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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

I'll be back! With a new robot! Who has an accurate name! And super laser eyes! And he'll feed me ham! Evil ham...

— Dr. Eggman, "The Sidekick"

Doctor Eggman is the primary antagonist of the Sonic Boom series. He is a human scientist referred to as the greatest and most powerful supervillain in the present-day world,[31][32] and the arch enemy of Sonic the Hedgehog. Feared around the globe and with unlimited resources at his disposal,[33][34] he seeks to conquer the world and enslave the population.[35] From his island fortress, he concocts many evil plots and schemes against Team Sonic,[36] a group of heroes who always thwarts his plans.

Concept and creation

When developing the character designs, the designers went with a very formal, military-esque attire for Eggman to emphasize his vanity and concern for his own and his robots' appearances, which is an attribute befitting villains.[37]


Eggman is depicted as being a rotund human in appearance, whose torso is shaped like an egg (like his name implies), albeit an upside-down egg.[38] He possesses pale peach skin and has been noted to be overweight.[39] He also possesses a dome-shaped head and no visible neck, a bald head, a bright red and big nose, small round ears, and a very smooth, yet wide, brown moustache. He also has smooth, yet still broad shoulder, and thick arms. He also has slightly short legs by comparison to the rest of his body and relatively small feet.

Supposedly, Eggman's head was once full of hair, but he has since gone bald over the years.[40] He was also born with a vestigial tail, but had it removed years ago.[18]

Eggman in his pajamas.

Eggman's usual attire consists of militaristic garments. He wears a red jacket with yellow cuffs, a front flap attached to one of the buttons and two flap hanging from the back, blue pince-nez glasses, white gloves, a set of grey goggles with flappable green lenses, grey pants and a pair of black boots with high rims. On his right wrist he has his wrist controller.

In addition to his usual clothes, Eggman has a number of additional attires:

  • For sleeping or otherwise slouching, Eggman wears a pink pajamas with feet, which has the Eggman Industries' symbol on the front and a trapdoor on the rear.
  • For rainy weathers, Eggman wears an overcoat.[41]
  • When exercising or conducting other physical workouts, Eggman wears a red fitness vest with black shorts, a yellow belt, grey running shoes, and grey socks.[31]
  • For mornings or when feeling glum, Eggman sometimes wears a red morning robe with yellow edges.[42]
  • For beach trips or sunbathing, Eggman has a striped old-fashioned diving suit in two color schemes: red and white, or black and white.[5][7]
  • For covert thefts, Eggman has a black bodysuit with a white version of the Eggman Industries' symbol on the front, black shoes, and a black burglar cap.[18]
  • During his graduation, Eggman wore a purple robe and a black square academic cap.[18]
  • While Eggman had the Froglodytes as his servants, he wore a fur cape and a skull hat with long horns in addition to his regular attire.[19]
  • For vacations, Eggman has a blue and white Hawaiian shirt.[43]
  • During the Eggtoberfest, Eggman wore green lederhosen with a yellow shirt, white shocks, brown shoes, and a brown fedora with a red feather.[10][44]
  • On holidays, Eggman has been known to wear a red and white Santa Hat, a fake white beard and fake white eyebrows. In addition, he wears a variant of his jacket with white fur edges on the front and bottom, black cuffs, white insides, and a red-striped frontal flap.


Dr. Eggman is a short-tempered, egomaniacal, sadistic, obstreperous, raucous, and pompous mastermind with some noticeable sardonic wit. He has all the qualities of a classic villain: he looks, talks, and dresses like a bad guy and has selfish and unmotivated dreams of conquering the world, the destruction of his enemies, or both.[35][17] A would-be tyrant, Eggman has a hunger for power, a thirst for destruction, and as well a desire for attention, adulation and a little respect.[35][45] Loving to brag, he holds a high view on himself which makes him highly narcissistic and arrogant and gives him a sense of self-entitlement. This attitude has led him to deny his numerous failures (referring to them as practice runs[30]), deem his terrible actions justified, and privatize otherwise public rights.[46][47][48] Driven by a constant desire to ultimately enslave the entire world,[35] he is determined to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals, even if that means causing meaningless destruction, getting into otherwise awkward situations, or joining an enemy more powerful than he is.[35] His uncaring personality is mostly due to his over-inflated ego, as he only views himself with utmost pride.

