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This location exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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For the level in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, see Eggman's Lair.

Dr. Eggman's Lair[4] is a location that appears in the Sonic Boom series. It is the ultra high-tech stronghold and residence of Dr. Eggman and his lackeys Orbot and Cubot, located on a rocky island just outside the coast of Seaside Island.[4][5] From here, Eggman hatches his evil schemes to conquer the world and eliminate Team Sonic.[5] The lair itself is a registered trademark of Eggman Industries.[6]


Appearance and architecture

Full schematic over the lab and living room in Eggman's lair.

Dr. Eggman's lair is located on a small rocky island barren with life and with veins of lava running across it. The central location is a white and futuristic fortress-tower on the top of the island's tallest peak. This structure has an antenna in the shape of Eggman's mustache on the top, an outer shell surrounding it, turrets on the front, and the Eggman Industries logo on the side.

The layout of Eggman's fortress extends into the foundation of the island. At the foot of the fortress' peak is the lair's main entrance which is surrounded by several pillar-shaped turrets. Underground is the lair's sewer system which is big enough for Team Sonic to pass through.[7] On the island also lies a small garden.[8]

Defenses and features

A laser turret at Eggman's lair.

The lair is equipped with a plethora of defense systems and other amenities, most of which are controlled by Eggman's wrist controller. The lair's floors in particular are made from a special polymer of Eggman's own design that repels dust, which means the floors never need to be swept[9] (although Eggman forces his robots to do so anyway).

The lair has several defenses against intruders.[10] The fortress' outer shell is covered in laser turrets and laser grids for inward defenses[5] and the front entrance is protected by stationary laser turrets.[11] Even ignoring the weaponry, the lair's walls seem to be made of a rather sturdy material, so much so that even Shadow took a while to break in.[12] Ever since Shadow's first visit to the lair, it has also been fitted with teleportation guards that prevent individuals like him from simply warping inside.[12] However, it is said there is a hole in the defenses below an unspecified location.[13]

The rooms in the fortress have retractable laser turrets covering the walls and ceilings.[13][14] Traps inside the lair also include electrified nets that can be dropped on intruders to paralyze them,[15] and magnet tethers equipped with electrical currents for catching and electrocuting metal-wearing foes.[14] Badniks likewise patrol the island and guard the fortress.[16]

The lair is fitted with surveillance cameras[11][17] and an outdoor PA system.[18] The lair also has a retractable pneumatic tube system that can be used as emergency escape passages or for sorting occupants between the lair's rooms.[19][20][21] The lair also has a lockdown protocol that, when activated, seals off all rooms in the lair with impenetrable force-fields that block radio signals. This lockdown will last for forty-eights hours or until someone overrides it from the HQ room.[21]

Eggman's lair gets its power from Hedgehog Village's Meroke Crystal.[22] The lair also serves as the power source for all of Eggman's robots by transferring power remotely to Eggman's robotic forces.[3][22] By relaying extra power from the lair's energy reserves, one can super-charge Eggman's robots to boost their performances.[3] Conversely, should the lair run out of power, then most of Eggman's robots will too.[22]

The lair holds remote kill switches for Orbot and Cubot.[11] It also has its own satellites for different purposes orbiting the earth, including a tracking satellite.[23][24]



Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

Dr. Eggman reviewing D-Fekt's performance, from Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.

In Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, Dr. Eggman created a RagnaBot in his lair to mine for Ragnium using magnetism. When it failed to attract Ragnium for a test though, Eggman declared the robot a failure and renamed it "D-Fekt", unaware that D-Fekt could magnetize everything else instead. As Eggman left his lair's lab though, D-Fekt discovered the full scope of his powers and so sought to prove himself.

TV series


Long ago, Eggman's lair held the doctor's rejected Cubot prototypes who were scheduled to be recycled. Using secrets tunnels in the lair, the prototypes fled to the Valley of the Cubots.[25]

Season one

Eggman learning of Sonic's sidekick tryouts.

