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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (manga) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

I will catch that rascal Sonic, and use his powers to conquer the world.

— Dr. Eggman, Sonic the Hedgehog (Gekkan CoroCoro Comic Summer Vacation Special Issue)

Doctor Eggman (ドクター・エッグマン Dokutā Egguman?) is the main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog serialized manga published by Shogakukan. He is Sonic the Hedgehog's long time egg-shaped arch nemesis, who creates many zany schemes to capture Sonic and make him his lackey as part of his plans to take over the world. Eggman is also known to be a master of disguise and has an alternate persona called "Dogman", policeman of Hedgehog Town. He uses his alternate persona as part of his plans to capture or defeat Sonic.[1]


Dr. Eggman, from Sonic the Hedgehog (Shogaku Ninensei) Chapter 6.

Dr. Eggman is an obese human that is rotund in appearance, with a bright, pointy nose and a bushy brown mustache. For attire, he wears a red shirt with an oversized yellow collar and cape, black pants with two white buttons and seemingly connected boots, pince-nez glasses that cover his eyes, and white gloves.

Depending on the artist, Eggman's design varies slightly. For example, in the Shogaku Ninensei stories, he is shorter and has a conical head that is roughly shaped like an egg, and has no gloves. In CoroCoro's stories on the other hand, he has a larger mustache that covers most of his head, usually giving him an almost completely round body with thin arms and legs and no visible mouth.

When disguised as "Dogman", Eggman wears a police suit. Though he still wears his glasses, his outfit now consists on a jacket with two pockets, the left one with a star that reads "POLICE"; a pair of black pants with two small pockets on the left; and a cap with a "H". He wears this disguise over his standard attire.[2]



For a long time, Eggman has been looking for Sonic, a hedgehog with an incredible speed. Seeking to harness Sonic's powers to take over Earth, the mad doctor made several attempts to seize him. However, his efforts were seemingly in vain.[3]


Despite his apparent genius, which he is incredibly boastful of, Eggman is very easily outwitted and outwilled by the children he often finds himself facing off against and has a rather childish demeanor of his own. He is easily angered, often distracted by frivolities, and does not tend to think his plans through. Eggman is also incredibly self-centered and self-obsessed, not caring about the well-being of his allies whether they be long-term or temporary. He regularly claims to be the greatest mind of this century and is irritated whenever his title of Doctor is ignored.

Of note is that Eggman is only diabolical so long as his mustache is unshaved, as the mustache appears to have an evil will of its own (Eggman himself describing it as having a "big heart") upon his morality. As such, Eggman is kind and peaceful without his mustache, and holds no anger towards Sonic.[4]

Powers and abilities

Eggman is a genius scientist, being able to build massive robots and headquarters. He also seems to be an expert driver, piloting his mechas and vehicles with great skill.[5]

Eggman also is a master of disguise, being able to assume his "Dogman" alter-ego as well as various other false identities without anyone realizing.





  • One of the running gags of the CoroCoro Special comic strips is to make Sonic part of the spice to Eggman's newest cooking recipe featured in his "Cooking Hell".


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