Complementing his arrogance, Eggman is rather vain. He is very concerned with how he and his robots look[37] and takes great pride in his mustache, which he grooms professionally and would give up his chance at power to preserve.[27] Despite having unlimited resources at his disposal, Eggman can be rather stingy as he refuses wasting more money than needed and always complains when he thinks his money is going down the drain.[27][49] While sometimes showing the tendencies of a neat-freak, Eggman actually has poor personal hygiene.[10]

Eggman is a complicated guy when it comes to his relationships. While contradictory to his previous villainous exploits against them, Eggman has no trouble cutting loose and having fun with his enemies at appropriate times, whom he can even show a sincere fondness of. In the case of Amy, he remains her enemy on the battlefield, but in their free time they are "Fuzzy Puppy buddies."[50] Though this comradely behavior is sometimes a front he uses to exploit his enemies, Eggman is willing to provide genuine help to his enemies as he believes the "bro code triumphs the enemy thing."[51] Also despite being extremely reliant on his robots, Eggman has a bad habit of mistreating them with his callous attitude and abusive care.[6]

For all his smarts, Eggman is deranged, immature, obsessive, and rather buffoonish in behavior, and his schemes are usually more zany and petty rather than threatening.[50] Also, despite being a self-proclaimed "man of science," he can just as easily believe in the supernatural, and shows signs of phasmophobia.[52][53] Possessing an overly obsessive focus on achieving whatever goal comes to mind, Eggman tends to overlook crucial details in his plans, having more than once risked the entire existence of the world in order to nudge a victory over his enemies or concocted evil schemes that would ultimately mean nothing in the long run.

It has been stated that Eggman used to be full of hope in his youth.[28] However, his years of failures have left him with a more pessimistic attitude. Also, even though he refuses to give up on his ambitions, no matter how many losses he has to endure, Eggman has been known to sink into depressions after a particular painful streak of losses.[54][55] Even if he should be at his lowest however, Eggman is quick to pick himself up once he is struck by inspiration.

Despite his self-proclaimed status as evil and powerful, Eggman's acts of villainy can be rooted from a childlike desire to be acknowledged; if Eggman snagged a legit invite to Sonic's next sleepover, he would consider it a victory.[56] In fact, Eggman is a very insecure and lonely man who suffers from an emotional void that he tries to fill out by involving himself in others' lives. This is best exemplified in the complex relationship he has with Sonic.[57] He has also had several less-than-malevolent hobbies and passions that he has enjoyed outside of his villainy, hinting he is not all bad.[31][14][58] Most noticeably, he was willing to save the life of Beth the Shrew after the girl had showed him nothing by kindness.[21] It has also been pointed out that Eggman is quite fickle; in the case of D-Fekt, Eggman shifted almost instantly from boasting proudly about D-Fekt's abilities to berating him for being made a failure when his abilities did not work as intended. Similarly, Eggman tends to make mountains out of molehills over the most measly or mundane things when he feels he has been wronged, which he justifies on the grounds that it is the "principle that counts."[3][59] He also never forgets any grudge he might have.[60]

While Eggman's pride and arrogance are his core parts, they are also his greatest weakness, as they make him far too overconfident and prone to announce his plans prematurely which ultimately leads to his downfall.[48][61] Excessively self-delusional, he thinks others secretly admire him and only mock him out of jealousy.[27] Also, when feeling upstaged by greater evils, Eggman will devote himself to overthrow his contenders and establish himself as the top villain around.[62] When in situations over his head though, he is willing to abandon his pride to get help, even if it means demeaning himself.[41] He is also laidback and is noted to be somewhat of a doofus as he misses out on great opportunities to eliminate Team Sonic.[63] He also prefers tactics that involves as much destruction as possible (despite how much better a subtle approach would be) and he can pretty much only handle situations in a villainous manner.[45][64] Because of all his flaws, no one really considers him a true bad guy;[65] however, this also works in Eggman's favor as people tend to underestimate him, which makes him an unpredictable opponent.[1] Eccentrics aside, Eggman is still a highly intelligent, deceptive and manipulative individual under the right circumstances who can play his foes right into his hands and make some very dangerous devices.[1] Also, while things might not always work out for him initially, he is always working behind the scenes to get the upper hand and come out on top, only ready to reveal himself, in a not so subtle fashion, whenever the opportunity reveals itself.[35]

Powers and abilities

Eggman's various robotic creations.

