has long, almost disproportionately thin arms and legs.

For attire, Eggman wears tinted, navy blue pince-nez glasses and green-lensed goggles as headwear and an elegant, red coat sporting two square metal buttons on both sides of the chest in gold. These buttons have white straps that run across the coat's sides to identical buttons on the back. The coat also has silver, zipper-like linings down the back, arms and front, yellow cuffs, and two extensions on the front that have large silver buttons. In addition, Eggman also wears white, cuff-less gloves on his hands and a pair of black pants with matching boots seemingly attached to them bearing circular plates on the both sides of the ankles and three square ones riding up the shin.




Dr. Eggman was born on Earth but under unknown circumstances, he was transported to Sonic's world.[13] During his life, he had attempted numerous times to carry out his ambitions for achieving world domination but was thwarted by the heroic efforts of Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends.

New World Saga

One night in Sonic's world, Dr. Eggman possessed all seven Chaos Emeralds with Cream the Rabbit and Cheese held prisoners at his base; it seemed that the doctor was able to achieve his goal. However, Sonic attacked the base, which eventually led to an accident causing Chaos Control, which transported him along with Sonic and several of his friends to Earth.[14] At Earth, Dr. Eggman was displaced at a distant island in the Southern Sea and planned to conquer Earth.[15] He began to take over Station Square using his robot E-23 Missile Wrist and although they both wrecked much havoc in the city, Sonic thwarted the doctor and Missile Wrist, saving the day.[16]

Eggman heard news of a discovered Chaos Emerald and heads over with his E-11 Beacon to retrieve it. The doctor discovered Sonic was after it as well and orders Beacon to intercept him while continuing to look for the emerald himself. When Eggman found it, Chris snatched it before he could and the two persistently fought over the emerald in the sky. While Eggman managed to send Chris falling to his doom, he realized that he lost the emerald.[17] After Eggman tricked Knuckles into blaming Sonic for being stuck in the human world, Knuckles insisted he challenged Sonic to a duel. The next day, Eggman captured Chris, Amy and Tails who were having a picnic using E-47 Pumpty and happily rooted for Knuckles. The echidna soon realized he was being duped and teamed up with Sonic to save the others before taking out Eggman himself.[18] Eggman realized that in order to take over the planet, he needed respect, and decides to go through with the children first and called forth E-51 Intelligente to brainwash the school kids in Chris' school. Eggman later discovered that Intelligente was disobedient, only getting the school kids to like the robot. Eggman then arrived at Chris' school and threatened to disassemble Intelligente, which forced the robot to follow his original order, and kept Chris and his classmates after school. Sonic, though, rushed to the kids' rescue and defeated Intelligente. Impressed, Eggman tried to offer Sonic, Chris and his classmates a badge, but they all panned it before the doctor took his leave.[19]

Eggman dispatched E-90 Super Sweeper in order to suck up satellites in space to build robot parts. He watched while his robot managed to stop Sonic and Tails, but then sees it defeated when the heroes returned with the all-new X Tornado.[20] Later, he attacked the Emerald Coast and attempted to remodel it into the Eggman's Scream Park but was then interrupted by Sonic. Taking advantage of Sonic's weakness of water, Eggman ordered his E-38 Octoron to drown him, but was defeated due to Amy, who aided Sonic. The doctor then called in his Serpenter, but Amy dealt with it quickly before whacking Eggman down into the water in a fit of rage.[21]

Eggman challenged Sonic and his friends to a winner-takes-all baseball game at Diamond Stadium, where the winner would claim the Chaos Emeralds discovered there. While Eggman's team of E-21 Ballios robots were winning at first, Sonic's team edged into the lead, which motivated the doctor to detach one of his robots' head to kill Sonic, but Knuckles saved him. However, Eggman managed to escape with one of the Chaos Emeralds and his surviving Ballios.[10] While enjoying a peaceful nap at his base, he was interrupted by E-70 Noizi's alarm, which notified him of intruders attempting to take his Chaos Emerald. Eggman headed to see what was happening, only to realise that Rouge and Topaz just defeated Noizi and the doctor got caught in the robot's explosion.[22]

