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This character exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
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Doctor Cadberry (アツミ博士 Atsumi Hakase?, lit. "Doctor Atsumi") is a character that appears in the Sonic X anime series. He is a human from Yamato University who assisted Sonic during the Murasia Continent incident.


Doctor Cadberry is a light complexion, a gray man. He wears a maroon jacket and trousers. Underneath he wears a black shirt.




Dr. Cadberry was studying the Mujahji - an ancient continent that disappeared a long time ago. He examined his history, and combined it with the geological structure of the area on which he was supposedly. His theory regarding Murazia, however, was not supported by other researchers, and Atsumi was undervalued for many years. In addition to research, he also worked at the Yamato university. One of his students was Mr. Tanaka.

Homebound Saga

In Map of Mayhem, Knuckles provided Doctor Cadberry with the oldest known map of the world. The investigator could finally prove his theory about Murazy. However, Decoe and Bocoe, disguised as mummies, quickly picked up the map. Cadberry did not catch them, and the alarm did not work. Robots escaped with the map. The next day, Cadberry and Knuckles came to the Thorndyke residence, where the doctor met his ex-student, Mr. Tanaka. Cadberry met with Chuck Thorndyke and Sonic, whom he told about the theft of the map by Dr. Eggman. He warned the heroes that Eggman might care about destroying the navel of the world that was under Mujahja. This would lead to the eruption of all volcanoes in the world and a major catastrophe. Cadberry located the current location of Murazja. Then, together with Sonic and his friends, he sailed towards the island. When they got there, Egg Giant-Makan attacked them. Eggman revealed his plans to the protagonists, disturbing Cadberry. Eventually Egg Giant-Makan was destroyed, but Eggman and his robots fled to Murazja. In episode The Volcanic Venture, a monster from the Cadberry and Chuck underground spread out the position on the island from which they were to investigate the seismic vibrations in the underground Murazja. Atsumi also received from Tanaka Ermurasium - material used by former inhabitants of Murazja. Among other things, thanks to this they created an artificial, underground sun. When Sonic and his friends set up the devices for measurements underground, Atsumi informed them that the volcano was preparing for eruptions and must evacuate soon, even if they did not catch Eggman. When the volcano erupted, everyone was back on the ship. Atsumi was pleased that his theory of Murazja was true. He also took Rouge, the precious stone she found underground. Atsumi recognized him as a relic of Murazja and thanked Rouge for the archaeological find.


Doctor Cadberry is a devoted researcher on the geology and history of Murazy. For most of his life, he tried to prove his theory. As a rule, he is calm and can not behave in moments of action and tension. He often shares his insights and puts forward new theories instead of feeling really endangered.

Powers and skills

Doctor Cadberry is perfectly familiar with the history of Murazy and is also an educated geologist.


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