At his lair, Eggman heard that Sonic sought a new sidekick. While Orbot and Cubot voiced their opinions, Eggman had the idea of going to the try-outs to destroy Sonic and Tails, but his plan failed.[26] For a scheme to weaken Sonic and Tails, Eggman convinced them to let him stay with them by lying that he had to repair his lair. However, when Obliterator Bot attacked the doctor's lair instead of Team Sonic, Eggman teamed up with the heroes to lead them through his lair's defenses to Oblteratorbot's kill switches. Regardless, the lair was still reduced to a ruin (which was later repaired).[5]

As Eggman spied on Team Sonic from his lair, he learned Tails' robot UT was creating tension in the group by revealing their private thoughts. Eggman thus secretly replaced UT with a duplicate which he used to tear Team Sonic apart from his lair. While Eggman enjoyed UT voicing his self-praise though, Tails invaded the lair and gave his services to Eggman in exchange for UT's release. However, the rest of Team Sonic soon attacked the lair, freed Tails, and destroyed the Mega.[16]

Eggman's lair thrashed.

When Sticks sought a pet, Eggman took time in his lair's lab to build Buster to infiltrate and destroy Team Sonic, which failed.[27] When Eggman's lair was considered to be in Modern Lair Magazine, Eggman attempted to spruce it up, only for the photographer's assistant to dismiss it. Having a week to redo the lair, Eggman hired Amy for the job and got the assistant's approval. Eggman subsequently kept Amy in his lair as his decorator until Team Sonic freed her, who trashed the lair on their way out, costing it its place in the magazine.[7]

The lair later hosted Eggman's intern, Dave who handled its menial tasks. Overhearing Cubot's dislike of him, Dave dismantled Cubot, whose parts was found by Orbot. When Eggman told Dave to wait for the big projects though, Dave sealed himself in the lab and activated Eggman's Doomsday Device to prove himself evil. As Eggman build another Doomsday Device to compete with Dave, Sonic and Tails made the two adjust their devices into negating each other. Instead, they created a black hole over the lair which Sonic closed.[28]

Eggman tutoring his new allies.

Having the idea of turning Sonic evil, Eggman created Evil Cookies for him in his lair. Though Knuckles, Amy, Sticks and Tails ate the cookies instead, the evil heroes came to the lair to plot Sonic's end, where Eggman educated them in villainy until Sonic came. When they had Sonic cornered though, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks fought over the honor for capturing him. To stand a chance, Sonic fed Eggman an Evil Cookie with his DNA, and together, they got everyone back to normal. Not keen of a good Eggman either, Team Sonic cured him too.[29] Not long after, Eggman was tricked into taking the Gogobas to his lair where they kept botherïng him with guilt tripping.[30]

To boost Orbot and Cubot's moral, Eggman had them set up a party for themselves in the lair and then erased their memories to make it a surprise. However, while Eggman left for a snack, Orbot and Cubot went looking for him. When they returned, Eggman gave them their party and heard that they thought he was dead. Eggman then erased the duo's memories as a demonstration, along with any clue to where his Eggmobile was (which Orbot and Cubot had lost).[31] Another time, Sonic and Tails came to the lair to warn Eggman that his Cowbot was coming to kill him. Plotting to have the duo upgrade his lair for him, Eggman made them upgrade his defenses to repel Cowbot. Waiting for Cowbot to come, Sonic, Tails and Eggman would hang out and roast marshmallows. When Cowbot arrived, their defenses got gunked up by marshmallows, so they resorted to gunking up Cowbot's systems instead. Eggman then revealed his true plan, prompting Sonic to gunk up the lair's systems with marshmallows.[10]

Eggman honing his skills in his lair.

Beaten by Team Sonic again, Eggman returned to his lair to watch TV, where his remote was constantly destroyed by Tails' Unbolterizer.[32] During a laser tag exercise in his lab later on, Eggman discovered the luck balance of the universe had shifted in his favor, inspiring him to invade Seaside Island, thinking he was now untouchable. Once again though, he lost.[33] When Sonic and Eggman switched minds due to a meteor, Orbot and Cubot brought Sonic back to the lair, believing he was Eggman. Unable to convince Orbot and Cubot of who he was, Sonic left the lair to find his team, only to return when they drove him off. There, he assembled Eggman's army to fight Eggman. Once Sonic and Eggman were back to normal, Eggman returned to his lair in defeat.[34]

Having lost his confidence, Eggman brought Soar the Eagle to his lair to take his life coaching seminar. While Soar restored Eggman's confidence, Eggman fired him prematurely. Losing all motivation as a result, Eggman would stay in his lair moping. Team Sonic, excluding Sonic, later came to the lair to re-motivate Eggman since Sonic's boredom was driving them crazy, but their attempt to make them fight failed. Fortunately, Sonic and Eggman restarted their conflict on their own.[35] While playing a video game in his lair, Eggman learned Tails had joined the Lightning Bolt Society, prompting Eggman to stop Sonic from joining this bothersome group as well.[36]

Eggman hosting the Comedy Chimp Show at his lair.

