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Dr. Eggman is the only boss of Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom. He can fought with any character during certain events, such as "Bauble Battle" and later "Egg-mania". The boss battle takes place along the regular route of Eggman's Lair.

Boss guide

During the boss battle, Dr. Eggman constantly flies further down the road in his Eggmobile while the player cases after him. As he flies, Eggman will drop random amounts of red plasma bombs/red baubles and blue plasma bombs/blue baubles on the three lanes of the road.

Making any form of contact with the red plasma bombs/red baubles will damage the player, so they are best avoided. However, rolling into the blue plasma bombs/blue baubles can knock them back at the Eggmobile, disorientating Eggman briefly. For each such hit, the player will earn points and build up a Combo. The longer the battle last though, the more difficult it gets to avoid obstacles while counterattacking Eggman.

For this boss battle, Dr. Eggman has infinite health, meaning he cannot be defeated traditionally. Instead, this boss has the player work to earn the highest score possible by providing a continuous source of points.


Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom Android - Egg-Mania Event

Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom Android - Egg-Mania Event


"Minions attack!"
—Eggman's most frequently-used attack command.
"I didn't even bring any weapons. Here, check my pants."
—Eggman offering Sonic to search him, "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days?"
"Hey, Sonic. Bro to bro; what's up with you and Amy?"
—Dr. Eggman, "Cowbot"
"I'm... I'm all alone... You Lightning Dolts have left me no choice. Time to get my tech on!"
—Eggman's reaction to Orbot and Cubot being deactivated, "Eggman Unplugged"
"Believe me or don't. It's no hair off my mustache. You're the one doing the Funky Chicken in the middle of Town Square."
—Eggman criticizing Tails' attempts to win over Zooey, "Tails' Crush"
"It's happening...Shadow's joined Team Eggman! I'm geeking out here!"
—Eggman's reaction to Shadow joining the fight, "It Takes a Village to Defeat a Hedgehog"
"That's right, stand there like fools! Because that's what fools do; they stand!"
—Eggman plotting on Sonic & co., "Eggman Unplugged"
"Why do all my social interactions end like this?!"
—Dr. Eggman after having his evil plot defeated, "Tommy Thunder: Method Actor"

Quotation1 True--all the world's a stage, and I'm the star! Quotation2
— Dr. Eggman, Sonic Boom #4

"I didn't mean that literally. It was a taunt! It's Villainy 101!"
—Eggman explaining his "taunt" at Sonic in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric


  • It is implied that Eggman has a habit of pretending to be Sonic, and even getting his minions in on the act.[27]
  • According to Cubot, Eggman sleeps with an evil nightlight and sings in the shower.[31]

One of Eggman's grammy nominations.

  • Eggman has earned a number of Grammy Awards.[32] The only reason he got them however, is because he bought 500,000 copies of his own albums.[33]
  • Eggman has taken improv classes.[15]
  • Eggman has an agent.[23]
  • If his Grammy Awards are any indication, it appears that Eggman can play the keytar.[32] He can also play the piano.[34]
  • Eggman owns a pair of orange lucky shorts with flower patterns on.[35]
  • Eggman has his own food blog.[36]
  • Eggman wears pants in size "husky".[37]
  • It is hinted that Eggman may be allergic to wool.[34]
  • Eggman likes to wear his pajamas while working.[38]
  • According to Eggman himself, he suffers from low blood-sugar, suggesting that he may be Diabetic although it is unknown what type.
  • Eggman is a "SonAmy" (the idea that Sonic and Amy are in a relationship) shipper.[39]
  • Eggman never brings enough underwear with him when he goes on travels.[20]
  • Eggman likes his eggs sunny side up the most.[40]
  • Strangely enough, Eggman wears a shower cap while bathing, despite being bald.[41]
  • Eggman has a gym membership which he never uses.[42]
  • Some of Eggman's favorite ice cream flavors include vanilla, French vanilla, vanilla bean and garlic.[43]
  • Eggman's favorite music is dubstep polkacore.[28]
  • Eggman's favorite color is "clear".[28]
  • Eggman has a secret toenail collection.[21]
  • Eggman salvaging Lyric's machine-controlling device in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric was first hinted by Steven Frost on Twitter.[44]
  • In an interview with Mike Pollock, it was revealed that Eggman is still shaped like an egg, albeit an upside down egg.[45]
  • According to Bill Freiberger, Dr. Eggman is very wealthy, which accounts for his production of numerous costly robots and other costly activities.[46] However, he is still subject to cash flow problems,[47] as seen in "Inn Sanity".
  • Dr. Eggman is the only non-robotic character in the series who does not visibly blink, though he has never been seen without wearing his dark glasses.
  • Eggman does not wear his wrist controller in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom.
  • In the Brazilian dub of "The Sidekick", Sonic and Tails refer to Eggman as "Robotnik", the original name for Eggman in western territory.
  • The only Sonic Boom video game Eggman has not appeared in to date is Sonic Boom Link 'N Smash!.
  • A running gag in the Sonic Boom television series is that Eggman, despite being a supervillain with limitless potential for evil, is still hamstrung by bureaucracy.


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