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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Underground continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Dingo[2] is one of the main antagonists in the Sonic Underground television series. He is an anthropomorphic dingo and the dim-witted mutant partner of bounty hunter Sleet.


In the Sonic Underground television series, Dingo is a large, orange, muscular anthropomorphic dingo with green eyes and ratty, blonde hair. For attire, Dingo wears green shorts, purple glasses, brown gloves, a brown belt with a silver buckle, brown armor on his left leg, and a gold earring.[2]

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Dingo's shape remains mostly the same, although his fur is colored brown, and his hair is colored green. Additionally, wears slightly different attire then his TV series counterpart, lacking the armor on his left leg, and possessing silver bracelets in place of the brown gloves, and wearing red shorts and gray boots. However, he still possesses the brown belt and gold earing from his television series design.[3]


TV series

Season one

Dingo and his partner Sleet were originally independent bounty hunters, but were forced into servitude by Doctor Robotnik, who wanted them to hunt down the royal family, namely Sonic, Manic, and Sonia. Dingo quickly developed a crush on Sonia, which she often used to her advantage in order to escape. Despite his efforts, Dingo constantly failed at his missions with Sleet and only rarely succeeded.[4]

Archie Comics

Zone Wars

When Evil Sonic arrived at the Sonic Underground Zone to collect the piece of Giant Borg supposedly hidden there, Dingo and Sleet escorted him to Robotnik, believing him to be their version of Sonic. Along the way, Evil Sonic questioned them for the location of the Giant Borg piece, confusing them as their Zone was never involved in the battle. Upon reaching Robotnik, Dingo and Sleet presented Evil Sonic to Robotnik, with Evil Sonic mistaking Robotnik for his cohort Robo-Robotnik, and handing over the Giant Borg pieces to him as a result. As Robotnik was unaware of Evil Sonic's mistake, and still believed him to be his Zone's version of Sonic, he ordered Sleet and Dingo to imprison Evil Sonic, and roboticize him at the first opportunity. However, Sonia and Manic would later disguise themselves in cloaks, and steal the cell key from Dingo which they used to free Evil Sonic.[3]


Sonic Underground

In the Sonic Underground LCD game, Dingo appears as a boss along with Sleet and Doctor Robotnik. Dingo attacks by throwing the player and can morph into anything. He is last seen guarding Robotnik's base and is fought alongside Sleet.


Dingo is very gullible and incompetent, doing whatever Sleet tells him to do, and frequently does not understand an insult or parts of a sentence. Despite (or even due to) his incompetence, however, Dingo can be quite dangerous. However, while, Dingo's outward demeanor denotes a tough person, deep inside he is quite soft.

Sometimes during his transformations, Dingo can be heard to say, "Oh, not again!", implying that he does not enjoy shape-shifting. He also appears to get scared very easily.

Powers and abilities

Dingo's main defining trait is his ability to be transformed into into a variety of different forms and objects. Such transformations are activated by the Shapeshift Remote, as Dingo himself has no control over his transformations. Despite this, he usually retains his orange and yellow colors and voice patterns (although in some transformations his coloring and tone change). Due to his shapeshifting nature, Dingo can also harness chaos energy (accidentally and unwillingly), which transforms him into a monstrous version of himself with chaotic powers, and immunity to the Shapeshift Remote.

He has also displayed a degree of above average strength, even being able to bend iron bars with effort, and serves as an adequate pilot and marksman, capable of piloting his and Sleet's trademark vehicles. Dingo is also very durable, able to survive constant physical abuse.


On some occasions, Dingo has wielded several weapons such as laser pistols.


Transformation Episode(s) Image
Baby "To Catch a Queen" TCTQ009.png
Fly "To Catch a Queen"
Old man "To Catch a Queen" TCTQ042.png
Argus "To Catch a Queen" TCTQ051.png
Tree "Mobodoon" Mobodoon005.png
Motorbike "Mobodoon" Mobodoon006.png
Baseball "Mobodoon" Mobodoon047.png
Carpet "The Price of Freedom"
"The Jewel of the Crown"
"Urchino" "Underground Masquerade" UM011.png
Cloth "The Deepest Fear" SUclothDingo.png
Gate "The Deepest Fear"
"Hedgehog in the Iron Mask"
Buoy "The Deepest Fear" TDF034.png
Fish "The Deepest Fear" TDF052.png
Spybot "Who Do You Think You Are" WDYTYA020.png
Sea creature "Who Do You Think You Are" Dingoseacreature.png
Safe "The Last Resort" Lastresort006.png
Oil drum "The Last Resort"
"Hedgehog in the Iron Mask"
Predator brain "Come Out Wherever You Are" COWYA043.png
Stroller "Winner Fakes All" WFA006.png
Horse "Winner Fakes All" WFA030.png
Cheeta "Winner Fakes All" Dingocheeta.png
Racer "Winner Fakes All" WFA031.png
Chili dog salesman "A Hedgehog's Home is Her Castle" Dingosalesman.png
Lasso "Artifact" Dingolasso.png
Fake Artifact "Artifact" Dingo the orb.jpg
Binoculars "Sonic Tonic" Sonic Tonic 9.JPG
Rowboat "Friend or Foe?" Dingoboat.png
Couch "Head Games" Dingocouch.png
Vine "Head Games" Dingovine.png
Cradle "Three Hedgehogs and a Baby" THAAB09.png
Bird "Three Hedgehogs and a Baby" THAAB16.png
Rover "Dunes Day" Dunes17.png
Umbrella "Dunes Day" Dingoumbrella.png
Rock "Mummy Dearest" Dingorock.png
Computer "Hedgehog in the Iron Mask" Dingocomputer.png
Queen Aleena Hedgehog statue "Hedgehog in the Iron Mask" Dingoaleena.png
Venus flytrap "Wedding Bell Blues" WBB046.png
Snake "Wedding Bell Blues" WBB054.png
Chili dog machine "Wedding Bell Blues" WBB045.png
Chaos energy-induced form "New Echidna in Town" Chaos Dingo.png
Hang glider "Country Crisis" Dingoglider.png
Test robot "Sonia's Choice" Sonia Choice 13.JPG
Lawyer "Bartleby the Prisoner" Dingolawyer.png
Mobian Muskrat "Bartleby the Prisoner" Dingorat.png
Vacuum "The Art of Destruction" Dingovacuum.png
Bogen "The Pendant" Pendant08.png


  • Dingo has an thick Australian accent.
  • Dingo cannot pronounce the word independent.[citation needed]


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