Having gained success with Eggman's Tomato Sauce, Eggman hosted the Comedy Chimp Show at his lair where he revealed his robot sauce cans had taken over Seaside Island's appliances. As Eggman began to conquer the island, Team Sonic arrived, but was outnumbered by the robots. Fortunately, Tails swooped by in his plane and took Eggman's controller which he used to disable the robots. Having also accidentally revealed his plan on TV, Eggman was left with thousands of unsold tomato cans in his lair.[37] After convincing Sonic that his running was making noise, Eggman took him to his lair where he ran some "tests" and gave Sonic his Power-absorbant Insoles, claiming they would mute the sound when they would actually power his Giant Robot using Sonic's running. However, his scheme was soon foiled.[38] After a tolerable morning in his lair, Eggman left in his Egg Tank to battle Team Sonic. Accidentally creating a time loop which kept repeating the day, Eggman would keep waking up in his lair. Realizing he could not defeat Sonic now, Eggman worked in his lair to solve the problem, bringing Team Sonic over for aid (after several attempts), who helped him seal the time loop.[39]

While in his lair, Eggman discovered a Granifer Giganticus and went with Orbot and Cubot to enslave it. Failing that, Eggman retreated to his meditation garden, only for Team Sonic to arrive with the monster, who fell asleep in his garden to horrible music provided by the heroes which Eggman had to accept to avoid further collateral damage.[8] Eggman later met Nominatus on the internet and would chat with him in his lair, something which made Orbot and Cubot leave for feeling unappreciated. Eggman soon entrusted his lair's schematics to Nominatus, unaware they were being used to take over the lair to destroy the world. Orbot and Cubot returned to warn Eggman, but they were too late. His agenda revealed, Nominatus drove the trio out of the lair, but was later purged from its systems by Orbot and Cubot.[13] As Sonic and Amy hanged out, they dropped by Eggman's lair and blew up its antenna.[40] The lair was further damaged later on when one of Eggman's missiles, launched by Amy and Sticks, hit it.[41]

The Lightning Bolt takes over Eggman's Lair.

As Eggman spied on Team Sonic from his lair, the heroes played a prank on him by misleading Fly Bot. Blaming machines for this, Eggman deserted his lair. Seizing this opportunity, the Lightning Bolt Society took the lair as their new base. While lounging about, they haphazardly used the lair to launch weapons, deploy robots, and shut down Orbot and Cubot. Team Sonic and Eggman thus went to the lair and drove the Lightning Bolts out after misleading them over the surveillance. Returning to his lair, Eggman spent weeks reprogramming it.[11] When the garbage man went on vacation, the lair's trash started to pile, prompting Eggman to head for city hall to complain.[42]

Eggman's lair later hosted the movie premiere of Eggman's mind-enslaving movie which he had convinced the villagers to come see. In the lair's theater however, Eggman discovered he had forgotten to add the mind-enslaver device to the movie, so he had the laughing audience leave so he could watch his movie alone.[43] Later observing from the lair that Sonic had retired and Team Sonic was out of town, Orbot and Cubot proposed an attack. However, insisting that as he would coax Sonic out of retirement that way, Eggman stayed in his lair until Sonic was vulnerable, and attempted a sneak attack, only for it to fail.[44] Another time, Eggman's lair was invaded by an alternate dimension Knuckles whom Eggman captured. Soon after, Team Sonic came to the lair to save this Knuckles. Understanding that their dimension was at risk of imploding from hosting this Knuckles, Eggman released him and provided the heroes with the tech to sent him home.[15]

Eggman realizing the Cubot prototype's intrusion.

