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Do Not Disturb

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"Do Not Disturb"[2] is the seventy-seventh episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 29 April 2017 in the United States and on 1 May 2017 in France.


An endangered species wanders into Sonic's shack. He can't move the ugly, smelly animal because of a series of government regulations.[3]



Races and species:





Sonic is asleep in his shack having a nightmare when he is suddenly awoken by a strange creature slobbering on him. Fastidious Beaver arrives and informs him that the creature is a widabit, which is a rare animal. It is then that he notices the widabit slobbering on the floor of Sonic's Shack, meaning she has chosen it as the nest for her mating ritual; this drives him to push Sonic out of the shack, as he is chairman of the Endangered Species Coalition and does not wish the widabit to be disturbed. Amy appears and, as co-chairman of the ESC, backs up Fastidious's actions, ordering Sonic to leave at once. This forces him to go to Tails' House and inform Tails that he is staying over. While the two have fun at first playing games, eventually, Sonic's messiness and pranks begin to annoy Tails.

Later, Team Sonic is at Meh Burger, and Sonic excitedly explains how much fun he has been having at Tails' House, with the fox reluctantly agreeing. Dave calls out an order for "Sanic", and Sonic speeds over to deal with the mistake, which allows Tails to admit that Sonic has been driving him crazy and ask Amy how long it will take for the widabit to finish her ritual; Amy says it could take months, saying love cannot be rushed. This gives Tails the idea to install a loudspeaker onto Sonic's Shack as Sonic and Amy watch, having set it up so that it will play a widabit call and hurry the process along. He activates it, and soon another widabit runs into the shack. However, the two quickly begin to snarl at each other. Sonic decides that they should set the mood by turning the shack into a fancy restaurant, complete with all three of them dressing for the occasion; however, it fails, as the two widabits continue to reject each other and cause mayhem. Unbeknownst to everyone, one of Eggman's Spy Bots is watching, allowing Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot to observe the scene from Eggman's lair; Eggman decides this is the perfect time to launch another invasion of Hedgehog Village.

Back at Sonic's Shack, as they help Amy attempt to force the male widabit back in, Sonic and Tails argue about which of them ruined the mood. The male widabit eventually breaks free and runs off, prompting the two to argue further about each other's annoying living habits until they are interrupted by Sticks calling them all on their Communicators, informing them of Eggman attacking the village; she and Knuckles are already in the Village Center battling Eggman's minions when Sonic, Tails, and Amy show up. Sonic, seeing this as an opportunity to take out his pent-up aggression, quickly jumps in, but stops when he notices the male widabit has reappeared where they are fighting. Eggman, in the Eggmobile, attempts to blast the creature, but Fastidious Beaver runs in and guards him, informing everyone that they must move the battle elsewhere to avoid harming him. Team Sonic moves, and Eggman, despite not wanting to move himself, eventually relents, but this does not work as the widabit moves into the new spot, much to everyone's annoyance.

Suddenly, a group of male widabits stampedes into the Village, and Tails realizes his widabit call worked too well. As the stampede knocks Eggman into the horizon, the villagers run for safety, and Team Sonic rescues any stragglers that are caught in the widabits' path before they and Fastidious Beaver return to Sonic's Shack. The widabits have all gathered there, and the female growls at all of them. Fastidious informs them that if there are at least 50 widabits, they can be safely moved elsewhere, allowing Sonic to return to his shack. Sonic runs around them to check, but only counts 49, with the female included. Desperate, Tails states there has to be at least one more out there, and Sticks offers to smell for it, knowing widabits have a pungent stench.

The others follow Sticks as she sniffs out the remaining widabit in the forest, with Sonic and Tails complaining to Amy and Knuckles, respectively, about how annoying it is for each of them to live with the other. Eventually, they come across the 50th widabit, which is colored differently from the other males. Sonic and Tails begin to argue about which of them should get it, and Amy, Knuckles, and Sticks leave to let them sort out their issues. After a brief staredown, the two laugh, realize they have both overreacted, agree that best friends are not necessarily best roommates, and hug. Tails gets the idea to download the widabit call to his Communicator to lure the 50th widabit and, with Sonic's aid, returns to Sonic's Shack with the others; the female widabit and the 50th widabit fall in love and run into the shack, which Sonic is ready to return to. However, Amy informs him that he cannot do that until the mating ritual, which lasts about a week, is finished; Sonic and Tails must continue to be roommates until then, along with Knuckles, who reveals he has been living under Tails' porch and takes the fox's statement of disapproval as a sign to move into his house.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Ne pas déranger Do Not Disturb
Italian Non disturbare
Polish Nie przeszkadzać
Portuguese (Brazil) Não Pertube
Portuguese (Portugal) Não Incomodar
Spanish (Latin America) No molestar
Ukrainian Не турбувати


  • Nine days before this episode aired on Boomerang, Bill Freiberger released the title card for this episode on Twitter as a teaser.[4]
  • In the beginning of the episode, Sonic is seen having a nightmare and says in his sleep "No. Stop. You're pure evil. Why are you coloring my arms?" This may be a reference to how Sonic's arms are blue in the Sonic Boom franchise while in the main series' video games, they are peach. It may also reference the fans' negative response to that design detail.
  • Sonic's Meh Burger receipt has his name misspelled as "Sanic", which is a reference to the popular internet meme of the same name.
  • According to Tails, Sonic watches The Real Housewives of Gogoba Village. This is a reference to a group of reality TV shows shown on Bravo, including The Real Housewives of Orange County, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, etc.
  • The music that plays during Sonic and Tails' montage is based on the music for the song "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones.
    • At the beginning of the montage, Sonic and Tails are playing on a video game console with the characteristics of a console launched in 1985 named the LJN Video Art.
  • The way Knuckles punches the Ball Bot is a reference to One Punch Man.
  • The music playing while Sonic and Tails are staring at each other is a reference to The Good The Bad and The Ugly.


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