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Diamond Cutters Base,[1] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It was the secret base of operations for the Diamond Cutters, where its members plotted their schemes to oppose the Eggman Empire.


The rec room seen in the base is a rectangular room, of which one half of it was used for meetings between the Diamond Cutters' members.

The HQ is situated in an oceanic environment. It is a large red, brown and gray marine facility that is at least three storeys high. It is a worn out building with areas of chipped paint, worn down walls and broken windows.


During one meeting at the base, Mimic presented a plan to attack a particular Eggman base to cause a blackout among the doctor's forces along the coastline. Though he insisted that everyone was needed on the field, Claire asked Whisper to hang back just in case. The mission ended in a failure as Mimic betrayed the team. Whisper managed to escape the attack and after she rescued the Wisps, she returned to the base to retrieve the prototype Variable Wispon that Smithy had built.[2]

Whisper later returned to the base accompanied by Tangle the Lemur in an attempt to draw Mimic out and end their battle once and for all. Mimic had brought a Badnik horde along with him, which Whisper managed to take down on her own but at the cost of wrecking some of her former home. Inside, Tangle encountered Mimic who disguised himself as Sonic and led him to the rec room where Smithy, Slinger and Claire's masks hung up on the wall. They projected recordings of Mimic's former teammates, including Whisper, praising him for his work. However, Mimic made it clear to Tangle that he felt no remorse for what he did as he wanted to do whatever it took to survive. Mimic fought Tangle until he managed to knock her down and attempted to attack her with his dagger but he was stopped by Whisper. Mimic managed to temporarily stop Whisper from fighting him further after he reminded the Blue Wisp that its kind did not like violence and the fact that they used to be partners. Even without the Blue Wisp, Whisper persisted in her attack and was nearly shot by Mimic with the Variable Wispon; however, Mimic was coiled up in Tangle's tail and could not move any further. Whisper was prepared to exact her revenge on Mimic by shooting him but Tangle quickly convinced her not to as she would remember the event for the rest of her life and letting him live with regret would be worse. Whisper then asked what they would do with Mimic, to which Tangle replied that they should take him to Tails.[1]

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