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|game = Sonic Riders
|game = Sonic Riders
|current = Digital Dimension
|current = Digital Dimension
|next = Sega Illusion
|stage = track}}
|stage = track}}

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Digital Dimension is a remake of the course Babylon Guardian in Sonic Riders. In Babylon story mode, it is played by Sonic as the final level.


This race course consists of an underworld, a heaven and a digital dimension. Near the beginning of the course, ghostly hands appear from the ground trying to grab the player. At some point of the stage, there is a large gate which transports the player from the underworld to the heaven part of the course. Near the end of the course, it turns into a digital dimension.




  • Many customers complained about the display of a Heaven and Hell track despite the game's rating.
  • Despite being a Heaven and Hell track, this resembles the Dark Garden and the Hero Garden from Sonic Adventure 2 because of the setting of this track.

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