Sonic and Tails later came to the lair to accuse Eggman of thievery, though he proved himself innocent. Suspecting the Cubot prototypes were behind it, who had robbed the lair too, Eggman sent Orbot and Cubot after them. When only Orbot returned, while Cubot stayed with his prototypes, Eggman probed Orbot for their location so he could destroy them before Cubot told any lair secrets. Though the attack failed, Eggman got Cubot back to the lair.[25] Another time, when Dave the Intern imprisoned Eggman, Dave came to the lair and stole Octopus Bot while Orbot and Cubot were oblivious to Eggman's disappearance.[45] On New Year's Eve, Eggman tried celebrating in his lair with Orbot and Cubot, but was too upset over not having fulfilled his resolution of beating Sonic just once this year. As Orbot presented his roast though, Eggman had the idea of turning their slow cooker's power source into a Slow Motion Machine so he would have enough time to beat Sonic.[46]

Waiting at his lair for a package, Eggman missed it while he took a shower. To get it from the post office, Eggman had to search his lair's trash for a note the mail man had left.[47] Comedy Chimp later came to the lair where he made a deal with Eggman: in exchange for Eggman sponsoring an attack that would remove Knuckles as the host of the Comedy Chimp Show, Eggman Industries could sponsor the show.[48] Later on, Eggman staged the thievery of his Particle Accelerator in his lair to frame Sonic. While tourists visited the lair, Eggman got both the police and Sonic over, where he accused the latter with fake clues. However, Sonic fled and cleared his name.[49]

Eggman trying to cover up the robots in his lair.

When the lair had solar panels installed to lower its power bills, Eggman accumulated excess energy. However, when the Archipelago Homeowners Association threatened to evict him due to his lair housing robots, Eggman hid his robots in his lair while he had the association over to prove he had no robots. However, the lair's solar panels would absorb a stray lightning bolt, making its robots go nuts from power overload and blow Eggman's ruse. With Team Sonic arriving to protect the association, Eggman established his robots were art and thus kept his lair.[3] After Eggman and Amy became "Fuzzy Puppy buddies," they met several times in Eggman's lair to discuss and play with Fuzzy Puppies.[50] Eggman would also retreat to his lair to sulk when Team Sonic got an award, but was encouraged by Orbot and Cubot to go out and get his own.[51]

Eventually, Eggman invited all the local villains and rogues to his lair to form a team of villains to take down Team Sonic. After some leadership disputes leading to team exercises, Team Eggman decided to let Eggman lead them so they could prove themselves after Shadow left the group dissing them, and spent some time preparing at the lair before going after Team Sonic.[52]

Season two

Eggman making muffins in his lair.

When making muffins in his lair, Eggman left to retaliate against Tommy Thunder when the tiger called the doctor out on TV.[53] The doctor would later enact a water-siphoning scheme at his lair to privatize the Unnamed Village's water, but was discovered by Sticks and Tails.[54] Sonic, when stuck in an existence where he could not perceive others, later came by the lair to find Eggman and tried trashing it to coax him out. Eggman, unable to perceive Sonic, assumed he had ghosts in his lair. Learning of the truth from his surveillance though, Eggman tried exploiting Sonic's situation.[17]

Back in his lair, Eggman would spy on Tails' attempts to capture Sonic due to a bet, giving Eggman the idea to keep an eye on Tails so he could step in and eliminate Sonic when Tails caught him.[23] Returning to his lair after another defeat to Team Sonic, Eggman was inspired to pull off an undersea scheme and began plotting after a side project. However, when Eggman's scheme backfired, a tidal wave of the doctor's own making would destroy his lair for the time being.[55] Another time, Eggman was showering in his lair when a peculiar-acting Tails interrupted him, asking to be his friend. Believing Tails wanted to join him at first, Eggman soon discovered to his horror that there were actually several dimwitted Tails copies invading the lair. Going to Team Sonic, Eggman had the heroes help him gather up the copies in the lair.[56]

Eggman's robots protesting at the lair.