When Eggman heard news of a Chaos Emerald discovered at Tingalin Villa, he headed there with his E-35 Funfun and found Tails, Chris, Amy, and Frances uncovering the emerald. The doctor demanded the emerald from them, but when the heroes refused, Eggman ordered Funfun to blow a powerful gale to overwhelm them. Tails tried to fight Eggman back in the X Cyclone, but was no match for Funfun.[23] Fortunately, Sonic came to the rescue and defeated Funfun. However, when Tails unearthed the Chaos Emerald, Eggman snatched it at the last second and flew to his base while the heroes pursued him on the X Tornado. When Eggman returned to his base, he realised his base was under attack by the military upon the President's orders. However, in the confusion of the battle, Decoe and Bocoe mistook him for an enemy aircraft and tried to shoot him down. He gave them a thorough reprimand once he managed to make it safely back, leaving them feeling uneasy over their screw-up. He then tried to shoot down the X Tornado, but the plane swiftly avoided his attacks. When Sonic smashed into his base, Eggman confronted the hedgehog in a heated battle using his E-18 Guerra-Hard powered by two Chaos Emeralds. While the doctor had the upper hand, Sonic fought with his might and overcame the doctor once more while retrieving the two Chaos Emeralds. Soon after, Eggman's base exploded, seemingly leaving Eggman out of the picture for the time being.[2]

Chaos Emerald Saga

Despite the loss of his headquarters, Eggman simply went mobile by deploying his new Egg Fort to attack Station Square, only for it to get damaged and crash into the ocean after running into Sonic and company.[24] While underwater, Eggman attempted to stop Sonic from retrieving a Chaos Emerald, but while his robot, E-57 Clurken, was destroyed and Sonic got the Chaos Emerald, the Egg Fort escaped.[25]

Eggman later assigned Bocoe and Decoe to spy on Knuckles when he entered a shop in Oriental City. After hearing their report, the doctor then dispatched E-91 Lady Ninja to follow Knuckles. He learnt that Knuckles and his new friend Hawk were excavating a hidden Chaos Emerald and ordered Lady Ninja to attack them, though the emerald was then lost while Knuckles and Hawk escape. When Knuckles was able to uncover the emerald, Lady Ninja kidnapped Hawk and Eggman demanded the emerald in exchange for Hawk's safety. With the help of Rouge though, Knuckles was able to rescue Hawk and together, the two were able to defeat Lady Ninja while Knuckles re-claimed the Chaos Emerald.[26]

Another dogfight between the Egg Fort and the X-Tornado led to both aircraft crashing in the middle of an African Savannah, where Eggman tried to defeat Sonic using E-65 Gorru-Gaooh, piloted by Decoe and Bocoe, but unintentionally helped stop an evil plot by two Russian men who wanted to destroy the local forest for a dam construction project.[27] As the Egg Fort took too much damage from the repeated encounters with Sonic and his friends, leaving it beyond repair, Eggman deployed its successor, the Egg Fort II, to take its place.[28]

Using the Egg Fort II, Eggman attacked Sonic and his friends during a cruise on the Thorndyke Family yacht, but thanks to Bokkun having angered the Thorndyke family maid, Ella, earlier, Sonic and Ella were able to defeat Eggman.[28] Later on, Eggman was asked by Jerome Wise to force Sonic to race the leader of the S-Team, Sam Speed, by threatening him with a smooch from a kissing robot if he did not accept Sam's challenge. When Sonic was forced to accept, Eggman sent his robot, Sumo-Man, to obstruct the race, but Sonic and Sam easily got by it, leaving Sumo-Man to send himself flying all the way back to the Egg Fort II.[29]

While on vacation in the mountains, Eggman discovered that Sonic's friends were there on a camping trip themselves. Suspecting them of being on the hunt for a Chaos Emerald, he decided to send E-66 Da-Dai-Oh to deal with them. However, after E-66 fell due to the muddy terrain, Eggman was soon confronted by Sonic, who easily destroyed E-66, and sent Eggman flying off once more, before Sonic then dealt with the damage that E-66 left behind.[30]

