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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
You may be looking for Gunther.

Perfect! Any female within a five mile radius will be turned into a mindless consumer zombie. And I'll be reaping the profits!

— Dixon, "Battle of the Boy Bands"

Dixon[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. He is an anthropomorphic ferret and an evil manager working in public media. The former producer of Justin Beaver, he exploited Beaver using mind control until his plans were foiled by Dreamboat Express/Dude-itude. He currently works as a TV manager on Seaside Island's television network, where he uses shady tactics in order to drive up ratings.[2]


Dixon is an anthropomorphic ferret of average height and slender built. He has jasmine fur with old gold fur around his eyes and light tan fur on his muzzle and chest, light blue eyes, a long and slightly bushy tail and oblique round ears on the sides of his head. After joining Seaside Island's television network, Dixon grew a ponytail.

Dixon's attire consists of a checkered wine and pink flat cap, rectangular glasses, a long-sleeved wine jacket, white gloves and tall red and white shoes.


TV series

Season one

Dixon going over his plans for Justin.

For an evil scheme, Dixon used mind control on his client Justin Beaver to make him brainwash his female audience into mindless consumer zombies with music, allowing Dixon to sell Justin's sub-standard merchandise for a high profit. As Justin achieved global fame, Dixon took him to the Unnamed Village to have him sign autographs for the brainwashed females, before preparing a concert that would brainwash all females in the area. While going over his plans with his assistant, Dixon found Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles eavesdropping on them, but failed to catch them. Said trio would later broke Justin's mind control at Justin's concert, leaving Dixon financially ruined.[3] Becoming a member of Seaside Island's television network, Dixon was put in charge of the auditions for an episode of Bro-Down Showdown. While weeding out the candidates without care, Dixon paired up Sonic and Eggman for the show due to their appealing dynamic.[4]

Season two

Dixon and D.B. Platypus.

Learning that Sticks' news podcast were stealing the network's viewers, Dixon was inspired by image specialist D.B. Platypus to fire Soar the Eagle and hire Sticks as their new journalist. Getting Sticks onboard, Dixon kept making her compromise her principles so Platypus could improve her TV news gig as it grew in popularity, until Sticks quit from selling herself out.[5] Dixon later became the producer for Willy Walrus when the ex-bolwing star became a home shopping host on Dixon's TV station. Dixon lost Willy though when he rejoined his old team.[6] Some time after, Dixon would gossip with Diane Aardvark about how the "Eggman Towers" hotel was about to get reviewed by a reviewer from Secret Review Magazine, unware that Cubot was spying on him.[7]

Wanting payback at Justin Beaver, who ditched him earlier, Dixon stole Amy's Hammer and set up clues to frame Justin. He then joined Vector and his TV show's investigation of the theft, and acted like the TV manager he was while Vector zeroed in on Justin. However, Dixon's hopes of Justin getting arrested were dashed when Justin proved to have an alibi, so he had to frame someone else before he got caught. By manipulating Vector and the evidence, Dixon ensured that Wolf Sidekick got arrested instead. Regardless, Dixon was still found out by Vector and Sonic, who got him arrested.[2]


Dixon is unscrupulous and greedy beyond belief. Hungry for profits, he will use people however he sees fit and participate in unethical activities with a sinister smile on his lips to earn money. Even when Lady Walrus fainted, Dixon encouraged people to step over her to so they could keep buying his merchandise.[3] Dixon is as well manipulative and knows how to exploit people's standpoints and way of thinking.[5] He also quite vengeful: after Justin Beaver ditched him as his manager, Dixon would set up a convoluted plot to ensure that Justin would get arrested. When he is cornered and out of options though, Dixon loses all rationality and acts more impulsive and emotional, almost as if he is on the verge of a breakdown.[2]

Shown to be somewhat impatient in his quest for riches,[3] Dixon has been known to go through with half-baked ideas.[5] Like Eggman, he has also been known to announce his plans out loud prematurely.[3] He has show the qualities of an opportunist, quickly taking in people when their dynamics present themselves as beneficial to him and his projects without concern for their standpoints.[4][5] Regardless, he has very high standards for the people participating in the medias he is involved in, having rejected several applicants for Bro-Down Showdown on a whim.[3]





  • Dixon uses the same character model as Gunther; in fact, prior to Gunther's redesign, the only distinguishing features between them were the color of their clothes, their voices and, later on, Dixon's ponytail.


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