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The Disintegrator Ray[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic Boom series. It is a travel-sized death ray[2] used exclusively by Dr. Eggman and his allies.



Based on a handgun, the Disintegrator Ray has a smooth and large barrel with round corners, a fin-shaped rear sight, two black-framed red lenses up front, a dark trigger with no trigger guard, and a dark and red magazine on the bottom of the grip. It also has a red stripe around it that goes from both sides of its rear to in front of the trigger.

Features and abilities

The Disintegrator Ray is capable of firing energy beams with seemingly adjustable power levels. At its most powerful, the Disintegrator Ray can destroy wooden walls with explosive effects, or, as hinted by Orbot, completely disintegrate a person.[1] Conversely, the Disintegrator Ray can be used with low enough power for it to be used safely for activities like laser tag.[3]


TV series

Season one

After turning Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks into his clones with his Evil Cookies, Dr. Eggman gave his new minions Disintegrator Rays for target practice and to battle Sonic with. In the end though, they used them to fight each other when they turned against themselves during a fight with Sonic, until Sonic cured them.[4] Two Disintegrator Rays were later used by Eggman and Willy Walrus to break into a warehouse, but they accidentally dropped one in the warehouse when they had to escape when the police arrived. As such, when Orbot and Cubot found the Disintegrator Ray in the warehouse and what looked like Eggman's mustache while looking for Eggman, they assumed that Eggman had accidentally disintegrated himself with the weapon.[1]

Eggman using Disintegrator Rays for laser tag.

Some low-set Disintegrator Rays were later used by Eggman, Orbot and Cubot during Eggman's laser tag exercise. Amidst this, Eggman fired a shot from his Disintegrator Ray as he stumbled that ricocheted off each of his opponents and took them out of the game. This made Eggman realize that the luck balance of the universe had tipped in his favor.[3] The Lightning Bolt Society later tried defending Eggman's lair, which they had seized it while Eggman was away, with stolen Disintegrator Rays when Eggman tried taking said lair back. However, Eggman disassembled them remotely with his wrist controller.[5] At one point, Eggman tried throwing a Disintegrator Ray out, only for the garbage man to take a leave of absence.[6] Also, after emerging from hiding, the Cubot prototypes would procured some Disintegrator Rays, but they were too stupid to use them properly.[7]

At some point, Eggman put one of his Disintegrator Rays on display in his lair, much to his joy and pride when he dusted it off.[8]

Season two

When Steve Eggman showed up at Eggman's lair, Cubot threatened him with a Disintegrator Ray until Orbot disarmed him. Afterward, Steve took an interest in the Disintegrator Ray on display in the lair.[9] Malware-infected Cubot prototypes later used their Disintegrator Rays to attack Team Sonic. During the attack, Tails nearly got shot by one.[10][11] Eggman later packed a Disintegrator Ray for his trip to the Villain Retreat.[2]





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