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We can remain the "Diamond Cutters." They would be honored to have inspired us to continue their cause.

Whisper the Wolf, Sonic the Hedgehog #58

The Diamond Cutters[5] is a group that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are a rapid-response team that works for the Restoration. The current team consists of Lanolin, Tangle, and Whisper, who in particular is a remnant member of the previous Diamond Cutters team before they were sabotaged and betrayed by Mimic, another former member.



Diamond Cutters

A photo of the first generation of the Diamond Cutters, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper #3.

The Diamond Cutters were once an anti-Eggman mercenary group who would take on dangerous missions. Each member of the group specialized in a particular field and had Wisps for companions. Smithy the Lion was the crafter for the group and created all of their gadgets, including a prototype Variable Wispon, a weapon which was supposed to be able to use all of their Wisps' powers. Behind the scenes, Mimic had secretly aligned himself with Eggman around the beginning of the Eggman War. One day at the base, he convinced the Diamond Cutters to attack a particular Eggman base to cause a blackout among the doctor's forces along the coastline. Though he insisted that everyone was needed on the field, Claire asked Whisper to hang back just in case. At the Eggman base, the Diamond Cutters were initially met with no resistance. Claire tried to use her psychic powers to understand the situation but she was being blocked by alpha waves. Smithy asked Mimic to scout around for an ambush while he, Slinger and Claire pushed ahead. When the trio seemed to find the source of the alpha waves, they continued on until Smithy noticed the capsules in the room; they were revealed to hold Shadow Androids. The room was suddenly locked which trapped Smithy, Slinger and Claire with several of the Shadow Androids emerging from their capsules. The trio tried to contact Whisper and Mimic but to no avail. Due to this, they were killed by the androids. In another room, Mimic stood before Eggman and was forgiven by the doctor for his "crimes" against the Eggman Empire. Mimic's Blue Wisp angrily abandoned him following his betrayal. After Eggman discovered Whisper was not killed along with the others, he ordered Mimic to finish the job. Whisper had actually witnessed everything that had happened and instead hid in a tree. Mimic found Whisper's Wispon and decided to present it as evidence that she was killed to keep Eggman off of his back. When the coast was clear, Whisper went back into the facility to rescue the rest of the team's Wisps. Afterwards, she went back to the Diamond Cutters' base to retrieve the prototype Variable Wispon.[5][2]

Urban Warfare[]


Tangle suggesting the name "Diamond Cutters", from Sonic the Hedgehog #57.

Lanolin proposed to Jewel for the Restoration to have a rapid-response team to both protect people and act against threats before they cause damage. Jewel believed this would help expand the Restoration and approved the idea. Lanolin then searched for volunteers and was able to get Tangle and Whisper to join the team. Lanolin then heard about Eggman's new base and wanted to take the team in to explore it. Jewel then invited Sonic to a meeting with the new team, where Lanolin explained the situation and Jewel asked if Sonic could join them on the mission since he has expertise with Eggman. Sonic agreed to help and asked if the team had a name. Tangle suggested Diamond Cutters and Lanolin liked the idea, while Whisper glared at Tangle and looked angry for Tangle using that name.

Lanolin and Whisper scouted the Eggperial City, but when they saw no major defenses or traps, Sonic and Tangle rushed in, much to the shock of the other two members. Sonic and Tangle took out some Badniks near the gate of the city, Lanolin and Whisper joined in to defeat the wave with the help of their Wispons. Lanolin told the two off for rushing in and not being stealthy. Sonic said slow wasn't his thing and Tangle apologized for still getting used to team dynamics. Whisper said a slight jab at Tangle, which caused her to ask if anything was wrong, but Whisper didn't want to talk. Sonic then asked what they should do next, and Lanolin used Whisper's Green Wisp to scout the city. She concluded the city has gotten bigger, which made Tangle wonder how since there was no visible construction equipment. Sonic then transformed into Green Hover to survey more of the city. Sonic saw the place where the transport ship crashed had been repaired. He reported it to Lanolin and concluded the city was healing itself. Lanolin wondered where it was getting the resources to grow and repair itself. Tangle speculated they were mining underground and Sonic remembered Belle saw a tunnel network under the city. Lanolin agreed to check them out, but with caution.

The team went into the tunnels and quietly took out Badniks as they descended. When they reached the lowest point, Whisper blew a hole into the floor with her Variable Wispon and Tangle and Lanolin rappelled inside to look around. Using Maggie as a light, they discovered the ground had been stripped mined empty. They got out and Lanolin relayed this to Sonic, who concluded Eggman was making a city that would grow itself until it covered the entire planet. Lanolin said they needed to return to HQ to get backup and march on the city. Sonic countered that they should do it now. Lanolin was against the idea, as their team was untested and they needed more help. The two argued more and Tangle was unsure what side to take. Whisper suggested she stay to scout while they went to get help. Tangle snapped at her, saying she had a close call recently and she needed to stop going solo.

