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Digital Dimension is a remake of the course, Babylon Guardian, but is for some reason not in the story mode. Also, the Babylon Guardian(the only boss in the game)is in fact not in the course. This race course consists of an underworld, a heaven, and (literally) a digital dimension. It is speculated that this is Babylon Garden project
File:Digital dimension hell.jpg
ing a hologram. Near the beginning of the course, ghostly hands appear from the ground trying to grab the player. At some part of the stage, there is a large gate which transports the player from the underworld to the heaven part of the course. Near the end of the course, it turns into a digital dimension.


  • Many customers complained about the display of a heaven and hell track despite the game's rating.
  • Before the game was released, ESRB rating was said to be E10+, possibly because of this stage.
  • Despite being an heaven and hell track, this resembles the Dark Garden and the Hero Garden from Sonic Adventure 2 because of the setting of this track.
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