Eggman was soon alerted to the presence of the sixth Chaos Emerald when it reacted to the presence of another Emerald, thereby releasing a massive burst of energy that lured Eggman to Filmdom City. There, Eggman literally had the Egg Fort II crash the set where Lindsey Thorndyke was recording her latest movie as her husband, Nelson Thorndyke, tried to give the Chaos Emerald to her as an anniversary gift. After a scuffle with Rouge and Topaz, Eggman got the Chaos Emerald, and had his robot, E-74 Weazo, deal with Sonic and the others while he escaped.[31] Shortly thereafter, a battle between Sonic and Eggman's E-88 Lightning Bird resulted in a microchip from Lightning Bird getting stuck in Sonic's ear, causing Sonic to run continuously without being able to stop. As several parties worked to help Sonic, Eggman watched them from afar.[32]

Knowing the six known Chaos Emeralds were split between himself and Sonic and his friends, Eggman sent E-77 Lucky to search for the last one. However, while Lucky was out, Eggman found Knuckles and Christopher Thorndyke approaching the grounded Egg Fort II with a white flag. The reason: To call a truce with Eggman, offering the five Chaos Emeralds that Sonic and Knuckles had and entrusting them to Eggman to keep until the seventh one can be found. Eggman agreed to the alliance, but when Chris and Knuckles arrived with the Chaos Emeralds, Lucky called to reveal that he had found the last Chaos Emerald. Seizing the opportunity, Eggman double-crossed Knuckles, ejecting him from the Egg Fort II and taking Chris hostage, revealing that his only interests were establishing the Eggman Empire, no matter what.[33]

Holding Chris hostage on the Egg Fort II, Eggman took off to meet Lucky. However, Lucky ended up giving the Emerald to Sonic when he rescued him. Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe then transformed the Egg Fort II into the E-99 Eggsterminator. Sonic tried fighting the machine, but Eggman used the six Chaos Emeralds in his possession to empower the Eggsterminator. The robot slowly overpowered Sonic, but soon went out of control and began beating Sonic relentlessly, impressing, but also slightly scaring Eggman. No sooner, the X-Tornado arrived, just as Eggman noticed Sonic walking in, barely able to stand, yet still determined to save Chris.[34]

Suddenly, the Eggsterminator began pummeling Sonic into submission. Afraid of his robot now and angry at it for using all the power from the Emeralds, Eggman ordered it to stop as he could not bear to see Sonic getting hurt anymore. In response, the robot kicked an unconscious Sonic into the sea. As Eggman was left stumped of seeing Sonic beaten to within a inch of his life, Chris broke free of his restraints and took the Chaos Emeralds. Soon after, Eggman was confronted by Knuckles, wanting revenge and demanding Chris and the Emeralds, only for Rouge to have escaped with them during the confusion. In response, the Eggsterminator, still out of control, grabs Rouge and Chris, just after they dropped the Chaos Emeralds into the sea. No sooner after that, the Eggsterminator's hand was disintegrated. Eggman did nothing to retaliate as he realized that Sonic was transforming into Super Sonic and declared that Chaos Control was about to occur. However, Eggman survived the Eggsterminator's destruction by Super Sonic, and crashed onto the newly-appeared Angel Island, where he found a strange stone tablet that he would investigate.[34]

Chaos Saga

Six months later, Eggman, in his new fortress, finished manufacturing a new line of robots: the E-100 Series. After testing them by ordering them to destroy some Sonic dolls, Eggman proclaimed it was time to create chaos as he walked over to a Chaos Emerald he had found and launched his new flying fortress, the Egg Carrier.[35]

Not long after, Eggman attacked Station Square again, this time aided by Chaos, a creature that Eggman had freed from the Master Emerald. The stone tablet Eggman found on Angel Island after the Eggsterminator's destruction was part of the legend of Chaos, inspiring Eggman to use Chaos to continue his conquest of Earth.[34][35]

Stealing the Chaos Emerald that Sonic and his friends had just received from Chris' mother, Lindsey, Eggman had Chaos attack Station Square, the Station Square Police Department being powerless to stop the chaos creature. Eggman soon feed Chaos his Chaos Emerald, transforming it into Chaos 1. He then added the one he took from Sonic's friends to transform it into Chaos 2. Chaos 2 proved a tough opponent for Sonic and Knuckles, the latter having arrived to fight Chaos after witnessing its reemergence back on Angel Island.[35]