Eggman is a brilliant scientist, mechanic, and inventor whose mastery of technology is nearly boundless, able to create all manners of machines, mechs and robots, and Doomsday Devices capable of undoing creation.[66] According to Orbot, he is the greatest genius that has ever lived,[31] his intellect only matched by the likes of Tails and Bolts.[67] His remarkable skills as an engineer and programmer are best evidenced by the armies of robots and weapons he has created for his numerous attempts at conquest and destroying Team Sonic, some of which he has been able to build and program in a very short time. He is also a very skilled pilot with the many different types of mechs and vehicles of his own designs in difficult battles with Team Sonic. He is also able to understand and speak in morse code.[28]

Another of Eggman's skills is his masterminded plots, manipulations and schemes which nearly always succeed in some way. However, even when successful, his plans usually fail due to Sonic and his friends and his own arrogant overconfidence.

Physically, Eggman has above average strength, being able to break a ping pong table with one hit.[29] He has as well been noted to be surprisingly agile for his age[1] and can dodge laser fire from five opponents at the same time, showcasing great reflexes.[68] Eggman has also shown remarkable durability, having survived getting slammed halfway into a boulder and getting shot down in his Eggmobile by Sonic's Mech Suit.[62]


Main article: Wrist controller

Dr. Eggman wields a wrist gauntlet which is equipped with a device that originally belonged to Lyric. This device lets him manipulate any electronics that are not manually controlled. In addition, it can fire various types of beams, such as lasers, force-field beams and teleportation beams It also has some more novel functions, like an alarm for schedules and a music player.


Sonic Cookie Eggman

Main article: Sonic Cookie Eggman

After once eating an Evil Cookie infused with Sonic's DNA, Eggman became Sonic Cookie Eggman. In this form, Eggman possessed all of Sonic's powers and moves, including his super speed, agility, reflexes and spin attack. He also acquired much of Sonic's personality. However, he lost this form permanently after being restored to normal.[46]

Furry Eggman

Main article: Furry Eggman

After bombarding himself with purple rays, Eggman developed the ability to transform into a small and adorable creature, dubbed Furry Eggman, whenever he got angry. In this form, Eggman possessed animal-like agility, the power of flight, and the ability to emit rainbows. He eventually lost this form permanently after going forty-eight hours without getting angry.[21]


Physically, Eggman has rather poor health. He possesses cholesterol issues and severely lacks in stamina, the latter which making him unable to run or exercise for very long before he is exhausted.[27][8] This is likely due to being severely out of shape. As a testament to his poor physical health, if he exerts himself too much in the process of dodging attacks, he risks throwing out his back.[40]

Additionally, while Orbot and Metal Sonic seem smart, most of Eggman's robots appear incredibly stupid and incompetent. None have been capable of carrying out basic tasks, never mind beating Sonic. This dimness has expanded to Eggman himself, who tends to cook up needlessly convoluted and generally petty schemes, none of which have actually granted him any real success despite his intelligence.


Team Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is Dr. Eggman's arch enemy. The two of them have hated each other since they first laid eyes on one another[40] and many of Eggman's schemes center around ensuring Sonic's destruction. However, their relationship is very complex, with Eggman always being in an internal struggle between his hatred for Sonic (which he has likened to the "fury of a thousand suns"[22]) and his neverending thirst for Sonic's attention to fill out his emotional void. In fact, Eggman has such an unhealthy obsession with Sonic that he keeps a doll of him around, and he feels just as provoked into attacking Sonic when he feels ignored by him as when Sonic is intentionally taunting him.[40]

As enemies, Eggman acts very hostile towards Sonic whenever they fight, all while being very vocal about his sense of superiority towards the hedgehog and his intent to destroy him. Outside their fights, however, they are much more relaxed, allowing themselves to be near the other without conflict. Sometimes, they will even hang out together. At times, whenever he finds himself in situations over his head, Eggman is also not above asking (or begging) for Sonic's help. He also often lets himself fall for Sonic's taunts and sarcasm, which frustrates him to no end. For all his annoyance at Sonic, however, Eggman is well aware of how to successfully use his ego against him.

