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The Dimension Blender[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It was a device created by Dr. Robotnik for a plot to seize control of Mobius.



The Dimension Blender is a metallic device with a spiral, ring-like column with glowing pink light inside. It has a triangular, thin disk at the top that has several wires coming out of it.

Features and abilities

The Dimension Blender was designed to enlarge the microverse of Shanazar until it occupies the same space as Mobius. However, rather than causing the two planets to crash into each other, the device's process merges the energy of both worlds, like two cells joining together, creating one unified world.[1]


The Dimension Blender was created by Dr. Robotnik and Grimer during their time on Shanazar. Combined with a Transportation Belt, the machine was designed to enlarge Shanazar and merge it with Mobius. Then, in the expected chaos and destruction created from the process, Robotnik planned to retake control of Mobius.[1] When the Dimension Blender was activated, however Mobius merged with Shanazar with no ill effects. Instead, the areas of Shanazar merely appeared on Mobius to create new Zones.[2]


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