Sonic and his friends were able to defeat Chaos 2, and Eggman retreated for the time being.[35] Later, after Sonic and Tails found another Chaos Emerald in Windy Valley, Eggman arrived in his Egg Hornet to take the two Chaos Emerald the heroes had. Though the Egg Hornet was destroyed by Sonic, when the two Emeralds fell into a lake, Eggman summoned Chaos, who subsequently became Chaos 4 from absorbing the two Emeralds in the lake. Sonic was able to defeat Chaos 4 though, and Eggman retreated once more, revealing his Egg Carrier as he made his escape.[36]

Sonic and Tails pursued in the X-Tornado, but Eggman was able to shoot them down, giving him the chance to retreat back to his Final Egg base.[36] His E-Series robots soon returned, but only Gamma had successfully found Big the Cat's pal, Froggy, who had swallowed some of Chaos' essence and a Chaos Emerald as well. Eggman then sent Beta to be rebuilt and Delta and Epsilon away to distant lands for their failure.[37]

After Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles made it aboard the Egg Carrier during their second attempt, Eggman caught Amy as she tried to escape with her Flicky friend, Lily, who had another Chaos Emerald inside its pendant. Once Chaos absorbed both the Emerald from Lily's pendant, along with Froggy's Emerald and the essence of him Froggy had drunk, Chaos became Chaos 6, taking Chris, Big, and Froggy hostage. Thanks to a tag team effort by Sonic and Knuckles, Chaos 6 was defeated, and Eggman, furious that Chaos was defeated in its penultimate form, retreated to his Final Egg base as the Egg Carrier began to go down in flames, but not before sending a missile towards Station Square, hoping to still destroy the city without Chaos. However, the missile was defused by Tails.[38]

Soon after, Eggman confronted Sonic in the Final Egg in his Egg Viper. Despite the Egg Viper's power, it was still destroyed, and Eggman retreated in disgrace as the Final Egg exploded all around him.[3]

Later, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles found Eggman lying on the ground. Recovering, Eggman revealed some grim news: Chaos was still alive, and had double-crossed the doctor, wanting to use the Chaos Emeralds for its own plans to destroy the world. Eggman was soon airlifted away by Decoe and Bocoe, retreating to a secret hangar where he launched the Egg Carrier 2 to get revenge on Chaos for betraying him. Arriving in the now flooded Station Square caused by Chaos, now having gained all seven Chaos Emeralds and assuming its ultimate form, Perfect Chaos, Eggman attempted to destroy Chaos himself. However, the Egg Carrier 2 was no match for Perfect Chaos, and was quickly destroyed, though Eggman and his robot flunkies abandoned ship just in time.[39]

The group rejoin Sonic, and Eggman reluctantly handed over the powerless Chaos Emerald he found after Perfect Chaos spat it out after expending the negative energy in it. Eggman then watched as Sonic used the Emeralds' positive energy to become Super Sonic and defeat Perfect Chaos, purging it of the hatred and rage that had consumed it for centuries. However, during the celebrations afterwards, Eggman slipped away, already planning his next master plot to still conquer Earth and add it to the Eggman Empire.[39]

Shadow Saga

After what happened with Chaos, Eggman decided to do a little research by hacking into the secure databases of G.U.N., where he soon discovered the classified information on Project Shadow and his grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik. Upon learning of this, Eggman infiltrated Prison Island and awoke the Ultimate Life Form hidden within, Shadow the Hedgehog.[13]

With Shadow on his side, Eggman was able to have Shadow frame Sonic, leading to Sonic surrendering willingly to G.U.N. and the police and taken to Prison Island to be incarcerated. Around that time, Rouge appeared to offer her services to Eggman, presenting a Chaos Emerald to show her loyalty.[40] With Rouge and Shadow helping him, Eggman attacked Prison Island to steal the Chaos Emeralds there, and to destroy the facility itself by plating explosives in the munitions armory. However, thanks to Eggman's attack, Sonic is able to escape with Amy and Tails, who had come to rescue him, while Chris is transported to Space Colony ARK with Shadow and Rouge via Shadow's Chaos Control.[41]