Eggman and Sonic's awkward relationship.

Due to his desire for Sonic's attention, Eggman has shown a certain fondness of him and has displayed an interest in becoming his friend,[13] even calling themselves "bros" while camping with him.[61] In truth, one of Eggman's reasons for spying on Sonic so often (besides in hopes of finding a way to destroy him) is to get a sense of involvement in Sonic's life.[57] In Eggman's own opinion, just because they are sworn enemies, it does not mean they cannot be friends.[69] Their frequent encounters have left Eggman with a profound knowledge of Sonic's character and his preferences, enough to get them to the finals of Bro-Down Showdown.[70] Eggman also possesses intricate knowledge of Sonic's abilities and has constructed many traps that can counter them. Also, when dealing with a common threat or problem, they are willing to put aside their differences and work together, even at times showing a sense of good-spirited comradery and well-oiled teamwork. However, they both agree that they can never really be friends since they are arch enemies.[15] More often than not, though, Eggman only uses his attempts to befriend Sonic as a mean to further his plans.

For all their opposing ways, Eggman and Sonic are ultimately co-dependent and need each other in their lives. Although Eggman often carries out his evil schemes for his own selfish purposes, he tends to feel disappointed and unfulfilled if Sonic does not show up to stop him.[46][55] Similarly, without Eggman to fight, Sonic becomes too bored, and without Sonic to challenge him, Eggman has no motivation to be a villain and will sink into a slump of self-pity. For better or worse, their never-ending conflict is what drives them and keeps their lives balanced.[54]

Miles "Tails" Prower

Eggman and Tails working together.

Another one of Eggman's most loathsome enemies is Miles "Tails" Prower, who assists Team Sonic in thwarting his plans.[22] In spite of their mutual animosity, Eggman acknowledges Tails' intellectual prowess and is seemingly the only one Eggman considers his peer.[47][71] As such, he has more than once called Tails in to help with scientific problems he cannot solve on his own, with the two of them often working in perfect sync. The two also usually join forces in the field of science when dealing with a common threat.[61][71][72]

Eggman and Tails have a lot in common, being both inventors and highly intellectual, and, like Sonic, Eggman is not above showing some occasional fondness of him. However, they both agree that them acting like friends is awkward.[72] Even so, Eggman is willing to give Tails genuine help as seen how he helped him get closer to his crush Zooey, even when he did not have to.[51]

Knuckles the Echidna

Eggman gloating as Knuckles tries to join him.

Knuckles the Echidna is another of Eggman's enemies on Team Sonic who always thwarts his plans. However, he does not think highly of Knuckles, nor does he see him as much of a threat. Between them, Eggman considers Knuckles an imbecile and thinks so little about him that he does not even care about remembering his name,[73] meaning he usually gets it wrong.[27] Knuckles' stupidity is also a constant source of frustration for Eggman.[46][74] Whenever Knuckles seemingly defects to Eggman, however, the doctor always welcomes him (presumably seeing it as a victory on his behalf), although the outcome is always disastrous for Eggman.[68][75]

Amy Rose

Another member of Team Sonic who always thwarts Eggman's plans is Amy Rose. Like the other heroes, Eggman views her in general as his enemy and always tries to destroy her. While Amy is usually the most sympathetic towards him on Team Sonic, Eggman does not take kindly to her attempts to consult him or probe him about his feelings and deep-seated issues.[41][25]

Eggman and Amy playing Fuzzy Puppies.

Amy is the only person on Team Sonic whom Eggman has established a stable (part-time) friendship with, having bonded with her over their shared passion for Fuzzy Puppies; while they agree to remain enemies on the battlefield, they come together in their spare time to play Fuzzy Puppies and normally have a great time. Eggman even willingly gave up one of his plans in order to preserve this part of their relationship.[50]

Sticks the Badger

Sticks the Badger is another one of Eggman's enemies from Team Sonic who always thwarts his plans. Thus, he seeks her destruction just as often as the rest of her team. Although they do not have much interaction, Eggman thinks of her as pretty much insane, referring to her as "the crazy one."[76] Eggman also knows Sticks well enough to think of ways to prey upon her paranoia and superstitions.[1] Regardless of his animosity for her, Eggman seems to respect Sticks' courage to an extend.[77]