Back in his lair, Eggman would push Orbot and Cubot too far, making the duo strike. As Eggman tried having his other robots cover for Orbot and Cubot, his callous attitude drove them to strike too, leaving the lair without minions to run it. Meanwhile, the robots struggled to keep their protest at the lair going. Though Eggman got some villagers to work in his lair (prompting a brief visit from Sonic and Amy), it ultimately did not work out, so Eggman got his robots to return after some negotiations.[57] It was later in his lair that Eggman assigned Orbot to pass an villain permit exam that he had failed, prompting Orbot to download an evil textbook from the lair's computer. Though he got the permit, Orbot grew power-mad and disobedient until he left the lair and Eggman with Cubot to become his own villain, although Orbot was reset soon after.[58]

Having spied on Team Sonic in his lair, Eggman left to ambush the heroes, but failed. Sonic, now possessed by his new mech suit, soon after came to lair and made a partnership with Eggman. Feeling that Sonic was outdoing him though, Eggman plotted to steal his mech suit, only for Sonic to hear him, forcing Eggman to flee his lair to escape Sonic's wrath.[19] It was later at his lair that Eggman would program a robot named FiendBot with data that let it predict Sonic's moves. When FiendBot's sentience caused Eggman's plan to go south though, Eggman returned to his lair to make a non-sentient energy blaster drone with FiendBot's data as a replacement.[59] As the Village's Meroke Crystal later died out, the lair (and Eggman's forces by extension) was left without power. Team Sonic soon after dropped by the lair, thinking Eggman was behind the blackout, until Eggman proved his innocence.[22] Then, during his time as Village leader, Eggman would make the garbage man take out his lair's trash in an orderly fashion.[60]

Bea shot down at Eggman's lair.

Back in his lair, Eggman would manage to call Bea the Bee to him. Bringing the Fregosi Sapphire to the lair soon after, Eggman used the gem to power Mega Bot, whom Team Sonic tried fighting upon their arrival. As Amy joined the fight at the lair, she found Bea among Eggman's Bee Bots, only for Mega Bot to shoot Bea. This made Amy angry enough to stop Mega Bot, allowing her team to destroy it.[61] Having built his Eggs-Boson Super-configurator in his lair, only to lose at the Science Fair Awards, Eggman returned to his lair and built Mombot to have a mother to lean on. While they had a good time together in the lair at first, things went sour when Mombot arranged a playdate between Eggman and Sonic to make them friends after Eggman returned from his latest defeat to Sonic. Eventually, Mombot had Sonic, Amy and Sticks over at the lair, during which she grounded Eggman when he tried to defeat Sonic. Ultimately, Eggman got Mombot out of his lair by sending her on a world cruise.[62] Eggman soon after spied on Team Sonic again from his lair, prompting him to attack the Village to get the heroes' attention. After Eggman returned, Tails and Knuckles arrived in the lair, suspecting Eggman to be behind the appearance of Nominatus, Beta, and Retro on the island. Clearing things up, Eggman helped the heroes shrink and capture the evil trio, whom he kept as pets/prisoners in his lair.[63]

Following a beach trip, Eggman returned to his lair where he was visited by his supposed long-lost brother: Steve Eggman. After Steve looked around the lair though, a suspicious Eggman kicked him out. Steve soon returned though, where he revealed to Eggman that he was a morphing Eggman robot from another dimension, and that his fake story was for a plan which had driven Team Sonic apart for Eggman, so the villains left the lair to defeat Sonic.[64] Eggman soon after put his next plan into action after spying on Team Sonic from his lair again.[65] Bringing Mighton and Bolts to his lair after they helped him, Eggman learned the two were from a city of robots named Morristown. Planning to conquer Morristown, Eggman sought to get its location from Mighton and Bolts, only to imprison them in his lair when they saw his true colors and tried to leave. However, Team Sonic soon broke into the lair and freed Mighton and Bolts in the insuring fight. As they escaped, Bolts got payback at Eggman using his lair's own features.[14] In the aftermath, Eggman would recover from his defeat his lair until a malware signal caused all of his robots to leave the lair and attack the Village.[66] Having lost his minions, Eggman moped around in his lair until his robots returned. At the same time, his lair detected Hypnobot's presence on Seaside Island, prompting Eggman to retrieve him.[67] Back in his lair, Eggman revived Hypnobot's with his lackeys aid. Discovering the robot was now sentient, Eggman bonded with Hypnobot over their shared hatred for Sonic and Tails while he repaired and upgraded him, which soon led to them forming an alliance to conquer Morristown and destroy their shared adversaries.[68]

Eggman making his FleaBots.

