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Doc Ginger is a character from Sonic Boom that appears in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.[1] She is an elderly anthropomorphic dog and a nurse who takes care of the miners at Cliff's Excavation Site.


Doc Ginger is an anthropomorphic dog about as high as Sonic with short wisteria fur, a short peach muzzle and a black snout. She has a large round head with blue eyes and short and thin black ear hanging from the side of her head. The rest of her body is thin and frail-looking however. Her attire consists of a white nurse uniform, white shoes and gloves and a nurse's cap. She carries a stereoscope around her neck and wears round glasses.



Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

Ginger screenshot

Doc Ginger at Cliff's Excavation Site.

Doc Ginger was one the people joining Cliff on his expedition to an excavation site to uncover the remnants of the Ancients, where she helped look after the miners' health. When several miners felt sick with tummy aches and blue skin coloration, Doc Ginger planned to make a remedy to help them heal, but lacked certain plants for it. She thus asked Team Sonic to find the plants for her, which the heroes accepted. When the team returned to her with the plants, Doc Ginger gave them Power Glyph as a reward and a thank you.


Doc Ginger speaks in a southern accent and has a strong southern charm and kindness which should never be mistaken for weakness. Even during the most frantic of situations she remains calm, levelheaded and unafraid to provide others with sweet but stern direction.[1]

Powers and abilities

Doc Ginger has recognizable knowledge in sicknesses and medicine. She was able to identify the nature of the sickness befalling the miners and then make a successfully medicine using natural plants.




  • Doc Ginger seems to have the tremor disorder as her hands shake slightly when talking to her.




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