Orbot and Cubot

Orbot and Cubot are the closest and only things Dr. Eggman has to friends and even considers them family.[41][78][79] On a personal level, Eggman cares very much about Orbot and Cubot as he would be completely alone without them.[76][79] However, he will never admit to them (or himself) that he has a soft spot for them.[6][79] Instead, he often tells them how little they mean to him and that they cannot last long without him (the latter of which is partially true).[7][6][72] Another thing Eggman will never admit to Orbot and Cubot is that he depends on them to handle the menial, yet crucial household tasks in his lair, as none of his other minions possess the necessary skills.[6]

Eggman getting an uncomfortable hug from Orbot and Cubot.

Eggman usually views Orbot and Cubot as unintelligent and hopelessly incompetent.[72] He similarly does not trust them to be in control of very much while he leaves them on their own.[43] Being an evil genius, he also considers it his obligation to mistreat them.[46] He thus gives Orbot and Cubot little but terrible and abusive treatment in return for the often grueling assignments he gives them, such as dismissing their company, berating them on a daily basis, having them set up their own parties, and constantly erasing their memory files.[41][7] Eggman has even developed a subconscious habit of ending every random observation he makes with an insult at them, and bashing them with a magazine is one of his hobbies.[29][74] While Orbot and Cubot are (mostly) loyal to Eggman, they are not perfect and they have a tendency to say things he does not want to hear.[78]

Lightning Bolt Society

Dr. Eggman holds a great deal of general dislike for the wannabe villains in the Lightning Bolt Society. Whereas the group looks up to the doctor, Eggman thinks of them as losers and dolts (for a lack of better words). He has as well been pestered by the group on more than one occasion, who has repeatedly rummaged through his trash and even once took over his lair.[76][80]

In spite of his dislike of the group, Eggman has occasionally taken a shine to some members. He likes Willy Walrus for being a honeydripper and once allowed him to join him on a robbery.[7] Initially, he also liked Dave the Intern for his enthusiasm and admiration of him, prompting him to make Dave his intern and eventual protégée. However, he fired Dave in spite after he disobeyed him.[66] Also, despite having sworn he would never team up with them,[80] Eggman also let them join Team Eggman (although this was most likely out of desperation).[58]

Shadow the Hedgehog

Eggman taking a selfie of himself and Shadow.

Dr. Eggman holds a great deal of idolization for Shadow the Hedgehog, admiring him for how popular, and cool he is. In fact, when Eggman believed Shadow to have joined Team Eggman, he claimed to be "geeking out." Acting very much like a fanboy around Shadow, Eggman will anything to please him despite getting nothing but rejection in return. Eggman also clearly acknowledges Shadow's strength, admitting that without his help, Team Eggman stood no chance of beating Team Sonic.[58] Regardless of his admiration for Shadow though, Eggman is not above manipulating him for his own gain.[81] Eggman is also shown to fear Shadow's wrath so much that he would rather run and hide from Shadow when he is angry at him than face him head-on, and has even installed a teleportation guard in his lair in order to defend himself against him.

While Shadow often voices how a bother Eggman is to him and tries to get rid of him, Eggman never seems to mind it.[58]


Eggman's biological family have been mentioned at various times by Eggman himself and his foes, although it is implied Eggman did not have the best of relations with them. In fact, when confronted with the possibility that he had a brother, Eggman admitted he could not trust such a character, suggesting he has trust issues when it comes to family.[5] His villainous behavior once prompted Amy to remark that he had "Mother issues" which he vehemently denied.[25] He also claimed to have spent extra hours studying evil in an effort to impress his oppressive father.[29] However, he does appear to appreciate the wisdom of his great-aunt.[23]


When he felt the need for unconditional love, Eggman made a robot mother named Mombot, whom he programmed to love and praise him unconditionally. While Eggman insists that he is Mombot's son though, he still maintains his position as her creator. Unlike most of his other robots, Mombot is the only one Eggman has shown open affection for.