After losing to Team Sonic again, Eggman made his FleaBots in his lair to combat the team after reviewing his old robots. Despite Orbot and Cubot nearly releasing the FleaBots in his lair, Eggman had the duo plant them on Team Sonic to turn the heroes into itchy messes, while he watched from his lair. Eggman later cranked up his FleaBots and sicced his Badniks on Team Sonic when the heroes came to the lair to stop his scheme. However, Team Sonic made the FleaBots stick to Eggman after getting their controller. With the team destroying his controller afterward, Eggman spent his time in the lair trying to get his FleaBots off.[69] Having failed to beat Team Sonic after luring them into a trap at his lair, Eggman soon noticed his lair's trash had begun to pile up. Getting it picked up however, left Eggman with a collection fee. To raise the necessary funds, Eggman turned his lair into a luxury resort, which the villagers and Team Sonic checked into. However, Eggman had to service annoying guests and extend his business. Finally, after ignoring a Secret Review Magazine hotel reviewer, who could have made his hotel profitable, while trying to identify her among his guests, Eggman decided to take the lair's guests hostage to make the mayor void his fee. Team Sonic fought back however, which led to the lair getting blown up by Eggman's Doomsday Device. Fortunately, an insurance adjuster provided Eggman with the insurance needed to rebuild his lair and pay his fees.[1]

Retreating to his lair after Hedgehog Village made fun of him for having no doctorate, Eggman was inspired by Orbot to got back to school to earn it.[70] Plotting later to make the lair the new venue for his haunted attraction, T.W. Barker used special effects in the lair that fooled the phasmophobic Eggman into thinking that it was haunted, leading to Eggman signing the lair and its contents over to Barker. After Barker turned the lair into a haunted attraction however, Sonic brought Eggman there and showed him how Barker had fooled him. Eggman tried reclaiming his lair by force, but Barker used its robots to remove him, although Eggman did manage to ruin Barker's attraction. Eggman later had Orbot and Cubot install a virus in the lair that forced Barker to return it and its contents to him.[2] Eggman soon after spent his time in his lair designing and building a feature-filled MeBot. When Eggman tried using it however, he discovered it used up its batteries too fast, making him despondent.[71] Following that, Eggman got tired of his Sunday mornings getting ruined by the breeze, so he made an Anti Gravity Ray in his lair. While Eggman planned to use it to turn his lair away from the breeze, it ended up stuck on Cubot in high gear, which turned Cubot into a floating gravity field that rampantly picked up everything in the lair, including Eggman and Orbot. Cubot and his victims then got sucked out of the lair through its tube system by accident, only to be blown to Hedgehog Village by the wind. Eggman, however, managed to free himself from the gravity field and follow Cubot. Once that fiasko was over, Eggman made his robots turn his lair manually.[20]

Eggman getting a friend request on FriendSpace.

Back in his lair, Eggman got a chain letter he had to forward to three FriendSpace friends. With Orbot and Cubot onboard, Eggman went to get a third friend. When Eggman returned to his lair, ready to give up, Sonic added him on FriendSpace. After that, Eggman kept messaging Sonic from his lair until Sonic unfriended him. Seeking revenge, Eggman made Scrambler, a chatroom Sonic was excluded from, in his lair, which became a huge hit. Sonic later came to the lair to get Eggman, who had failed to make real friends on Scrambler, to let him use Scrambler. At the end of their meeting, Eggman chose to delete Scrambler so he could at least get real enemies out of it.[72] While chilling in his lair later on, Eggman saw a commercial that featured Sonic (now a Meh Burger delivery boy) advertising Meh Burger's new delivery service with the promise of a less-than-three-minute delivery of an order, or it would be free. Wanting a free meal and to humiliate Sonic, Eggman tried delaying Sonic when he had him bring an order to his lair, but failed. Eventually, Eggman made a plan for when he had Sonic bring him another order. This plan came down to Sonic having to get through the lair's defenses in about a minute while fighting Eggman's robots. However, when Sonic saw a secret tunnel into the lair as it was used by Orbot and Cubot, he was able to use it to deliver Eggman's order on time.[18]