Just then, a portal device appeared in front of them. Sonic and Tangle recognized it from the Eggman tower when they were put in a cyber realm. Sonic ran off while Tangle held onto him, with her holding Lanolin and Whisper with her tail. Just as they got out of the elevator shaft, a Zoomer broke Sonic and Tangle's grip, causing Tangle, Whisper, and Lanolin to fall into the portal.[1] The trio was then taken into a parallel world where they could see and hear others, but could not interact or be seen by anyone. Tangle asked Lanolin if she had a plan, which she said she didn't. In her sadness, Lanolin said she wasn't a leader and she formed the group out of desperation. She still remembered how her home town was attacked and didn't want anyone to feel the helplessness she felt. She called the mission a failure and blamed herself for it. Tangle tried to cheer her up by saying they failed together and its OK to make mistakes. She said they can get out of this as a team and grow stronger from it. Tangle looked to Whisper for encouragement, but Whisper asked why she named the team after the crew of friends she lost. Lanolin thought Whisper's old team disbanded after the war. Whisper clarified they were betrayed and destroyed.

Tangle fumbled her words and Whisper pushed her to speak her mind. Tangle apologized for naming the team Diamond Cutters; she used the name because they were close friends and cool and she wanted that for each other so Whisper wouldn't drift apart again. Tangle cried and kept apologizing, with Lanolin saying they can change the name. Whisper admitted their team were for her then and now only their Wisps are what's left of them. Whisper says she has tried to walk away from everyone, but everyone was trying to help her. She realizes the only person not trying to help her is herself. Lanolin said she understands if Whisper can't trust people after being betrayed. Whisper clarified only one person took her life away from her and she isn't going to let his fear rule her life anymore. Whisper apologized for being a bad friend and asked for patience for her to move on. Lanolin then asked for her to be patient with her being bossy and inexperienced, and Tangle asked another thing, but it was muffled by her tail. Whisper knew what she meant and said she would.


The Diamond Cutters come together after settling their issues, from Sonic the Hedgehog #58.

They joined hands and Whisper told them they can remain the Diamond Cutters, saying their old team would be honored by it. Tangle then brought the two in for a group hug, with the other two asking for a limit on group hugs. Breaking the hug, Lanolin asked Whisper how her old team would handle their situation. Whisper says their was no chain of command and they relied on their skills to figure out what to do. She said they would ask Claire for insight, which led to Tangle asking Whisper to scout for them. Lanolin then realized no Badnik can attack them since they can barely interact with the world. So they could scout the city bypassing security and relay the information to Sonic once they returned them to normal. Tangle teased that she made a plan, and Lanolin said it was some direction at least. Whisper suggested they head to the central tower and Lanolin lead the group to head out.[4]

The Diamond Cutters made it into the control room of the central tower where they saw Eggman with Orbot and Cubot overseeing the attack on the other heroes who arrived. Lanolin tried to stop Tangle from touching Metal Sonic, but when Tangle showed her body phases through him, she gave up and told them to find some useful information. They then saw on a monitor Shadow Androids attacking Sonic and the others. This caused Whisper's trauma of her friends deaths to come back. Tangle comforted Whisper and said she will not let Sonic or anyone else get hut by them. She gave Whisper a hug and they continued to observe Eggman.

The team saw Eggman restart the city's power because of a power surge caused by Shadow. As he expresses his anger that he can't see where the Restoration members on, Lanolin tells Tangle that surge nearly disabled the entire city. She speculates if they trigger a bigger one, and stop Eggman from throttling it, they can destroy the city. Tangle agrees to the idea, but they suddenly start to become visual to the real world again. Lanolin tells them not to panic and they freeze when Eggman sees them.

Eggman says he has seen them before and they ran into his Spatial-Displacement Trap. Eggman says they almost escaped when the power dipped, but reveals his new models that can shatter their atoms into oblivion. Whisper shoots Eggman with her Wispon, but it goes right through him. Eggman says her Wispon has been separated from normal space and she can't hurt him. The hexagonal trap surrounds Whisper and Tangle runs to save her, but the trap closes in on Whisper. Another trap starts to surround Tangle, but Lanolin shoved her out of the way. Lanolin commands her to find the others and tell them what to do. Before she can give more instructions, the trap closes in on her as Tangle looks on in horror. Eggman monologues that Tangle has nowhere to run and no way to fight as another trap surrounds her. She walks back into the glass wall, and unexpectedly walks right through it, falling into the city bellow.[6]

Tangle survives the fall thanks to her her new ability to phase through objects. She runs from Metal Sonic and the trap he commands. Once she gets in the clear, Tangle concludes the trap had the side effect of her phasing through things. She says she needs to tell Sonic and the others what's up and wishes the rest of the Diamond Cutters were there to help her. Tangle shakes off the doubt in her head and goes to a smoke pillar in the distance, thinking the heroes are there. Sure enough she does find them and Tangle's new ability amazes them. Tangle gets them to focus and starts to explain what happened, but she is cut off by Metal and the Spatial-Displacement Trap attacking them. The group takes care of them and Tangle explains what happened. This leads to the group splitting up, with Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Tangle going to the central tower to rescue the Diamond Cutters and take down the city. Metal Sonic attacks them again in an elevator and Tangle blinds Metal with her tail so Sonic can escape.

