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Doctor's Mine[1] is a race track that appears in the upcoming Team Sonic Racing. It is based off Planet Wisp.


Doctor's Mine is a racing circuit set entirely on Planet Wisp. It is a course characterized by the dynamic and complex terrain where Eggman's large factory facilities have eroded the beautiful nature of Planet Wisp.[2]



Zavok dodging a sawblade in Doctor's Mine.

The track is a wide stage where the player does not really have to worry about falling off.[1] Although the road width is wide however, there are also places where the road is broken. As such, it is advised that the player does not let their guard down.[2]

Three-dimensional gimmicks such as tunnels and jumping stands are plentiful in Doctor's Moine, and learning the terrain for speedup maneuvers is the key to victory. Also, the player has to watch out for dangerous gimmicks, such as spinning saw blades.[2]




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