When Team Sonic fought Eggman in the lair to stop the doctor's newest scheme, the HQ room took some damaged, causing nearly everyone in the lair to get sorted across the rooms in Eggman's fortress by the lair's pneumatic tube system. Though Sonic stopped the tubes, he also activated the lair's lockdown protocol, trapping everyone in their respective rooms. While everyone dealt with the situations they were in, the lair's air condition got shut off. Without air to cool it, the lair's Mootonium now stood to explode. By sending morse codes through the lair's pipes however, Eggman and the others were able to tell Sonic how to undo the lockdown, thus allowing everyone to escape the lair before the Mootonium blew it up.[21] Eggman eventually had the lair rebuilt again though. After that, Eggman would pack his things in his lair and send his Bee Bots after Team Sonic before going on vacation. When Team Sonic later came to the lair to stop the Bee Bot attacks, Orbot and Cubot told them that this was impossible without Eggman's private security code.[73]

Eggman's self-mutation experiment having gone wrong.

Eventually, Eggman left the lair to find a way to get superpowers. He soon returned and mutated himself in hopes of getting powers, only to temporarily morph into a small creature that left the lair. After Orbot and Cubot got him back and told him that he now morphed every time he got angry, Eggman figured out that his mutation would wear off if he stayed calm for two days. Mastering his anger, Eggman retreated to his lair to wait. However, Beth the Shrew, who came to the lair to cheer Eggman up about his condition, soon fell into the lair's trash compactor. Having no robot small enough to get Beth out through the garbage chute, Eggman left to find a way to get angry so he could morph and save Beth. After succeeding, Eggman was brought to Beth by Sonic in time to save her. However, Eggman now had to start his no-anger regiment in his lair all over.[74] Eggman's lair was later taken over by D-Fekt when he helped the Cubot prototypes launch a succesful rebellion against Eggman, whom D-Fekt forced into servitude. Although Team Sonic saw D-Fekt's mistreatment of Eggman when they visited the lair, they let it slide. Using his wits though, Eggman would take his lair back from the prototypes. Wanting revenge as well, Eggman picked up some parts in the lair that would let him stand a chance against D-Fekt in battle.[9]

Having mo-capped Team Sonic and his own moves for a video game he was making, Eggman went to his lair to review his footage. When Eggman concluded that his own moves were not as cool as he had hoped, Orbot suggested mo-capping someone else's moves. Liking the idea, Eggman ended up deciding to mo-cap Shadow.[75] By deceiving Shadow, Eggman got his desired mo-caps. After Eggman returned to his lair however, Shadow discovered Eggman's deceit, prompting him to launch an attack on the lair to exact revenge on the doctor. By the time Shadow got through the defenses (and Eggman's lackeys) however, Eggman had already fled. The lair was soon after struck by lightning, which destroyed all of Eggman's mo-cap files.[12]

Archie Comics

The Big Boom

Dr. Eggman's lair, from Sonic Boom #5.

After being defeated in his Big Boy, Dr. Eggman retreated to his lair. The next day, he was unexpectedly approached by Knuckles at the lair who proposed an alliance.[4] However, this turned out to be a plot by Knuckles-albeit ill-planned-to help his friends defeat the Big Boy in their next engagement.[76] Eggman promptly returned to his lair to have Orbot and Cubot repair the Big Boy. However, Cubot and Orbot got distracted by Amy's Hammer inside the Big Boy and ended up inflicting damage. As a result, when the Big Boy left the lair, it fell apart as Amy's Hammer was flung back to Seaside Island.[76] The Big Boy was soon repaired again, but got destroyed once more by Team Sonic, so Eggman returned home, where he revealed to his minions that he had another creation ready for Team Sonic.[77]

Boom Shaka-laka and Worlds Unite

Back in his lair after failing to sell a bridge to the villagers, Eggman surmised he had to earn their trust to use them. When he could not by showing goodwill, Eggman set up the Eggtoberfest at his lair so he subtly buy the villagers' trust. Having gotten Team Sonic to operate the rides, Eggman discovered from inside his lair that the villagers were not falling for his scam and sicced his robots on them. However, Team Sonic beat Eggman's army, leaving the Eggtoberfest a smoking ruin around Eggman's lair.[6]

