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Amy telling Sonic about Dexter.

Dexter (デクスター Dekusutā?) is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a fictional boyfriend that Amy Rose fabricated during the Nocturnus Clan incident in an attempt to make Sonic the Hedgehog jealous.[1] Amy does not go into detail about him and almost nothing is known about him. Depending on the player's chosen dialogue choices they make during the story, Amy can admit to Sonic that he is not real.


Sonic does actually have the chance to talk to Amy about Dexter almost every time he talks to her to make her mad or uncomfortable. Eventually in Chapter 5 when Amy says that she doesn't want Sonic to get hurt, he can tease her by asking, "Does your boyfriend know that you worry so much about me?" and she would angrily reply, "Why do you care so much about Dexter? It seems like he's your boyfriend, not mine!".

To make Amy confess to Sonic that Dexter is not real, the player must choose all of the following responses at these points of the story, most of which are quotes that are supportive towards Amy:

Chapter Quote[Note 1] Correct response
Chapter 1 I'm so glad to see you, Sonic. But not THAT glad. I do have a BOYFRIEND now, you know. His name is Dexter! How have you been, Amy?
Chapter 1 Oh yes, my Dexter. When can I meet this "Dexter"?
Chapter 1 I... I just don't want you to embarass Sonic, that's all. Thanks, Amy.
That doesn't mean we have to like it. I wish it were different, Amy, but we have no choice.
That must be where they're keeeping Knuckles! You're probably right.
Are we really going to fly in that? It doesn't look safe. Are you afraid to fly? Since when?
If you're there with me, I know I'll be all right. We can handle it together. What about Dexter?
Dexter? Oh, yes. He won't mind. He wouldn't want me riding in a dangerous airplane without an escort, you see. Doesn't Dexter take you flying sometimes?
Oh, yes, all the time. His plane is magnificent! How are you doing, Amy?
Oh, I'm just fine! Why wouldn't I be? I'm worried about you.
But... it's good to know that you care, Sonic. Thanks for letting me know. It's no problem.
Sonic, Big is an old friend of mine. I think we should bring him along! If he's your friend, Amy, then he's fine with me.
Knuckles: Fine you can come. But don't get in my way. Your way? We came here to save YOU, remember?
Knuckles: You're not the boss around here. Not anymore. YOU decided to go away for a while. Not me. Do the rest of you feel this way, too?
Tails: But you came back when we needed you! What about you, Amy?
Point taken, smarty. Leave Amy alone, Rouge.
We keep beating him up, and he keeps returning. I wonder if it'll ever end! Don't worry, Amy. We'll be just fine.
I'm not worried. It's just... What is it?
I could wake up in the morning and worry about normal things. Birds, and flowers, and... We save the world. That's what we do!
Wait! It doesn't look dangerous. It looks... sad. Hm. You have a point.
Shadow: Stop following me, Sonic. This isn't about you. What should we do guys?
If he's working for Eggman, we have to stop him! Exactly, Amy!
You can't be serious! Amy's right. This better be good.
I never thought I'd be working with Eggman. But at least it looks like he's not behind the Marauders' crimes. Maybe he's really changed this time.
Tails: Amy... Amy! It's okay, Amy. We'll get through, I promise.
I just wanted to say thank you. I never thought you liked me before, so it's good to know you at least care a little bit! You deserve to be treated nicely, Amy.
Chapter 5 But there's already a whole army of Marauders and robots! Even Sonic can't take on an army without backup! You don't need to worry about me, Amy.
Chapter 5 But I don't want yo--er, anyone--to get hurt! Everything will be fine, I promise.
Chapter 9 Sonic, could I speak with you alone for a bit? What about?
Chapter 9 I'll tell you when we're alone. Okay, then. Let's talk.
Chapter 9 And you've been so nice to me and all, and I... well, I... What is it?
Chapter 9 I guess I wanted to know... do you like me, too? Do you feel anything for me at all? Definitely, Amy. I care for you a lot.
Chapter 9 I don't know what it all means, Sonic. But we're about to fight a 4000-year-old echidna chief, and... What is it?
Chapter 9 I can't wait to tell everyone about my new boyfriend! Yay! And what about Dexter?


  1. Unless specified, all lines in this column are quoted by Amy.


  1. BioWare (25 September 2008). Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Nintendo DS. Sega. "Amy: Dexter? Ha! Dexter is just a guy I imagined. I wanted to make you jealous. I don't need him now!"

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