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The Diamond Cutters[3] are a group mentioned in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. They were an anti-Eggman team but were forcefully disbanded after Mimic betrayed them.



The Diamond Cutters were once an anti-Eggman mercenary group who would take on dangerous missions. Each member of the group specialized in a particular field and had Wisps for companions. Smithy was the crafter for the group and created all of their gadgets, including a prototype Variable Wispon, a weapon which was supposed to be able to use all of their Wisps' powers. Behind the scenes, Mimic had secretly aligned himself with Eggman around the beginning of the Eggman War. He convinced the Diamond Cutters to attack a particular Eggman base to cause a blackout among the doctor's forces along the coastline. Though he insisted that everyone was needed on the field, Claire asked Whisper to hang back just in case. At the Eggman base, the Diamond Cutters were initially met with no resistance. Claire tried to use her psychic powers to understand the situation but she was being blocked by alpha waves. Smithy asked Mimic to scout around for an ambush while he, Slinger and Claire pushed ahead. When the trio seemed to find the source of the alpha waves, they continued on until Smithy noticed the capsules in the room; they were revealed to hold Shadow Androids. The room was suddenly locked which trapped Smithy, Slinger and Claire with several of the Shadow Androids emerging from their capsules. The trio tried to contact Whisper and Mimic but to no avail. Due to this, they were killed by the androids. In another room, Mimic stood before Eggman and was forgiven by the doctor for his "crimes" against the Eggman Empire. Mimic's Blue Wisp angrily abandoned him following his betrayal. After Eggman discovered Whisper was not killed along with the others, he ordered Mimic to finish the job. Whisper had actually witnessed everything that had happened and instead hid in a tree. Mimic found Whisper's Wispon and decided to present it as evidence that she was killed to keep Eggman off of his back. When the coast was clear, Whisper went back into the facility to rescue the rest of the team's Wisps. Afterwards, she went back to the Diamond Cutters' base to retrieve the prototype Variable Wispon.[3][1]

Weapons and technology

  • Masks: The Diamond Cutters each had masks which would grant them communication with each other over large distances as well as translate the language of the Wisps. The mask also had a built-in camera and was networked, so that all teammates could watch the footage as means of reviewing mission performance and studying each others' perspectives.[1]
  • Wispons: The primary weapon utilized by each member of the Diamond Cutters. They are special weapons designed to utilize the power from Wisps without causing the user to undergo a transformation in the process. Smithy also created the Variable Wispon which could utilize the powers of all the Wisps.


The Diamond Cutters often utilized stealth and prioritized precision. They often took on dangerous missions such as taking down heavily armed Eggman bases and other strongholds to blackout his forces.[1]


  • The Diamond Cutters carry several references to the Metal Gear series. Their team name is similar to the Diamond Dogs, and their members loosely correspond to elite members of FOXHOUND (notably, three members of the Diamond Cutters are also the same species as their FOXHOUND equivalents' code names):
    • Smithy resembles Vulcan Raven, being the largest member of the group armed with a gatling gun-like weapon. He is also the closest equivalent to Liquid Snake, being the leader of their respective teams.
    • Claire Voyance resembles Psycho Mantis, being the psychic member of their respective groups. Both are also responsible for saving one of their allies' lives with their powers (although Psycho Mantis would save Liquid Snake long before either of them joined FOXHOUND).
    • Slinger resembles Revolver Ocelot, being a skilled gunslinger who wields revolvers with uncanny skill.
    • Whisper resembles Sniper Wolf, being a loner who fights with a precise, long-range weapon.
    • Mimic resembles Decoy Octopus, being a capable infiltrator and manipulator with a mastery of disguise.


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