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Djinn, also referred to as spirits (マジン Majin?), are a species that first appeared in Sonic and the Secret Rings. They are a race of diverse magical spirits from the world of the Arabian Nights, ranging from lesser servants in various forms to humanoid reality-warpers.

List of Djinn[]

Unique Djinn[]

A few Djinn take forms unique to themselves. While these forms include balls of white light similar to the Hint Orb, most of them have in common a humanoid shape with pointy ears. Known unique Djinns include:

Lesser Djinn[]

Lesser Djinn take on appearances identical to that of Djinn of the same type. While the designs of lesser Djinn are diverse, the most common lesser Djinn share an intricate colorful design painted with gold detail. Most lesser Djinn also have a five-sided gemstone located somewhere on their torso, which comes in a different color depending on the kind of Djinn.

Lesser Djinns are diverse in origin. Some appear to have been regular inhabitants,[1] others were evil spirits sealed away long ago by King Solomon,[2] and the rest were created by the Erazor Djinn from the words he carved out of the Arabian Nights.[3][4] Known lesser Djinns include:


Area Specific[]

Party Mode[]


  • "Genie" is an anglicization of the Arabic word "djinni", the word for "one djinn," which can also be spelled as "jinni" and "jinn." The Babylonians from the Sonic Riders series are also referred to as genies.
  • Sand Oasis and Night Palace are the only levels that do not have an exclusive Djinn in the level.
  • It is possible that Captain Bemoth is a Djinn, due to Slime Djinn coming together with a Red Ma Djinn to create Captain Bemoth.

See also[]


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