With most of the Chaos Emeralds in his possession, Eggman contacted G.U.N. and the world, threatening to use the Eclipse Cannon on the Earth if they did not surrender to him, demonstrating his threat by destroying half of the Moon with the Eclipse Cannon powered by the Chaos Emeralds he already had.[42] When Sonic and his friends arrived on the ARK to rescue Chris and stop him, Eggman took Amy hostage, forcing Sonic to surrender and hand over the Chaos Emerald he had. However, Eggman saw it was a fake, and threw it and Sonic into an escape pod set to self-destruct. Sonic used the fake emerald to escape via Chaos Control, but upon acquiring all seven Chaos Emeralds, Eggman activated the Eclipse Cannon to fire it at the Earth. However, instead of firing the Eclipse Cannon, Eggman had unintentionally triggered his grandfather's final doomsday plan for revenge for the death of Gerald's granddaughter, Maria.[43] The Chaos Emeralds had turned the Eclipse Cannon into a mega-bomb, threatening to destroy the Earth and all of them with it. With Eggman at a loss and in disbelief of his grandfather's actions, it was up to Sonic, Shadow, and the others to drain the Chaos Emeralds of their energy and disarm the Eclipse Cannon, only to find their way blocked by the Bio Lizard. Though Knuckles succeeded in draining the emeralds with the Master Emerald, the Bio Lizard fused itself with the Eclipse Cannon, becoming the Final Lizard, and dragged the ARK toward Earth. Sonic and Shadow went super to stop it though, as Eggman and the others looked on, and succeeded, though not without Shadow apparently sacrificing himself in the process. After mourning for Shadow, Eggman returned to Earth with his lackeys to continue his plans for world domination.[44]

Egg Moon Saga

Following the events with Space Colony ARK, Eggman attempted to show the Earth that he had reformed after nearly getting himself killed by his grandfather's revenge plot by repairing the half of the moon he destroyed with the Eclipse Cannon with a mechanical half, turning it into the Egg Moon. Later on, Sonic found him lying on a ridge overlooking Station Square, where the two arch-enemies talked as Eggman was considering retiring from his evil ways and various plans for world domination. However, the two rivals were interrupted by Vanilla the Rabbit, and after Sonic took her back to the Thorndyke Mansion to be reunited with her daughter, Eggman hovered overhead, revealing that his earlier talk with Sonic was a hoax as he would not give up on his plans for world domination and the Eggman Empire just quite yet.[45]

To further his plans, Eggman had the Egg Moon block the sun, creating a never-ending solar eclipse. He then offered a solution via his Sunshine Balls to provide sunlight under the assumption that the Egg Moon was malfunctioning and needed to be repaired.[46] However, when Sonic began destroying the Mirror Towers that powered the Sunshine Balls, he revealed the deception that Eggman was controlling the Egg Moon via remote-control, with Rouge and Topaz finding the receiver transmitting the signal to the Egg Moon. While Topaz and Rouge headed for the Egg Moon with Mr. Tanaka and Knuckles to destroy the Egg Moon's transmitter, Sonic and the others confronted Eggman, who had taken the President hostage as part of his latest scheme to spread the Eggman Empire over earth. However, the President was rescued, the Egg Moon's eclipse was ended, and Eggman, along with Decoe and Bocoe, were arrested and incarcerated.[47]

Emerl Saga

Fortunately for Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe, Bokkun was not arrested with them, and with the aid of Emerl, he attempts to bust Eggman and his robot assistants out of jail. Meanwhile, the trio used their time in the slammer to sabotage many of the robots being built by Thorndyke Industries, using them as a distraction to keep Sonic and friends busy so Bokkun could stage the jailbreak.[48][49]

With Eggman on the loose again, everyone was hunting him down to re-imprison him. However, Eggman managed to take several of Sonic's friends hostage when they infiltrated his sewer lair beneath Station Square. Thanks to Mr. Stewart, they were able to escape, destroying Eggman's Egg Spider in the process.[50]

To try and lure Eggman into the open, the President held a tournament with a Chaos Emerald as the prize for the winner. When Sonic was to fight Amy, Eggman appeared, and after Sonic protected Amy from an attack, he chased after Eggman. Sonic was soon able to knock Eggman out, but had to leave him to protect everyone from Emerl, who had now gone berserk.[51][52]