Soon, they all end up in the control room and Tangle loses control of Metal Sonic. Another trap tries to get her, but when Eggman makes the tower mobile, it shifts the floor and causes it to miss.[7] Once the tower stabilized, Eggman was able to trap Sonic in a Spatial-Displacement Trap. He then ordered Metal Sonic to take out Amy and Tails, which Tangle tried to stop. Her phasing ability stopped working and Eggman grabbed her, putting a gun against her head before she could hit him. Only a moment later, Lanolin and Whisper reappeared, free from their traps. Lanolin introduced the team to Eggman and Whisper knocked Eggman and Metal away using the Blue Wisp Hammer mode of her Wispon. Tails observed the computer going offline must of freed them. Tangle cried while Whisper comforted her; overwhelmed with the emotions of them coming back. Lanolin then used her Wispon to crack the glass wall of the control room. With Sonic being back and kicking out Metal, the Diamond Cutters made their leave thanks to Whisper's Wispon's Green Hover ability.

The team made it over to the Giant Fake Chaos Emerald tower Shadow made. Tangle got a hold of Sonic and Whisper launched themselves into the air by using the Orange Rocket mode of her Wispon. Tangle then flung Sonic into the tower, destroying it. The group narrowly escaped certain death thanks to Shadow teleporting the Fake Emeralds into the sky before they exploded. Later, the group went back to Restoration HQ and Tangle and Whisper joined the other heroes on a picnic.[8]

Clean Sweepstakes[]

The Diamond Cutters would participate in the Clean Sweepstakes race, Tensions would rise between the Babylon Rogues and Team Sonic by Jet forcefully hitting Sonic with his extreme gear causing and interruption by Lanolin fires a version of the variable wispon, noting that attacking another competitor is a violation to the rules. Later on Chaos would be stopped by Whisper who blasts the three boards with her Cyan Laser to help them. Tangle asks the trio if they are alright. Lanolin cuts in and coldly calls them a hazard to the race, telling them to get off the track, which leads to Tangle becoming aggrieved with her teammate's callousness towards their friends who could have been hurt, but Duo agrees with Lanolin's "harsh" behavior. Lanolin retorts that a pileup was only averted due to Whisper's good aim as the Diamond cutters drive off. [9] In the second race Phantom Rider blast through other racers causing them to fall off until Tangle manages to catch them underneath the track beside her is Lanolin, Duo and Whisper who hear Nite telling the audience how much of a powerhouse Phantom Rider is. Lanolin then ask Duo to call for back up saying how the Phantom Rider is going down, meanwhile while Clean Sweepstakes Security. Once the Clean Sweepstakes Security catch's up to him and Lanolin tells him to land with Nite commentating on his reign of terror being order. Lanolin uses her Golden Bell to stop him but that caused the glass to break making riders fall off the track, The Phantom rider along with two of the security guards fall while Tangle uses her tail to save the riders.[10]

Weapons and technology[]

  • Masks: The Diamond Cutters each had masks which would grant them communication with each other over large distances as well as translate the language of the Wisps. The mask also had a built-in camera and was networked, so that all teammates could watch the footage as means of reviewing mission performance and studying each others' perspectives.[2] Currently, Whisper is the only member who still uses a mask.
  • Wispons: The primary weapon utilized by each member of the Diamond Cutters. They are special weapons designed to utilize the power from Wisps without causing the user to undergo a transformation in the process. Smithy also created the Variable Wispon which could utilize the powers of all the Wisps. This is the weapon currently utilized by Whisper. Lanolin uses the Golden Bell, her personal custom bell Wispon, with Maggie.


The Diamond Cutters are meant to protect people and take the initiative against any threats the Restoration detects. In the first generation of Diamond Cutters, they often utilized stealth and prioritized precision. They often took on dangerous missions such as taking down heavily armed Eggman bases and other strongholds to blackout his forces.[2]


  • The Diamond Cutters carry several references to the Metal Gear series:
    • Their team name is similar to the Diamond Dogs.
    • Their first generation members loosely correspond to elite members of FOXHOUND (notably, three members of the Diamond Cutters are also the same species as their FOXHOUND equivalents' code names):
      • Smithy resembles Vulcan Raven, being the largest member of the group armed with a massive, Gatling gun-like weapon.
      • Claire Voyance may be a reference to Psycho Mantis, being the psychic members of their respective groups.
      • Slinger resembles Revolver Ocelot, being a skilled gunslinger who wields revolvers, or Wispon equivalents, with uncanny skill. Footage of him seen in Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper #4 shows him mimicking guns with his hands and saying "You're pretty good!"; both traits associated with Revolver Ocelot as of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.
      • Mimic resembles Decoy Octopus, being a capable infiltrator and manipulator with a mastery of disguise.
      • Whisper resembles Sniper Wolf, being a loner who fights with a precise, long-range weapon.


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