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Doctor's Mine is a race track that appears in the upcoming Team Sonic Racing. It is based off Planet Wisp from Sonic Generations.


Doctor's Mine is a racing circuit set entirely on Planet Wisp. As such, the circuit's roads lead through the alien, yet scenic landscape the planet is renowned for, with its strange trees, luminescent insects, green grass, and rock formations. While other part of the track goes through Eggman's factory and above the poisonous waters.

The beginning of the circuit features filled grandstands on the left side of the asphalted roads, which lead past standing rock formations and cliffs. This section features as well fences, balloons fashioned after Sonic and Shadow's heads that float above, advertisement signs, blimps, and tent canopies. After getting past the grandstand section, the race course will lead through a the factory area.

Here, the roads are made out of metal. The nature is also less dense out here, with very quickly the scenery becomes an very twisting metallic structures with various buzzsaws.






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