Homebound Saga

Despite his previous plans failing, Eggman managed to acquire the map to the lost continent of Murasia. Using his Egg Battleship, he took the crew and passengers of the G.U.N. destroyer Seahawk prisoner to prevent Sonic or G.U.N. from interfering. However, thanks to Sonic and his friends, the crew of the Seahawk were rescued and nearly captured Eggman, but he escaped to Murasia.[53] There, his plans to make the volcanoes around the world erupt using the Murasia volcano failed. In the aftermath, Decoe and Bocoe renounced Eggman and sided with Sonic for the time being.[54]

However, when Chris learned of the Time Suspension Phenomenon, he confronted Eggman, thinking this to be one of his tricks, but Eggman assured him it was not, and after telling Chris off for his selfishness, Eggman quietly admitted he would miss Chris after he returned home.[55] However, a rogue G.U.N. general refused to let Eggman escape and attempted to attack him against the President's orders. Eggman was prepared, and launched his new flying fortress, the Grand Egg Imperial, allowing him to fight off G.U.N. until the rogue general was dealt with. He could then enter the portal Tails and Chuck built that would allow everyone to return to Sonic's world, and as he went through, he taunted Sonic and his friends, letting them know that he would be waiting for them when they returned.[56]

After returning to Sonic's world, Eggman began flying about in the Grand Egg Imperial in an attempt to lure Sonic out to face him. However, since Sonic had not yet returned, Eggman's repeated attempts to call him out only met with retaliation by Sonic's friends. Amy soon got Eggman's attention when she struck the Grand Egg Imperial with her Piko Piko Hammer, only to then conjure another one when Eggman and his lackeys made the mistake of angering her further, while Tails attacked them in the Tornado 2 for disturbing his sleep. As Eggman had the Grand Egg Imperial fire on Tails, Tails transformed the Tornado 2 into the Hyper Tornado as a final gift from Chuck. Fed up with Tails and Amy's attacks, Eggman launched a heat-seeking missile on Tails, but only to scare him off before he would recall it, only to learn that a recall device was never installed. Before Eggman's missile could shoot down Tails, he was saved by Super Sonic, who then confronted Eggman, and despite Eggman's boasting, Super Sonic easily destroyed the Grand Egg Imperial. However, Eggman was not disappointed, as with Sonic now back, life between the two arch-enemies could return to normal.[57]

Metarex Saga

Dr. Eggman's role as the main villain is taken over by the Metarex and their leader, Dark Oak. At one point, he joins the Metarex, but is later caught stealing their technology by Pale Bayleaf. Once he is rescued, he joins with Sonic and his friends as allies for the rest of the series in order to defeat the Metarex. At the end, he resumed to his evil ways again and starts to build the Eggman Empire, albeit more in a light-hearted manner. However, beforehand, he provides a means for Chris to return home to Earth, but it forces Chris to leave without saying goodbye to Sonic and his friends first. As a result, Sonic and his friends all declare war on Eggman.

Archie Comics


In the 4Kids Entertainment crossover The Fight for the FoxBox, Dr. Eggman attended a meeting with other villains where they were each entrusted with a FoxBox broadcast code by a mysterious voice who would then control the FoxBox network in the villains' favor. However, Sonic confronted the doctor at his fortress where the hedgehog managed to fool the doctor into asking Decoe to read out the code. Eggman then ordered a robot to attack Sonic but it accidentally destroyed the machine in the centre of the room, initiating a blast of energy surrounding the base.

Game appearances

Sonic XS

In Sonic XS, it is mentioned that Dr. Eggman has kidnapped Amy Rose, and Sonic the Hedgehog must save her by fighting his way through Eggman's E-23 Missile Wrist robots to reach the top.

Sonic X (Leapster)

In Sonic X (Leapster), Dr. Eggman, jealous of Sonic's widespread popularity, kidnaps Amy, Tails and Knuckles, telling Sonic that he must pass through his new math robots to save them. However, Sonic managed to save his friends and foil the doctor's plans.

Sonic Ring Thing

In Sonic Ring Thing, Dr. Eggman appears in his Egg Mobile as an obstacle that reduces the player's points by ten upon being clicked.


