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The Dinobot is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series. It is a model of excavator robot created by Dr. Robotnik and is accordingly the most powerful kind of robot on Mobius.[1]


Resembling a dinosaur (mostly a plesiosaur), the Dinobots are colossal greenish gray machines with two long continuous tracks for limbs and a large mechanical claw on the left side of their body. Their eyes are completely orange.


A Dinobot was sent to the Crystal Mine to excavate a giant Energy Crystal whose removal would result in a planet-wide ecological collapse. To stop this, Sonic, Bunnie and Uncle Chuck infiltrated the Dinobot and reached its control panel. After Uncle Chuck got the Dinobot under their control, they tried using it to sabotage the operations. However Swat-Bots discovered this and tied the Dinobot up. Before the Energy Crystal could be taken awaythough, the heroes cut its cradle with the Dinobot's laser, making the crystal drop back into the mine. Sonic, Bunnie and Uncle Chuck then escaped from Dinobot, leaving the Crystal Mine at same time.[1]

Powers and abilities

Described as the most powerful robot on Mobius, the Dinobots have enormous physical strength and can fire lasers from their nose.[1]


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