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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

He is the orphan of our time. A lost child oblivious to the never-ending sea of despair. How poetic.
— Diane Aardvark, "Late Night Wars"

Diane Aardvark[3] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. She is an anthropomorphic aardvark who runs her own ad agency and works a part-time job as a photographer for "Modern Lair Magazine".[1][2] She also has her own assistant named Gunther.


Diane is an anthropomorphic aardvark of average height with grey fur and a thin tail. She has a pair of sharp ears and tuffs on the back of her head, a raised white grey muzzle with a black snout and a tuff of smooth grey hair on her head. She also has noticeable wrinkles on her forehead and very dark purple irises. Her attire consists of a purple shirt and skirt, a white coat, black high-heeled boots with grey soles, and a golden bracelet on her wrist. She also appears to wear pink lipstick.


TV series

Season one

Diane in Eggman's lair.

After being informed by her assistant Gunther that Dr. Eggman's Lair qualified to be in one of Modern Lair Magazine's issue, Diane came with Gunther to the lair to take pictures. When they arrived however, she found the lair completely in ruin (due to Team Sonic). Surveying the lair, she bluntly fired Gunther and took her leave while Dr. Eggman begged her for a spot in their issue.[1]

At New Year's Eve, Diane came to the New Year's Eve party in the Village Center where she shared a conversation with Wolfie and a short with Soar the Eagle. During this, Dr. Eggman used his Slow Motion Machine to slow down time long enough for him to beat Sonic in something before New Year, though Diane did not see Eggman's victory as it happened too fast for her to notice it.[4] When the Justin Beaver fever hit the Village, Diane not only covered Justin's story, but also got brainwashed into a mindless Justin fan girl and consumer by Justin's mind control music. Diane eventually attended a concert with Justin where he and Dreamboat Express had a sing-off. Amidst this, she was freed from the mind control by Dreamboat Express, now Dude-itude.[5]

Diane taking photos of Knuckles' tomfoolery.

While Diane and Gunther (who had gotten his job back as Diane's assistant) held a photo shooting of Comedy Chimp, she saw Knuckles wearing a trash can. Inspired by Knuckles' behavior, she published pictures of him, propelling Knuckles into fame.[6] Diane later came to the Robot Battle Royale, where she saw Eggman steal Tails' Hypno-bot at the end.[7]

Season two

While in the Village Center, Diane saw Knuckles' attempt to stuff a box. Interpreting this as a unique artform, Diane hired Knuckles as her creative executive at her ad agency despite Gunther's protests. Paying Knuckles handsomely for his work, Diane eventually took her staff to Meh Burger to celebrate a good day's work. However, when Diane caught Knuckles attacking Gunther while he tried attending his other jobs, she fired him.[2] Diane would later praise Tails as a hero when he seemingly proved Muckfoot's existence with a photo, while taking pictures of Tails and his work. However, she would scorn Tails when the fox showed that his "Muckfoot" was just Knuckles covered in mud.[8]


Diane is a dignified and aesthete woman. She has a strong passion for her work as a photographer, encouraging her clients in a positive manner to express themselves to their full extend.[6] She also takes great interest in art and poetry, having more than once displayed a poetic interpretation and appreciation for people who express themselves in unique and unorthodox ways. However, she tends to look way too much into what interests her, as she often sees messages in random things and acts which have no deeper meaning to them.[2][6]

When a creative talent catches her interest (intentionally or not), Diane will boldly support and defend them and their work, even if it is against others' wishes, like when she ordered Knuckles not to clean up an artistic mess he made, or when she had Gunther back off when he doubted her choice in creative executives. She also displays a slightly sassy attitude when trying to make a point.[2]

While at work, Diane keeps a professional demeanor. As a photographer at Modern Lair Magazine, she would go as far as to maintain a very calm and stoic attitude; upon seeing Eggman's highly praised photo setting in ruins, a sight of which left Gunther stunned, Diane did not express the slightest of emotions, nor was she touched by Eggman's pleas for a second chance.[1] Outside of that profession though, Diane has proven herself more open, sociable and outgoing. Nowadays, she is able to enjoy herself and cut lose when allowed,[4][7] and has even shown celebrative moods, like when she took her staff out to celebrate a good day of work.[2] Nonetheless, Diane has no tolerance for inadequate settings or poor work from her employees, having once bluntly fired Gunther for choosing Eggman's trashed lair for a photoshoot and completely ignored Eggman's pleas for another chance.[1]



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