At first, Eggman loved all of Mombot's mothering and hoped to get her approval, but he began to dislike her when she started to use tough love to criticize his failures and suggest a lesser career for him. Things only got worse when Mombot embarrassed him by making him go on playdates with Sonic and ground him in front of Sonic. Despite all this, Eggman cannot help but obey Mombot when she gets stern with him. Eggman eventually tried to destroy Mombot, only to realize that he loved her too much and instead send her away.[82]

Eggman's love for Mombot and his decision to not let any harm befall her has remained as strong as ever since their separation. Once, Eggman willingly put himself in harms way to keep Mombot from getting destroyed by Team Sonic. He has also (reluctantly) admitted that Mombot is more important to him that any personal beef he may have with another person.[2]

Since her departure, Eggman occasionally comes by Mombot's new home to visit her.[2][83]


Morpho is a robot doppelganger of Eggman made by him in another dimension. When Eggman first met Morpho, the robot introduced himself as Eggman's long-lost brother. Because Eggman had trust issues when it came to family though, their relationship started out rather rocky, with Eggman outright rejecting Morpho after their first meeting. Following that, the two of them would (ironically) fight like siblings whenever they met. When Eggman heard Morpho come clean and admit that his story was all part of his plan to break Team Sonic apart though, the doctor gladly took him in. Although Morpho's plan ended up failing, Eggman admitted nonetheless that Morpho's knack for convoluted schemes made him wish that he was his real brother.[5]

While Morpho does not live with Eggman, they do occasionally work together to help Eggman destroy Sonic. However, they still have their share of arguments due to their clashing egos; Eggman in particular likes to poke fun at Morpho by using the robot's alias.[83] Also, while they stick to the fact that they are not related, Eggman and Morpho's relationship has, despite this, evolved into one that is typical for two brothers; when they get on each other's nerves (which happens a lot), they argue and fight harmlessly, and when they are on good terms, they are shown to appreciate each other. They also have their own handshake.[2]

Although they have their differences, Eggman is very much much capable of working together with Morpho when they have a common goal.[83] Also, ever since Mombot began treating Morpho as her son too, Eggman has come to accept him as a part of his extended robot family.[2]


Like with Team Sonic, Eggman's relationship with the villagers of Seaside Island is somewhat complex. On one hand, the villagers genuinely fear Eggman, as he constantly endangers and harasses them with robots of all sizes, and many of his schemes involve conquering or even destroying their Village. Despite his many attacks though, the villagers are always left mostly unscathed, though Eggman has harmed some of them before (he once broke Mike the Ox's leg, and has put Lady Walrus' baby into danger countless times). However, the civilians generally do not view Eggman as a true villain, and have even shrugged off a few of his schemes due to their perceived harmlessness. Regardless, Eggman is normally able to trick the villagers for his schemes, who always seem to overlook that he might be up to something. In spite of their tendency to ignore his evil antics, the villagers have at times expressed suspicion about Eggman's intentions, and have even admitted that he smells.[10]

On the other hand, despite being recognized as their enemy, Eggman is often seen casually walking among the citizens without causing trouble or attracting attention, even abiding by their rules and having casual conversations with some of them. He has even been known to support the villagers at times, though only when it aligns with his preferences. During these moments, the villagers nonetheless act casually and display little more than mild annoyance if anything. They will also not hesitate to show up and watch him whenever he makes a scene.

Lyric the Last Ancient

Eggman facing Lyric's wrath during their first meeting.

In Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, Lyric the Last Ancient was at first Eggman's mightiest ally (the rogue Ancient being more powerful that Eggman) and later his greatest rival in villainy. Having learned of Lyric's marvelous technology, Eggman orchestrated Lyric's release to enslave the snake and get his secrets. However, when Lyric turned the tables on Eggman upon meeting him, Eggman forged an uneasy "partnership" with Lyric, using their common hatred for Sonic, to survive. However, Eggman never acted as more than a meek minion around Lyric out of fear of his wrath and often addressed him with the outmost respect. In return, Lyric saw Eggman as utterly useless.

In truth, Eggman secretly plotted to overthrow Lyric and become "top dog". When Eggman made his move though, Lyric turned his weapon against him, dissolving their collaboration. Still determined to defeat "that rat of a snake", Eggman returned with a new mech to combat Lyric, only to be practically ignored. In the end though, Eggman ensured Lyric's downfall by distracting him in his final battle with Team Sonic.



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