When meeting the Maverick Hunters, who got stranded in their dimension, Team Sticks took them to Eggman's lair to find a dimension-travel device. Having "persuaded" Orbot and Cubot, the duo made them a Genesis Portal with one of Eggman's machines which the group passed through.[78] These events in the lair would be erased when Xander Payne rewrote history.[79]

As Eggman dwelled in his lair, he decided to buy a gorilla for a new henchman. Several weeks later, Kyle the Gorilla arrived at the lair in a crate and subsequently drove Eggman out when he flipped out over his rough transfer and trashed the lair. However, Kyle left when Sonic offered him a new home.[80] Back home, Eggman would spy on Team Sonic from his lair in hopes of finding his lost earpiece, only to find it when he stepped on it. No sooner, the second gorilla Eggman ordered came to the lair, who beat up Eggman as well.[81]

Other game appearances

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

Main article: Eggman's Lair

In Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, Eggman's Lair appears as one of the levels the players can travel through during their runs. It was added to the game following an update.

Points of interest

In addition to being the central location for Dr. Eggman's planning of his evil plots and his robot hordes, the lair is also Eggman's residence and living quarters. It includes the following areas:

  • Basement: An enclosed room with air conditioning. This room lies across from the HQ room on the opposite side of the lair. This is a utility space used by Eggman to house his various belongings, like clothes, suitcases and leftover sauce cans.[21][55]
  • Bathroom: A private and pristine bathroom with a blue-curtained bathtub shower where Eggman takes his baths.[28][56]
  • Bedroom: A lone room that serves as Dr. Eggman's sleeping quarters. It is identical in design to the living room/laboratory, but features a bed and a nightstand instead.[39]
  • Hangar: A hangar large enough to hold the Big Boy.[76]
  • HQ room: A large room shaped like the Eggman Industries logo that serves as Dr. Eggman's office. This room lies across from the basement on the opposite side of the lair.[21] It contains a lone chair and a desk with touchpad controls from where Eggman can coordinate his robots and lair remotely.[7][11][21] Features high-tech computer screens on the walls (which are controlled from the desk) and disco-lighting with sound systems.[11][13][16]
  • Laboratory: A long working quarter which shares the same space as the living room. Here, Eggman tinkers with his robots and other experiments. Features a pop-up screen for outside surveillance.[16]
  • Living room: A casual living room which shares the same room as the laboratory. Features furniture like a sofa, a coffee table, a tall lamp, a floating TV screen and a book case in the wall.[16]
  • Meditation garden: A small garden outside the fortress with topiaries and a gazebo. This is the location Eggman retreats to when he needs to calm his nerves.[8]
  • Missile silo: A missile silo inside the fortress for deploying missiles made by Eggman Missile Industries.[11]
  • Movie theater: A small theater with a few rows of seats for showcasing films.[43]
  • Rollercoaster room: A bright room containing a rollercoaster, whose entrance is colored a festive red and yellow. Supposedly, the room's rollercoaster is so intense that it can tear Orbot and Cubot apart.[7]
  • Rumpus room[49]
  • Shoe closet: An enclosed room with several shelves filled with Dr. Eggman's boots.[7]
  • Storage room: An enclosed lumber room where Eggman stores every failed invention and science project he has made over the course of his career, including those he has used for his evil schemes. It also comes equipped with a mechanical arm and other surprises for attacking intruders.[21]
  • Thinkcubator: A room where Dr. Eggman comes up with his evil schemes. Its name is a pun on how the doctor "hatches" plans inside it.[49]
  • Toilets[3]
  • Trash Compactor/Garbage Compactor:[57] A mechanism used to reduce the size of waste material. This room is only accessible through a small garbage chute in the HQ room.[74]


  • In the living room, behind the sofa, there is a Russian stacking doll[82] that resembles the classic design of Eggman's game series counterpart.
    • According to Bill Freiberger, it was designed for a joke that got cut from another episode and wound up as a background prop.[82]
  • Despite its remote location, Eggman's lair is sometimes treated as if it was part of Hedgehog Village; some of the villagers have visited the lair for various reasons, and the lair itself is even subject to the Village's laws on trash collection, postage, licensing, and eviction.[1][42][51]
  • The password for the mother computer in Dr. Eggman's Lair is "chili dog".[21]
  • The top-down layout of the HQ room resembles the Eggman Industries logo.

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