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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Underground continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For the Badnik in Sonic X-treme, see Dingo (Sonic X-treme).

Dingo is one of the main antagonists in the Sonic Underground television series. He is an anthropomorphic dingo and the dim-witted mutant partner of bounty hunter Sleet.


Dingo is a large, orange, muscular dingo with green eyes and ratty, blonde hair (although it is green in the comic). Dingo wears green shorts, purple glasses, brown gloves, a brown belt with a silver buckle, and a gold earring. He speaks with a stereotypical Australian accent. His left leg also appears to be mechanical. He does not have a bounty hunter emblem like Sleet does.


Dingo was originally an independent contractor with Sleet, but later he was hired by Doctor Robotnik, along with Sleet, to hunt down the royal family, namely Sonic, Manic, and Sonia. Dingo quickly developed a crush on Sonia, which she often uses to her advantage. Despite their efforts, Dingo constantly fails at his missions with Sleet and only rarely succeeds. He does, however, appear to get away from being roboticized no matter how angry Robotnik becomes. Also, in part 3 of the Chaos Emerald Crisis trilogy, "New Echidna in Town", Dingo transforms into a chaos monster.

Game appearances

Sonic Underground

In the Sonic Underground LCD game, Dingo appears as a boss along with Sleet and Doctor Robotnik. Dingo attacks by throwing the player and can morph into anything. He is last seen guarding Robotnik's base and is fought alongside Sleet.


Dingo is very gullible and incompetent, doing whatever Sleet tells him to do, and frequently does not understand an insult or parts of a sentence. Despite (or even due to) his incompetence, however, Dingo can be quite dangerous. However, while, Dingo's outward demeanor denotes a tough person, deep inside he is quite soft.

Sometimes during his transformations, Dingo can be heard to say, "Oh, not again!", implying that he does not enjoy shape-shifting. He also appears to get scared very easily.

Powers and abilities

Dingo's only real usefulness is in his odd ability to shapeshift into another object. When Sleet presses the button on his remote, Dingo can turn into any solid object or life form. Such things he has disguised himself as include a chili dog stand, a fly, a baby, a Venus flytrap, an old man, other people, a basket and a woman. Dingo has also been turned into weaponry and vehicles on occasion, like motorcycles and carpets to capture people. Despite this, he consistently retains his orange and yellow colors and voice patterns. It is shown that he has no control over what he turns into. Dingo can also harness chaos energy (accidentally and unwillingly).

He has also displayed a degree of above average strength, even being able to bend iron bars with effort. He has also been shown to be an adequate pilot and marksman, capable of piloting his and Sleet's trademark vehicles. Dingo is also very durable, able to survive constant physical abuse.


On some occasions, Dingo has wielded several weapons such as laser pistols.


  • He cannot pronounce the word independent.[citation needed]
  • It is never stated why Dingo's leg is apparently mechanical; if he was partially roboticized, the assumption being it was roboticized prior to meeting Dr. Robotnik. Of course, it is possible that the leg is cybernetic, or that its metallic appearance is in fact due to some kind of armor piece.
    • There are some episodes like "Sonic Tonic" that shows that his left leg is indeed organic; when his feet grew as a side effect of the titular tonic, his metal foot got torn apart, just like the shoe on his right foot. It is possible his left leg is merely covered in armor.


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