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Dirk is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is an anthropomorphic warthog, a member of the Royal Guard, and Griff's friend from Lower Mobius.


Dirk is an anthropomorphic warthog with dark brown skin, a darker brown snout, gray hair, small tusks, and black eyes. For attire, he wears a blue Royal Guard uniform, yellow gloves and a red belt.


TV series


When Dr. Robotnik rose to power in Robotropolis, Dirk and a group of citizens escaped and created an underground city below Robotropolis called Lower Mobius. Dirk and a few others were responsible for maintaining an energy crystal that served as the city's power source and artificial sun. However, over time, the crystal's power began to run out.[1]

Season one

One day, Dirk greeted Griff, Sonic, Sally and Antoine upon their arrival in Lower Mobius. Later, he called Griff to him and showed him that the power for Lower Mobius' energy crystal would soon run out. This made Griff decide to earn the Knothole Freedom Fighters' trust in order to obtain the power source they were using to make Power Rings. After Griff returned with the Power Rock though, Dirk informed him of some incoming Ratbots. Together with his friends and the other residents of Lower Mobius, Drik made a stand against the Ratbots, who were eventually destroyed by Sonic.[1]


Dirk is an overall cheerful and friendly person, even to strangers. Like Griff though, he is not usually sure if he can trust others with important matters.[1]

Powers and abilities

As a member of the Royal Guard, Dirk presumably possesses some form of military training.





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