Dr. Eggman is a power-hungry megalomaniac who wants to conquer the world. Despite having a few evil moments in the series, this version of Eggman is considerably more lucid and overall sympathetic than most other continuities. Clearly not having problems with kidnapping and threatening to inflict harm, he does, however, think it is too far to actually hurt people and dislikes to harm humans and animals alike; for example, when the Metarex begin to beat up a captive Chris and Cosmo, Eggman criticized them for their malicious behavior towards the two. Earlier in the series, when the Eggsterminator was brutally beating Sonic, Eggman could not bear to watch and even ordered the robot to stop and give Sonic a break. He also seems to have a degree of respect and even care for Sonic and his attitude, as in "Testing Time", not only does Eggman comes to Sonic's rescue, but he shows no fear from Sonic's dark transformation, and actually is the one to talk him down from said state, showing genuine disappointment at his nemesis for acting so violently.

In contrast, he seems more flamboyant than most of his other counterparts, as he is frequently seen showing off, although he retains some of his normal version's personality, such as his immaturity. Eggman has a tendency to sometimes make egg-related puns, such as “egg-cellent” or “egg-ceptional”. He also appears to be a fan of baseball, as seen in Unfair Ball, where he makes the main characters play a baseball game against him and his team for a Chaos Emerald.

Eggman is also terrified of rollercoasters.[9]

Powers and abilities


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic and Eggman.

Eggman's relationship with Sonic the Hedgehog is very complex, often running the gamut between mortal enmity and a light-hearted friendly rivalry. One example is in an episode where Eggman manages to collect six Chaos Emeralds, Sonic tries to fight the Emerald-powered Eggsterminator losing terribly. Eggman asks Sonic to surrender because he can't bear to watch and even asks his robot to give Sonic a break. Another example is from episode 53 when he willingly saves an unconscious Sonic at the beach.

Knuckles the Echidna

Eggman's relationship with Knuckles is complex as Knuckles always seems to fall for Eggman's trickery, believing that what Eggman is saying is the best for him and it would seem that Knuckles is basically another of Eggman's mindless slave doing his dirty work without giving a second thought. The first time he tricked Knuckles was in "Cracking Knuckles", where Eggman told him that Sonic wanted the Chaos Emerald for himself and that all Eggman wanted was to live in peace. It wasn't until the end of the episode that Knuckles found out that Eggman lied to him. Most of the time though, Knuckles is seen as a powerful threat to Eggman and his plans for world domination.

Shadow the Hedgehog

When Eggman released Shadow the Hedgehog from his capsule, Shadow respectfully bowed to Eggman and thanked him, and also told him that he will do whatever he will tell him to. Eggman orders Shadow to help him get all of the Chaos Emeralds. However, after he found out his true promise to Maria, he stopped obeying him and sacrificed himself to save the world. However, Shadow helps Eggman again in Season 3 against the Metarex or Sonic due to losing his memory, believing that Eggman knows about his past. However, he left him after Molly's death and decided to fight the Metarex alone.

Decoe, Bocoe, and Bokkun

Eggman frequently treats Decoe, Bocoe, and Bokkun in a torturous manner and likes to make them feel miserable. He has created them to be more of his company, and that could be the reason he built them with a deeper conscience and soul than any other robots. Even if he sees them as friends for which he seems to feel upset when they turn their back on him, he doesn't miss a second to torture them.





  • Eggman breaks the fourth wall the most in the show by constantly bringing up the fact that it is an anime.
    • One of these instances is in the Japanese version of "Countdown to Chaos", where he admits Sonic and the others are most likely going to survive his death trap specifically because of the nature of the show, had been an ad-lib by Chikao Otsuka.
    • He considers himself the main character of Sonic X and names the anime Eggman X (this is a recurring gag in the Japanese version).
  • In the French dub of Sonic X, Eggman is called by his real name, Robotnik.
  • In the Latin Spanish dub of Sonic X, Dr. Eggman is called "Doctor Huevo" (Spanish for "Doctor Egg").
  • Eggman is the second character to use the most English in the Japanese version, second to Sonic himself.
  • Dr. Eggman's nickname "El Gran Gordo" in the Sonic X comic series translates in Spanish as "The Big Fat Guy".
    • Coincidentally, the first letters of each word spell "EGG".
  • Eggman's blood type is type B.[11]


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